13th Match (N), Brisbane, Dec 23 2020, Big Bash League
(20 ov, target 151)148/9
Strikers won by 2 runs
player of the match
Jimmy Peirson
Brisbane Heat
end of over 2010 runs
BH: 148/9CRR: 7.40 
Jimmy Peirson69 (36)
Ben Laughlin6 (8)
Daniel Worrall4-0-31-1
Wes Agar4-0-25-1

All that excitement from Peirson and Mujeeb wagging the tail made everyone temporarily forget about the umpiring debacles earlier in the chase, and match in general. Plenty for you fans to chew on over the next two off days in this tournament. Hopefully Santa brings everyone some cheer after what's been a rough year. Come back on Boxing Day when the BBL returns for a doubleheader beginning with the Sydney Thunder against the Melbourne Renegades. Until then, take care!

Man of the Match Jimmy Peirson in a losing effort: "I've been in one of those situations before a few years ago where I took the single [in the final over] and regretted it. I felt like it was up to me to get the job done. [The top order] didn't get going tonight. Credit to the Strikers bowling. It was a good wicket. It was a great honor to have the captaincy tonight but hopefully we get Lynny back as soon as possible."

9.37 pm From 8 for 68, Peirson was spurred out of his shell by Mujeeb and nearly got the Heat across the line. He turned down three singles in the final over. But arguably the miscalculation came at the end of the 18th by taking the second run instead of settling for a single to keep strike for the 19th. He never saw a ball in the 19th over and Ben Laughlin was only able to manage one boundary sandwiched around five dots, keeping Peirson off strike until the 20th. After six off the first two balls, Worrall recovered to get his lengths perfect with four consecutive yorkers to deny Peirson what would have been a remarkable win for the Heat. However, Strikers may not have come away with this game feeling like big winners if Rashid's hamstring problem keeps him out for any length of time.

iNDER: "Pierson takes the single when he shouldn't/ And denies, when he should. More chance of Laughlin hitting one ball over boundary rather than 3 in a over."

Worrall to Peirson, FOUR runs

wide yorker, Peirson scuffs this off an inside edge through fine leg and it goes along the ground to the rope for a boundary. Peirson's valiant fightback falls short by two runs.

Worrall to Peirson, no run

shuffles way across his stumps and flicks a yorker to deep midwicket again. Three singles turned down now. Peirson needs a six to force a Super Over.

7 from 4 has become 7 off 2.

Worrall to Peirson, no run

another yorker flicked out to deep midwicket, picks out the fielder and they turn down the single for the second time.

Worrall to Peirson, no run

yorker on middle, jammed out to deep midwicket for one. They turn down the single with a second never possible.

Worrall to Peirson, 2 runs

full on off, swats this along the ground through deep midwicket, they scamper back for an easy pair.

Worrall to Peirson, FOUR runs

shuffles across his stumps to scoop over fine leg, Worrall errs with a thigh height full toss that is flicked off a thin edge past the keeper and beats deep fine leg very fine for four. Lucky it wasn't six.

Four boundary riders on the leg side.

end of over 194 runs
BH: 138/9CRR: 7.26 RRR: 13.00 • Need 13 runs from 6b
Ben Laughlin6 (8)
Jimmy Peirson59 (30)
Wes Agar4-0-25-1
Peter Siddle4-0-41-2

Again, the decision to take the second run at the end of the 18th to put Laughlin on strike was debatable at the time and looks iffy now. He got a boundary second ball, but also chewed up 5 dots. It leaves 13 for Peirson to get off the final over with the masterful Worrall taking the ball for the 20th.

Agar to Laughlin, no run

yorker scuffed out to extra cover.

Agar to Laughlin, no run

full on fourth stump, prodded back to extra cover.

Agar to Laughlin, no run

length ball over the stumps, misses a heave across to midwicket, miraculously misses the top of the stumps.

Agar to Laughlin, no run

back of a length on sixth stump, waves the bat trying to play a single to deep third man but is beaten.

Agar to Laughlin, FOUR runs

length ball on fourth stump, tries to cut this through point, thick edge goes very very fine off the toe of the bat and beats the keeper through third man to the rope.

Agar to Laughlin, no run

good length ball on off, goes back and across to try to tickle this through midwicket for one and sets off before Agar runs across the pitch to field and deny the run.

Peirson is showing a lot of faith in Laughlin by not turning down any runs so far. 17 off 12 now with Laughlin on strike.