10th Match (D/N), Mumbai, Oct 18 2006, ICC Champions Trophy
(50 ov, target 235)224/9
West Indies won by 10 runs
player of the match
Runako Morton
West Indies
end of over 505 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 224/9CRR: 4.48 
Glenn McGrath3 (3)
Nathan Bracken3 (5)
Jerome Taylor10-0-49-4
Dwayne Bravo6-0-33-1

They're all in celebration, those West Indians, jumping and whooping it up; here comes a hobbling Lara, beaming from cheek to cheek. Gayle is the one enjoying this the most, he's yelling out so that everyone from Nariman Point to Walkeshwar hears him! Fantastic scenes at the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai. The crowd has raised its decibal levels to a joyous din.

The match scenario, again - West Indies, defending champions, defeated Australia by 10 runs. Lara won the toss, decided to bat, and scored a fine 71 in a 137-run stand for the fifth wicket with Runako Morton, who remained unbeaten on 90 from 103 balls as West Indies made 234 for six.

In reply, Australia lost wickets at regular intervals up the order before Adam Gilchrist and Michael Clarke added 101 for the fifth wicket. Gilchrist had his eyes on another hundred, but was run out, while Clarke fell to another fine example of how to bowl a deadly slow ball at the death, courtesy Dwayne Bravo. That wicket sparked a dramatic collapse at the hands of Jerome Taylor, who became the first West Indian to sieze an ODI hat-trick. His victims: Hussey, Lee and Hogg. Taylor finished with 4 for 49.

Ricky Ponting, during the post-match conference, express his disappointment but looks ahead confidently at Australia's remaining two games.

Ramnaresh Sarwan, the West Indies' stand-in captain, singles out Lara and Morton for their partnership. He has words of gratitude to the all-round team effort, mentions the bowling of Bravo and Taylor. He admits he had some nerves, and laughs off the Gayle-Clarke tension we saw in the middle.

The Man-of-the-Match award goes to Morton for his unbeaten 90. He's a pleased man as well; mentions the difficulty of the pitch but glad he was able to bat throughout and stay there until the end.

That's all we have for you tonight. Hope you've enjoyed this match as much as I have. Its good night from me, Jamie Alter. Do join us for our live coverage of the next match of the Champions Trophy, between New Zealand and Sri Lanka on October 20 here in Mumbai. Cheers!

Taylor to McGrath, 1 run

full, played to midwicket but its all over here! The West Indies have won by 10 runs, what a remarkable win for them, stunned Australia here

Taylor to Bracken, 1 run

full outside off stump, again he gets an inside edge to leg gully, thats the match for West Indies

Taylor to McGrath, 1 run

full on off stump, worked to midwicket

Taylor to Bracken, 1 run

full outside off stump, Bracken slogs and gets an inside edge to leg gully

15 from four. Drum roll.....

Taylor to McGrath, 1 run

full outside off, he slogs that do deep square leg

Last man in: Glenn McGrath. 16 to win. Five balls left.

Taylor to Hogg, OUT

and he gets it, can you believe it?!? History is made at the Brabourne Stadium! Wow, wow, wow! Taylor will never be forgotten here in Mumbai! A full, fast delivery on the stumps, Hogg just walks across, looking to work that around the corner but the man makes zero contact and the ball castles into middle stump, he's gone and West Indies are one away from victory

Brad Hogg b Taylor 10 (20m 11b 1x4 0x6) SR: 90.91

Okay, take a deep breath. 16 to win. Two wickets left. West Indies in a huddle. Taylor on a hat-trick. No West Indian has ever taken on in ODI cricket.

end of over 495 runs
AUS: 219/8CRR: 4.46 • RRR: 16.00 • Need 16 runs from 6b
Nathan Bracken1 (3)
Brad Hogg10 (10)
Dwayne Bravo6-0-33-1
Jerome Taylor9-0-44-3
Bravo to Bracken, no run

similar ball, a tad wider, Bracken again gives it the kitchen sink but fails to make contact, crucial dot ball again, we're into the last over, people!

Bravo to Bracken, no run

oh my word, that was close! Theres that slower ball, full outside off, changes the pace and Bracken has a huge slog at it and the ball just misses off stump! Bravo cant believe it as he sits down on the pitch

Bravo to Hogg, 1 run

full right on the stumps, Hogg makes room and drives past the gap at cover for one down to Samuels who moves in quickly from the ropes

Bravo to Hogg, 2 runs

full outside off stump, he crashes that past point and they run hard to pick up two

Bravo to Bracken, 1 run

full again, Bracken swipes across the line and sets off, Hinds at mid-on fires in a throw that just misses the stumps

Bravo to Hogg, 1 run

full outside off, he makes room and drives to mid-off