1st Test, Dunedin, Mar 5 - 9 2013, England tour of New Zealand
(170 ov)167 & 421/6
Match drawn
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• The Report by David Hopps

Finn shines as England batsmen draw game

Steven Finn, excelling in a new role as nightwatchman, struck a maiden Test and first-class fifty to make a huge contribution towards England saving the first Test in Dunedin and saving face in the bargain

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Scorer: S Balasubramanian
Commentator: Alex Winter
Scorecard summary
England167/10(55 overs)1st INNINGS
Ian Bell24 (41)
Bruce Martin4/43(14)
Neil Wagner4/42(11)
New Zealand460/9(116.4 overs)1st INNINGS
England421/6(170 overs)2nd INNINGS
Nick Compton117 (310)
Alastair Cook116 (252)
Neil Wagner3/141(43)
Trent Boult1/49(35)
end of over 1701 run
ENG: 421/6CRR: 2.47 
Ian Bell26 (84)
Matt Prior23 (50)
Neil Wagner43-9-141-3
Bruce Martin44-13-90-1

But that's it from me, hope you've enjoyed the coverage, thanks very much for joining in and see you later in the series. Before Thursday, tune in for South Africa v Pakistan later today, 8am GMT, and the ongoing Test between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. India Australia and some World Cup qualifiers coming up next week too. Plenty to get involved with, do enjoy. Until next time, this is Alex Winter signing off...

Analysis from this match comes from David Hopps with today's match report and Andrew McGlashan is in Dundedin to bring us the thoughts from the ground.

We'll never know what might have happened if that first day hadn't been washed out but what we do know if the New Zealand are up for the fight and this series is going to be tighter than many expected. Onward we go to the Basin Reserve, where the consensus is for a much more sporting wicket. That game starts on Thursday New Zealand time, Wednesday night in the UK and we'll have all the coverage as per usual here on ESPNcricinfo.

England got themselves out of trouble with a great fightback. Another ton for Alastair Cook and a maiden century for Nick Compton, finally making his mark on international cricket. They've got out of jail before and have done it again here.

Alastair Cook: "The last two days we showed good fighting spirit. We can take a lot from the way we went about the last two days. But I don't know why we start slow, it is a bit of a concern. We did well to claw it back but in the bigger picture we need to address that issue," he says. "It was great for Compo to get that hundred and Steve Finn, we didn't know he had that in him. Kevin Pietersen is fully fit and the knee is not too much of an issue and he should be fine for Wellington."

Yet despite the surface we had a Test that held the interest because England played some of their poorest cricket for some time on that opening day. A disgraceful batting effort defied the innings that were to follow and handed New Zealand a huge boost and they carried it through the Test. They may have found an opener for the future in Hamish Rutherford, who made an outstanding century on debut. And their bowlers provided such heart and fight and that is a very good sign that they all worked so hard for the team.

Here's Brendon McCullum: "From the moment we stepped on the field to the moment we stepped of it, we showed the heart we want to be known for. We never gave up belief that we could get the job done," he says. "I thought it was a great game for us. The bowlers will get their feet up for three days, it was hard to get the ball out of their hands. Their effort was unquestionable and I'm extremely proud of their efforts."

New Zealand gave it a real go today and their seamers, Southee, Boult and Wagner especially, toiled hard and sent down so many overs of hard graft with absolutely no help at all from the surface. But they were ultimately undone by a wicket that has, in the overall analysis, created a tiring Test match. Even with another day, it was hard to see how this pitch would have changed much.

This is now the final hour drinks come out and is McCullum going to play on? He's picked up a beverage but then wanders over to the batsman and shakes hands on the draw. England survive thanks to this brilliant fightback, 170 overs in the second innings to turn around a huge first innings deficit and we're level heading to Wellington.

Wagner to Bell, no run

nicely bowled, a sharp bumper that hurries Bell

Wagner to Bell, no run

dabbed into the gully

Wagner to Bell, no run

back of a length and blocked

Wagner to Bell, no run

let go outside off

Wagner to Bell, no run

full outside off, left alone

Wagner to Prior, 1 run

bumper, hooked in control down to long leg

So I think this could, and should, be the last over...

end of over 1691 run
ENG: 420/6CRR: 2.48 
Matt Prior22 (49)
Ian Bell26 (79)
Bruce Martin44-13-90-1
Neil Wagner42-9-140-3
Martin to Prior, 1 run

straighter and tucked around the corner for a calm single

Martin to Prior, no run

blocked on a similar line

Martin to Prior, no run

this is a little tighter to off stump, pushed into the covers

Martin to Prior, no run

short outside off, Prior I thought was going to hammer it but just pushes it to point

Martin to Prior, no run

back again, tucked to short leg

Martin to Prior, no run

back and blocked around off stump

Martin comes back, we're not going to bowl more overs than we need to surely? Two more to go before a draw can be declared...

end of over 1681 run
ENG: 419/6CRR: 2.49 
Matt Prior21 (43)
Ian Bell26 (79)
Neil Wagner42-9-140-3
Tim Southee36-8-94-0
Wagner to Prior, 1 run

press forward, ran off an inside edge gets it to long leg

Wagner to Prior, no run

full and wide, a wild swing from Prior, huge caught behind appeal, not out from the umpire but they review they have to really but Prior has swung total fresh air, miles away from it

Wagner to Prior, no run

full outside off and left alone

Wagner to Prior, no run

pushed at outside off, a thick edge towards second slip but Prior kept it down with soft hands

Wagner to Prior, no run

wider and left alone

Wagner to Prior, no run

length outside off and left

Wagner comes back and this is last chance saloon but it is a chance, needs something special though...

end of over 167Maiden
ENG: 418/6CRR: 2.50 
Ian Bell26 (79)
Matt Prior20 (37)
Tim Southee36-8-94-0
Trent Boult35-12-49-1
Southee to Bell, no run

forward just outside off, pressed to cover

Southee to Bell, no run

fuller towards off stump, pushed to mid off

Best performances - batsmen
Hamish Rutherford portrait
HD Rutherford
171 runs (217)
22 fours
3 sixes
Productive shot
off side drive on front foot
51 runs
9 fours
1 six
Nick Compton portrait
NRD Compton
117 runs (310)
12 fours
0 sixes
Productive shot
leg glance
42 runs
2 fours
0 sixes
Best performances - bowlers
Bruce Martin portrait
BP Martin
Neil Wagner portrait
N Wagner
Match details
University Oval, Dunedin
TossNew Zealand, elected to field first
SeriesEngland tour of New Zealand
Series result3-match series level 0-0
Match numberTest no. 2077
Hours of play (local time)10.00am start, Lunch 12.30-13.10, Tea 15.10-15.30, Close 17.30
Match days6,7,8,9,10 March 2013 - day match (5-day match)
Test debut
Bruce Martin
Bruce Martin
Hamish Rutherford
Hamish Rutherford
Pakistan Image
Asad Rauf
Australia Image
Paul Reiffel
TV Umpire
Australia Image
Rod Tucker
Reserve Umpire
New Zealand Image
Chris Gaffaney
Match Referee
Sri Lanka Image
Roshan Mahanama