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Only ODI, Edinburgh, August 18, 2008, England tour of Scotland
(2.3/44 ov, T:159) 10/0

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5.45pm And that's it for the day I'm afraid. It's been called off, ending an interesting but frustratingly curtailed day. Join us for England's Twenty20 against South Africa on Wednesday.

5.30pm Everyone is hanging around hoping there might be a chance for a first, but with 17 more overs needed for a match it means play would have to restart by around 6pm. It's not looking great, but we'll keep you informed.

4.30pm And off go the players I'm afraid. The umbrellas are all going up and on come the covers. This does not look great I'm afraid - it is absolutely shedding down out there, though there are a few breaks in the clouds. 4.00pm was when the real, proper, Scottish rain was forecast to land - and it's arrived almost bang on cue. Congratulations to the weathermen, then, though forecasting Scottish weather can't be the hardest task in the world. Stay with us: we'll keep you updated as and when.

Blain to Prior, no run

driven away and picked up in the covers. I'm sorry to say the rain is getting heavier and the groundstaff at the ready

Blain to Prior, no run

good line and length and blocked back to Blain

And it has just started to rain ever so slightly

Blain to Prior, no run

blocked in to the offside

end of over 24 runs
ENG: 10/0CRR: 5.00 RRR: 3.54
Ian Bell6 (11)
Matt Prior1 (1)
Dewald Nel 1-0-4-0
Nel to Bell, no run

shorter length and Poonia fields at midwicket

Nel to Bell, no run

blocked to point

Nel to Bell, no run

fuller ball and wide outside off and left alone

Nel to Bell, 2 runs

turned through square leg again and easy couple this time

Nel to Bell, no run

pitched up and well defended

Nel to Bell, 1 wide

too far down the leg-side for the umpires liking

Nel to Prior, 1 run

placed past square leg and they want two but good fielding by Blain

end of over 16 runs
ENG: 6/0CRR: 6.00 RRR: 3.55
Ian Bell4 (6)
Matt Prior0 (0)
John Blain 1-0-4-0

Nel will open up from the Inverleith Nursery End.

Blain to Bell, no run

good cover drive but well stopped in the field

Blain to Bell, no run

clips the pads again and a shout goes up this time more in hope but nothing given by umpire Baldwin

Blain to Bell, no run

dropped to midwicket and Bell cries "NO!". No run then...

Blain to Bell, FOUR runs

great straight drive beating the bowler and mid-on

Blain to Bell, no run

bit straight again and a good take from the keeper and an appeal goes up. Some of the players and crowd cannot believe it hasn't been given caught off the glove

Blain to Bell, 2 leg byes

clips off the pads and runs away down to fine leg for two

end of over 446 runs • 2 wickets
SCOT: 156/9CRR: 3.54 
Calum MacLeod10 (11)
Ross Lyons3 (1)
Andrew Flintoff 8-1-21-3

Well there we go. Off 44 overs Scotland reached 156-9 with Hamilton getting 60 and Flintoff gaining figures of 3-21. After the rain break the interval has been shortened to 10 minutes so we will resume the run chase shortly

Flintoff to MacLeod, 1 run

full toss cut away and stopped by Shah on the boundary

Flintoff to Lyons, 3 runs

good shot! pulls it away through midwicket between the fielders and the run quickly for three

Hat-trick ball for Flintoff...

Flintoff to Nel, OUT

and another one! Flintoff bowls accurately and it hits middle stump again. It's a long walk back for Nel

Dewald Nel b Flintoff 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Flintoff to Blain, OUT

a big swing from Blain going for it and he misses and it clips the top of middle stump

John Blain b Flintoff 13 (24m 21b 1x4 0x6) SR: 61.9