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India vs England, 5th Test at Dharamsala, IND v ENG, Mar 07 2024 - Match Result

5th Test, Dharamsala, March 07 - 09, 2024, England tour of India
218 & 195

India won by an innings and 64 runs

Player Of The Match
5/72, 30 & 2/40
Player Of The Series
712 runs
Match centre 
Scores: Ranjith P | Comms: Alan Gardner
Scorecard summary
England 218/10(57.4 overs)
79 (108)
5/72 (15)
India 477/10(124.1 overs)
110 (150)
5/173 (46.1)
103 (162)
2/126 (39)
England 195/10(48.1 overs)
84 (128)
2/40 (14.1)

2.50pm: In the foothills of the Himalayas, our journey has reached its end. England came to India looking to scale a peak no visiting team has conquered in more than a decade... and well, they didn't get much beyond base camp, if we're honest. But they gave it a good crack, and wound up with a three-day defeat which means we can all get on the golf course. So for that, let's be grateful. Thanks, as always, for sticking with us through the series. From myself and Monga, Miller and the scorers, it's cheerio for now. The IPL is incoming and you might not even have to hear the word "Bazball" for a few months. Small mercies. Bye!

2.30pm: Time to hear from Ben Stokes: "Since the first Test match, we're man enough to say we've been outplayed. We've got so much cricket coming up, taking the positives is something I'm looking forward to and driving this team forward. There have been small moments when we've not been able to wrestle momentum back. It's about trying to understand those moments and be a bit more relentless. [Aggressive batting?] When India get on top, men around the bat, the quality of bowlers like Ashwin, Jadeja, Kuldeep... you've got to find ways of pushing men out and then comes with risk. It can be your downfall but if the intent is there, you hold your hands up. [Positives?] Zak Crawley and Ben Duckett continued their formidable partnership. Shoaib Bashir and Tom Hartley showed their quality. We've seen Joe Root come into form. Nice to be back bowling, too. [Anderson 700] Amazing to be on the field. 700 wickets as a seamer is phenomenal. He's someone every young kids looks up to and want to emulate. He's as fit as I've ever seen him. Great to watch."

Player of the Match is Kuldeep Yadav: [Best bowling?] "I think, yes. Hard work from the last couple of years, getting the reward. I liked the Zak Crawley wicket. Focusing on the length, landing the ball on a good length. Not thinking about the batter. Length, the pace that I'm bowling and the rhythm. [Batting improvements] The batting coach helped be a lot, not only the skill aspect but the mental aspect."

Player of the Series is Yashasvi Jaiswal: "Really enjoyed it, gave me a lot of experiences. Really happy with the way I played. [Sixes] Thinking to play my shots, if I think I can score runs, I will take it on. Trying to play one match at a time, enjoy it and do something to help my team."

India captain Rohit Sharma: "When you win a Test, everything has to fall into place. Lot of things we did right through the match. [Absent stars] At some stage people are going to go, we know that. All these guys are short on experience but they've played a lot of cricket. We've got to nurture them and make them understand the game. When put under pressure they responded pretty well. Credit goes to the entire team for that. We talk about scoring runs, but it is as important to take 20 wickets to win the Test match. Everyone, all the bowlers came and responded. They wanted to make a difference with the ball in hand. [Kuldeep] We know he has a lot of potential, can be a match-winner. He has something about him. Since his knee injury he has come back, he's putting a lot on the ball now. Most pleasing was his batting! [Jaiswal] The guy's got a long way to go, wants to take on the bowlers. The talent, the shots, he puts bowlers under pressure. He's come a long way and will understand what he needs to do. Top series for him, likes to score big."

2.25pm: We are meandering our way towards the presentations in Dharamsala - there's going to be a lot of gongs to hand out, I suspect. But Andrew Miller's report is in, so that's something. And if you're an England fan looking for something to smile about - other than the everlasting magnificence of the HPCA Stadium backdrop - then Miller has also updated James Anderson's milestone moments in the wake of his ascent to 700

2.05pm: Bazball came, Bazball saw, Bazball was conquered. After all the talking, India have swept England away - and that despite going 1-0 down and losing the services of a number of regular first-teamers. You might argue the teams were slightly more closely matched than 4-1 suggests, with England missing opportunities throughout, but you can't quibble with the overall arc of the narrative

Time for a word with R Ashwin, who claimed match figures of 9 for 128 in his 100th Test: "Very happy, can't really put a wrapper on how I'm feeling. Lot happened, lot of talk about the 100th Test. Overwhelmed, a lot of well-wishers have come forward. Win the Test and take wickets, what more can a bowler ask for? Tried different actions, speeds, releases through the series. You need that skillset in India. Pleased with how the ball came out today, even though I went for a few. Cricket is a game played between your ears. Looks like a lot is happening because the new ball is biting off the surface. [Experimentation] Not insecure about what people feel about me. We have to get criticised. I take it on board, I lock away what I learn. If I'm confident of trying and executing something, I will try that. The amount of cricket we play, and the analysis, batters will line you up if you don't change. Sticking to one method won't work. [Bowling with Kuldeep] From the far end there was more bite, from the other end more speed. With the new ball I got some bounce and kick today. The way the ball is coming out of Kuldeep's hand is unbelievable, I can't be more happy for somebody."

Kuldeep to Root, OUT

Root on the charge... holes out to long-on! Bumrah is the man back, he steadies himself and holds the catch before unleashing a bout of fist pumps. India tie the bow on a 4-1 series win that has been coming since the close on day one. No last-gasp hundred for Root, no red ink either

Joe Root c Bumrah b Kuldeep Yadav 84 (128b 12x4 0x6 175m) SR: 65.62

Elsewhere, PV Sindhu went down in a marathon thriller against the reigning Olympic champion at the test event for Paris Games. But even a close, heartbreaking loss like this one is actually a very encouraging sign for India's most successful badminton player

end of over 481 run
ENG: 195/9CRR: 4.06 
James Anderson0 (5b)
Joe Root84 (127b 12x4)
Ravindra Jadeja 9-1-25-1
Kuldeep Yadav 14-0-40-1
Jadeja to Anderson, no run

darted on off stump, Anderson blocks doughtily

"England won a test match on their last trip to India too. They didn't need Bazball to do that." No, Dave. But this series has been much more fun that that one was, right?

Jadeja to Anderson, no run

thick-edged past the leg-side catchers

Two balls for Anderson to negotiate. Slip, leg slip and short leg

Jadeja to Root, 1 run

tossed up outside off and he pushes one through the covers

Jadeja to Root, no run

slows it down a touch, 92kph, Root blocks again

Jadeja to Root, no run

tight lines, 98kph from Jaddu. Tapped back down the track

Jadeja to Root, no run

try again, full on leg, defended

Root pulls away with Jadeja entering his delivery stride...

end of over 475 runs
ENG: 194/9CRR: 4.12 
James Anderson0 (3b)
Joe Root83 (123b 12x4)
Kuldeep Yadav 14-0-40-1
Ravindra Jadeja 8-1-24-1
Kuldeep to Anderson, no run

full and flighted, 81kph on leg and blocked back down the track

"The Gardner can't help but defend bazball. He created the term (me thinks) and then hyped to one and all!" You're giving me too much credit there, Banshee

Kuldeep to Anderson, no run

floated up around middle and off, Anderson gets a thick inside edge looking to defend

Slip, gully and short leg

Kuldeep to Root, 1 run

tossed up on leg stump, clipped out to deep square leg and he takes the run

Kuldeep to Root, no run

flicked off the pads, Root opts to keep the strike

Kuldeep to Root, no run

punched through the covers

Kuldeep to Root, FOUR runs

Root does roll out the reverse-sweep, strikes a pose and slams the ball to deep third

"People need to understand that no side have won more than a test of a series in India since last 12 years," chirps Mustafa Moudi. "Winning a test here itself is a huge achievement for Bazball. Also, Bazball has brought out the best from England as they were losing every series before that. If they havent won here with Bazball, surely they would have lost without Bazball too. So stop blaming Bazball for everything!!"

end of over 465 runs • 1 wicket
ENG: 189/9CRR: 4.10 
James Anderson0 (1b)
Joe Root78 (119b 11x4)
Ravindra Jadeja 8-1-24-1
Kuldeep Yadav 13-0-35-1
Jadeja to Anderson, no run

stays round the wicket, flat on the stumps and defended carefully

In walks James Anderson. Time to go down in a hail of reverse-sweeps?

Jadeja to Bashir, OUT

timbeeeerrrrrrrrrr... no doubt this time! Jaddu hits his length, finds some turn and rattles off stump. Too good for Bashir, who trudges off after an hour of dogged blocking - although not before apparently asking to review! He didn't realise he had been bowled. India one away

Shoaib Bashir b Jadeja 13 (29b 3x4 0x6 50m) SR: 44.82
Jadeja to Root, 1 run

pushed through and steered into the covers for one

Jadeja to Root, no run

excited appeal from Jadeja, turning one to hit the back leg... was there any bat? Bumrah isn't going to review. Looked pretty adjacent if he didn't hit it

Jadeja to Root, no run

fired in and defended back to the bowler's right

Jadeja to Root, FOUR runs

reverse-lapped past slip! Not quite where Root was intending, came off the edge of the bat but fell short of Gill before skittering away

end of over 451 run
ENG: 184/8CRR: 4.08 
Shoaib Bashir13 (28b 3x4)
Joe Root73 (115b 10x4)
Kuldeep Yadav 13-0-35-1
Ravindra Jadeja 7-1-19-0

"People do remember the immediate pre-Bazball record, don't they? 1 win in 17?" I certainly do, Matt!

Kuldeep to Bashir, no run

another lbw appeal from Kuldeep, this time beating Bashir on the outside to hit the back leg. Didn't have too much going for it

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
Shubman Gill
110 runs (150)
12 fours5 sixes
Productive shot
cut shot
23 runs
4 fours0 six
RG Sharma
103 runs (162)
13 fours3 sixes
Productive shot
22 runs
3 fours0 six
Best performances - bowlers
Shoaib Bashir
Kuldeep Yadav
Match details
Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharamsala
TossEngland, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
Series resultIndia won the 5-match series 4-1
Match numberTest no. 2534
Hours of play (local time)09.30 start, Lunch 11.30-12.10, Tea 14.10-14.30, Close 16.30
Match days7,8,9 March 2024 - day (5-day match)
Test debut
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsIndia 12, England 0
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