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1st Test, Rajkot, November 09 - 13, 2016, England tour of India
537 & 260/3d
(T:310) 488 & 172/6

Match drawn

Player Of The Match
117, 2/85 & 1/47
England 1st Innings
India 1st Innings
England 2nd Innings
India 2nd Innings
Match Flow
England 1st Innings 
lbw b Jadeja2147632044.68
lbw b Ashwin3182986037.80
c & b Yadav12418023911168.88
c Rahane b Ashwin1317213076.47
b Mohammed Shami11721327213054.92
c †Saha b Yadav12823529513254.46
c †Saha b Mohammed Shami4657805280.70
c †Saha b Jadeja48121050.00
c Yadav b Jadeja520231025.00
lbw b Mishra32831173038.55
not out 616280037.50
Extras(b 5, lb 4, nb 1)10
TOTAL159.3 Ov (RR: 3.36)537
Fall of wickets: 1-47 (Alastair Cook, 15.1 ov), 2-76 (Haseeb Hameed, 26.3 ov), 3-102 (Ben Duckett, 32.3 ov), 4-281 (Joe Root, 80.5 ov), 5-343 (Moeen Ali, 99.4 ov), 6-442 (Jonny Bairstow, 120.5 ov), 7-451 (Chris Woakes, 123.4 ov), 8-465 (Adil Rashid, 129.6 ov), 9-517 (Ben Stokes, 152.5 ov), 10-537 (Zafar Ansari, 159.3 ov)
99.4 to MM Ali, he doesn't need any of those catchers! Strange, strange choice of shot, or non-shot, from Moeen. This was angled in towards off stump, maybe a tiny bit of swing in. Shami has been attacking the stumps right through this over. Moeen misjudges the line entirely, leaves the ball alone, and it knocks back his off stump. 343/5
120.5 to JM Bairstow, gone. The partnership is broken one short of 100, Bairstow falls four short of a half-century. A bit of away reverse outside off as Bairstow tries to slap this shortish ball through point. Bottom-edges it to Saha, who gratefully clings on to this simple chance almost straight to him. Just had to move a little to his right. 442/6
80.5 to JE Root, comes forward, punched in the air, straight back to the bowler, who catches it... and then throws it over his head! Was he trying to celebrate? Root is standing his ground. This would be an extraordinary chance to have tossed away. They're going up to the third umpire and I believe the soft signal is out; Rod Tucker has a couple of looks at it and decides that, yes, Yadav had taken the catch and then tried to toss is up in the air, at which point he lost control and ended up volleying it back over his head! Umesh can smile now, though. Root's been dug up after a sparkling ton. 281/4
152.5 to BA Stokes, back of a length, angling down leg, and Dharmasena raises his finger! Stokes looks for the leg glance, gets a little tickle on it and Saha takes the low catch diving to his right. 517/9
26.3 to H Hameed, given, and that's a beauty from Ashwin! He's used this angle so brilliantly over these last three balls, and Hameed, with the intention of getthis his front pad out of the way while defending, is hit on the back pad as this drifts a little and goes with the angle to beat his outside edge. Hits him in line, and ball-tracking says it'll hit off stump too, after Hameed reviews it. That just looked out, and England have reviewed when they shouldn't have, after not reviewing when they should have. Hameed's technique, which looked so good so far, exposed a little here - his bat came down curtain rail style, a la KP or Ross Taylor, across the ball rather than down the line of it. Couple that with his front pad moving away from the line of the ball, and he's ended up opening himself up.. 76/2
32.3 to BM Duckett, gone! Rahane dives low to his right to take it at slip. Again it's tossed up slightly slower than the pace he's been bowling to Duckett so far, and his front foot is planted too early, moving away from the line of the ball again, and this time the ball turns to find his outside edge as he tries to defend. They go upstairs for the catch - Dharmasena's soft signal is out - and Rahane has scooped it up an inch from the ground. That's a superb catch.. 102/3
15.1 to AN Cook, flat, turning in to beat Cook's flick, and he's not reviewed this lbw decision! I think that was missing leg, very strange decision from Cook after Chris Gaffaney gave him out. Shuffled across to a length ball which pitched on the stumps and hit him in front of middle and leg. I'm really not sure that was hitting leg stump. Cook may have thought his shuffle had taken him farther across the stumps than he actually was. He was looking to work that through square leg or backward square leg, and it's dangerous to play Jadeja with a closed bat face. Missing leg by a long way, Hawkeye says. 47/1
123.4 to CR Woakes, round the wicket, tossed up and straightening - got him, nicked to the keeper! A breakthrough straightaway after the interval, the finger went up from Gaffaney and Woakes does not challenge it, after a chat with his partner. Just enough grip and turn to tickle the outside edge as he propped forward. 451/7
129.6 to AU Rashid, impatience gets the better of him and Rashid lollipops a catch to mid-on! He was trying to hit against the turn, the ball skidded on and a tame effort spooned to the right of Yadav, who clung on without mishap this time. Rashid likes to whip those wrists but not a great shot. 465/8
159.3 to ZS Ansari, looks to sweep from the stumps, misses, and Chris Gaffaney gives it out lbw. Looked out to me, but Broad has reviewed. No edge, I'm pretty sure. Pitched in line, seems to be hitting too. Let's see what ball-tracking says. Pitching on middle or thereabouts, hitting in line, and hitting a large chunk of leg stump. Finally a wicket for Mishra, and finally this innings comes to an end. 537/10
India 1st Innings 
c Hameed b Rashid1263014879441.86
lbw b Broad29721084040.27
c Cook b Stokes12420629717060.19
hit wicket b Rashid40951355042.10
c Hameed b Ansari022000.00
b Ansari1330411043.33
c Ansari b Ali701391997050.35
c †Bairstow b Ali3582992142.68
c Hameed b Rashid1226450146.15
c Stokes b Rashid512101041.66
not out 873101114.28
Extras(b 23, lb 2, w 1)26
TOTAL162 Ov (RR: 3.01, 731 Mins)488
Fall of wickets: 1-68 (Gautam Gambhir, 24.1 ov), 2-277 (Cheteshwar Pujara, 91.1 ov), 3-318 (Murali Vijay, 107.6 ov), 4-319 (Amit Mishra, 108.3 ov), 5-349 (Ajinkya Rahane, 116.5 ov), 6-361 (Virat Kohli, 119.3 ov), 7-425 (Wriddhiman Saha, 143.6 ov), 8-449 (Ravindra Jadeja, 153.3 ov), 9-459 (Umesh Yadav, 155.4 ov), 10-488 (Ravichandran Ashwin, 161.6 ov)
24.1 to G Gambhir, and he strikes immediately! Gambhir decides not to review, and it just looked out. It was full, angling in sharply, and Gambhir shuffled across to try and work it into the leg side. Despite his open stance, he's got himself in a tangle with his front leg going too far across. He's too late to bring his bat around his front pad, and the ball strikes pad in front of middle and off.. 68/1
143.6 to WP Saha, quicker outside off, Saha goes back to cut - nicked it! Straight into Bairstow's gloves and, after a moment or two, Dharmasena Bucknors into life and up goes the finger, giving Moeen his first wicket and ending a useful stand. 425/7
161.6 to R Ashwin, tossed up on leg stump, there's a man at deep midwicket, and Ashwin has picked him out. That's a good bit of field placement from England, and I guess Ashwin intended to hit it a little to his left. 488/10
108.3 to A Mishra, another one gone, snapped up at short leg too! England make two vital incisions as the day draws to a close, Mishra lasting just two deliveries, a thick inside edge on to his pad and Hameed again clutching a sharp, low chance! Drama in the dying moments and the players walk off for the close, Kohli looking just a little less pleased than he would have been five minutes ago. 319/4
116.5 to AM Rahane, gone, he's misjudged the length! Went on the back foot again, this one wasn't as short as the previous ball, perhaps, and that one wasn't too short either. Tries to work this across the line, against the turn, and it clips his pad before taking out the off bail, just on top of middle stump. A slightly complacent shot from Rahane, and India are five down while still 188 behind. 349/5
107.6 to M Vijay, got him, turned straight to short leg, Vijay's vigil is over minutes before the close! Rashid has a wicket at last, picks up the opener with the googly, there was some extra bounce and he went with it, could only pop it off the glove straight to the man under the helmet. He looks aghast at being dismissed after 300 balls of unflappable defiance but he's definitely earned a bit of feet-up time. 318/3
119.3 to V Kohli, short again, Kohli pulls to the left of the diving midwicket fielder, and, wait, what happened there? England are celebrating, and Kohli is hit-wicket, I think! The very reason he's so good on the back foot against spin, the big step deep in his crease, and the weight transfer through the hips, works against him this time. As he swivels through his shot, his left leg swings back and steps into the stumps. 361/6
153.3 to RA Jadeja, can't do anything about this one, though. Again that turn and bounce, but this time it pitches on off stump. Jadeja goes back to defend, and it gets big on him, he only manages to send it ballooning off his glove to short leg. 449/8
155.4 to UT Yadav, this was waiting to happen. Having been beaten three times in a row, Umesh goes for the big slog-sweep. Was hitting against the spin, and it pitches shorter than he'd like, and the top-edge is nicely taken by Stokes running in from cover point and diving forward. 459/9
91.1 to CA Pujara, shortish outside off... and steered straight to wide slip! Cook is the only man in there but he clings on as the ball flew fast at chest-height, tumbling back to end Pujara's stay! He waits briefly as they check the no-ball but Stokes' foot was behind the line and England have a treasured breakthrough, a drop of water in the Gujarati desert.... 277/2
England 2nd Innings 
c Jadeja b Ashwin13024329913053.49
c & b Mishra821772337146.32
c †Saha b Mishra45100080.00
not out 29295450100.00
Extras(b 11, lb 3, nb 1)15
TOTAL75.3 Ov (RR: 3.44, 299 Mins)260/3d
Fall of wickets: 1-180 (Haseeb Hameed, 58.4 ov), 2-192 (Joe Root, 60.5 ov), 3-260 (Alastair Cook, 75.3 ov)
75.3 to AN Cook, there it is, Cook holes out to long-off and England declare. Ashwin finally pockets a wicket and the players all walk off, Cook was trying to be enterprising and stepped out to hit down the ground, didn't get enough on it and Jadeja pouched a safe catch. 260/3
58.4 to H Hameed, taken! Hameed falls. A loss in concentration and Hameed falls for 82. A sensational knock. Has Mishra overstepped though? Reckon he is juuuuust fine, finest of margins. But no reason why Mishra should be treading with such fine margins. Given. Tossed up outside off, loads of flight. Hameed wanted to drag that slog sweep into the leg side but it was too wide. Ends up hammering it back off the toe end to Mishra who takes it in front of his face with both hands. Sharp catch. 180/1
60.5 to JE Root, a wild slog from Root and he falls. Tossed up beautifully on off, Root gets low and looks to slog the ball over midwicket but gets a bit of extra bounce which is responsible for a thick leading edge. The ball spoons up. Saha calls "mine, mine" and takes a comfortable catch near leg gully. 192/2
India 2nd Innings (T: 310 runs)
c Hameed b Rashid3171896043.66
c Root b Woakes0611000.00
lbw b Rashid1836572050.00
not out 49981296050.00
b Ali1550020.00
c Root b Ansari3253566060.37
c & b Rashid913132069.23
not out 3233326096.96
TOTAL52.3 Ov (RR: 3.27, 199 Mins)172/6
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Gautam Gambhir, 1.6 ov), 2-47 (Cheteshwar Pujara, 16.4 ov), 3-68 (Murali Vijay, 22.2 ov), 4-71 (Ajinkya Rahane, 23.4 ov), 5-118 (Ravichandran Ashwin, 38.6 ov), 6-132 (Wriddhiman Saha, 42.3 ov)
1.6 to G Gambhir, short ball, Gambhir fends at it... and edged to second slip! Breakthrough for England, a wicket for the deserving Woakes and Gambhir's uncomfortable six-ball stay is ended. Could have been left on line and length but Gambhir was repeatedly drawn into playing and this ended up as a dolly to the cordon. 0/1
38.6 to R Ashwin, Ashwin is in disbelief. That's an awful shot. Lots of flight outside off, all Ashwin needed to do was get forward and defend. Instead, he goes at the ball with hard hands. The ball spins a touch and Ashwin's skewed drive lands in Root's hands at extra cover. Carried low to the fielder. Keeps the door ajar. 118/5
23.4 to AM Rahane, bowled him, another one gone! Rahane goes back and plays an awful shot, looks to cut a ball turning back in from over the wicket, as the ball spins sharply into him, clips the pad and then rattles leg stump! Moeen's grin is as wide as the Ganges and India are wobbling here. 71/4
16.4 to CA Pujara, given! Did that pitch in line? Pujara is walking off. Flat delivery on leg or just outside leg. Pujara goes deep in his crease and misses his push. It's pitched waaay outside leg. Pujara had the chance to review, but doesn't take it. Missed the legspinner and was struck right in front. Umpire Dharmasena raises the finger.. 47/2
22.2 to M Vijay, got him, edged on to the front pad and Hameed plunges forward to take the catch! Rashid does a little hop-skip of excitement and India are three down, he looped this up on leg stump, Vijay came forwards but misjudged the line slightly, clipped the shoulder of the bat and popped up and hit him on the chest before falling in front of Hameed, who's having a ball on debut. 68/3
42.3 to WP Saha, bump ball? England players seem rather confident. Soft signal is out. A very full delivery on leg, Saha gets forward and hits the pitch at the same time the ball makes contact with the lower end of the bat, but that has lobbed straight back. Saha will have to go here. A soft dismissal. India in a bit of trouble.. 132/6
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Wed, 09 Nov - day 1 - England 1st innings 311/4 (Moeen Ali 99*, Ben Stokes 19*, 93 ov)
Thu, 10 Nov - day 2 - India 1st innings 63/0 (Murali Vijay 25*, Gautam Gambhir 28*, 23 ov)
Fri, 11 Nov - day 3 - India 1st innings 319/4 (Virat Kohli 26*, 108.3 ov)
Sat, 12 Nov - day 4 - England 2nd innings 114/0 (Alastair Cook 46*, Haseeb Hameed 62*, 37 ov)
Sun, 13 Nov - day 5 - India 2nd innings 172/6 (52.3 ov) - end of match
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
  • AN Cook: 50 off 122 balls (3 x 4)
  • England: 150 runs in 51.2 overs (309 balls), Extras 6
  • 1st Wicket: 150 runs in 309 balls (AN Cook 69, H Hameed 75, Ex 6)
  • Drinks: England - 150/0 in 52.0 overs (AN Cook 69, H Hameed 75)
  • AN Cook: 100 off 194 balls (10 x 4)
  • England: 200 runs in 63.1 overs (380 balls), Extras 13
  • Lunch: England - 211/2 in 66.0 overs (AN Cook 106, BA Stokes 6)
  • 3rd Wicket: 50 runs in 64 balls (AN Cook 24, BA Stokes 21, Ex 5)
  • Over 72.3: Review by India (Bowling), Umpire - HDPK Dharmasena, Batsman - AN Cook (Struck down)
  • England: 250 runs in 72.6 overs (439 balls), Extras 14
  • India 2nd innings
  • Tea: India - 49/2 in 18.0 overs (M Vijay 29, V Kohli 2)
  • India: 50 runs in 18.1 overs (109 balls), Extras 0
  • Over 29.2: Review by England (Bowling), Umpire - CB Gaffaney, Batsman - R Ashwin (Struck down)
  • Drinks: India - 95/4 in 34.0 overs (V Kohli 30, R Ashwin 15)
  • India: 100 runs in 35.4 overs (214 balls), Extras 0
  • India: 100 runs in 35.5 overs (215 balls), Extras 0
  • India: 150 runs in 47.4 overs (286 balls), Extras 0
Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot
TossEngland, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Series result5-match series level 0-0
Match numberTest no. 2232
Hours of play (local time)09.30 start, Lunch 11.30-12.10, Tea 14.10-14.30, Close 16.30
Match days9,10,11,12,13 November 2016 - day (5-day match)
Test debut
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee