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4th Test, Johannesburg, January 14 - 17, 2010, England tour of South Africa
180 & 169

South Africa won by an innings and 74 runs

Player Of The Match
5/51 & 2/64
Player Of The Series
341 runs
ENG 2nd Innings
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Well, that, as they say in the classics, is that. A cracking series comes to a close, thanks for all your emails, I hope you enjoyed the coverage and will join me, Sahil Dutta, Andrew Miller, and Liam Brickhill next time.

Smith looks delighted, as well he might, and says "we could easily be standing here 3-1 up, but you have to give credit to England". After a competitive series he says the two sides will share a beer later. Smith commends the pitch, which has been superb and then offers an emotional tribute to his great mate Mark Boucher.

Andrew Strauss says: "You have to give credit to Graeme and he team, from the very first ball they haven't given us a sniff." He describes it as a "bitter end but not all doom and gloom". Strauss says he was frustrated with the review system but more frustrated with his team's batting.

The man of the match rather fittingly goes to two men - Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel. Steyn says that Morkel has stepped into Ntini's shoes and Morkel thinks his hard work has paid off. It has.

The man of the series is another shared award, which makes sense for a shared series I guess - Graeme Swann and Mark Boucher. Swann describes it as a sour taste after England "failed to turn up for this Test and were hammered".

Ian Bishop leads the presentation and awards Jacques Kallis with a fridge for his 150th catch, Ashwell Prince, rather embarrassingly for him after a quiet series, wins a similar prize as does Mark Boucher for his 5000th run.

Andrew Miller has his final bulletin of the tour, which is well worth a read. Fear not, you can still read his regular musings via his Twitter page, and as ever there is the Facebook page.

"How fitting that this riveting series was separated by 16 runs. Two draws, England win one by an innings and 90 runs, South Africa win the other by an innings and 74 runs. I only wish there was a 5th, I'm sad its all over!" says Alastor.

South Africa have absolutely routed England here. They finally got their team selection right and on a proper, sporting Test pitch, Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel twice destroyed England. It has been a wonderful, fluctuating series that ends level, which means South Africa retain the Basil D'Oliveira Trophy. England have been blown away this match, South Africa's potent new-ball pair and Graeme Smith's hundred meant there was barely a contest here at the Wanderers.

Duminy to Sidebottom, OUT

Gone, got him! South Africa win the Test and level the series! Sidebottom tried to heave this through the leg side but misses and it crashes into the stumps. South Africa win by an innings and 74 runs.

Ryan Sidebottom b Duminy 15 (37m 17b 2x4 0x6) SR: 88.23
Duminy to Sidebottom, no run

forward and defending

Duminy to Sidebottom, FOUR runs

Sidebottom looking a bit like Clayton Lambert, crabs up the wicket and bunts Duminy through mid on for four

Duminy to Sidebottom, no run

outside off stump and left alone

Duminy to Sidebottom, FOUR runs

horror-ball, very short, and Sidebottom shovels it nicely to the midwicket boundary

Duminy for the final over before lunch.

end of over 422 runs
ENG: 161/9CRR: 3.83 
James Anderson1 (11)
Ryan Sidebottom7 (12)
Dale Steyn 14-1-64-2
Morne Morkel 16-5-59-4
Steyn to Anderson, no run

fuller this time and Anderson, understandably, is pinned to the crease. Somehow he keeps it out

Steyn to Anderson, no run

short once more to finish the over, misses Anderson's defences and crashes into his stomach. A cry of "aaourgh" from the batsman.

Steyn to Anderson, no run

action replay, short, sharp and well glanced down to Amla at short leg

Steyn to Anderson, no run

shorter this time, angled into Anderson's armpit and fended on the bounce to Amla

Steyn to Anderson, no run

a touch shorter this time, swinging into the hip again, prodded into the leg side

Steyn to Sidebottom, (no ball) 1 run

full and Sidebottom is forward and defending, sets off for a slightly too tight single, Anderson scampers through again

Steyn to Sidebottom, no run

full and swinging in to Sidebottom's pads, venomous stuff

Enough of Duminy, he's done his job. Steyn is back for another spell.

end of over 413 runs
ENG: 159/9CRR: 3.87 
Ryan Sidebottom6 (10)
James Anderson1 (6)
Morne Morkel 16-5-59-4
Jean-Paul Duminy 1-0-2-1
Morkel to Sidebottom, 1 run

Sidebottom up on his toes and dropping this into the off side, Anderson scampers through for a sharp single

Morkel to Anderson, 1 leg bye

shortish, arrowed into the hip area, Anderson tries to tickle it round the corner and it trickles away past Boucher's half-stop for a single

Morkel to Anderson, no run

hopping back and defending nicely

Morkel to Anderson, no run

Anderson, stylish as ever at the crease, gets back and defends

Morkel to Sidebottom, 1 run

he's more behind this one, guiding it into the off side for a single

Morkel to Sidebottom, no run

outside off stump, quick and climbing, Sidebottom fences at it and misses

end of over 402 runs • 1 wicket
ENG: 156/9CRR: 3.90 
Ryan Sidebottom4 (7)
James Anderson1 (3)
Jean-Paul Duminy 1-0-2-1
Morne Morkel 15-5-57-4
Duminy to Sidebottom, 1 run

flighted, Sidebottom forward and it runs of the face out into the off side

Duminy to Sidebottom, no run

played and missed as the ball zips of the wicket past the outside edge

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