'Any system which penalizes someone for reacting to a situation but does not reprimand the instigator of that situation needs some sort of review' - Chris Gayle reacts © Getty Images
Winning the toss and batting first against Australia was a pretty good and encouraging start because of how the pitch had played in the previous two games. It was our precise game plan to bat first and put a decent total on the board and work hard at defending it. We batted well even though we lost some early wickets.

Runako Morton and Brian Lara obviously played a big part to get us to 234 which was a pretty good total on that pitch. Both of them batted very well to give us a big partnership in the middle which stabilised the innings.

When we took the field, the bowlers started well, Braddie [Ian Bradshaw] and Bobby [our nickname for Jerome Taylor] kept things tight initially and that set the Aussies back. I think Marlon [Samuels] and I bowled well in the middle and created a lot of pressure and that also set the Aussies back further.

At one stage [Michael] Clarke and [Adam] Gilchrist were going well and they were the set batters and it was crucial to get a wicket and break the partnership which was threatening to take the game. We continued to apply the pressure as a team and it paid off in Wavell [Hinds] and I getting a run out chance and that changed the game instantly. Getting Gilchrist out was a massive blow to Australia's chances but we needed to get a few more wickets to really close them out.

The fans are accustomed to me always being calm and cool on the field but they saw something a little different in this game. Even though I may have displayed a more intense side of my personality I was always aware of the situation and what was required of me. We were all totally committed to winning the game.

Clarke and I have always had friendly banter out on the field which had never resulted in anything serious previously. I think Marlon and I bowled well to him and Gilchrist at that stage and created a huge amount of pressure on them which got the better of Clarke and caused the situation to escalate. So far we've played the tournament in very good spirits and I look forward to this continuing until the finals even though the tension will surely increase as we move into the later rounds.

Generally speaking I think that any system which penalizes someone for reacting to a situation but does not reprimand the instigator of that situation needs some sort of review.

Bobby's second spell was crucial for us. He had to come back and finish the job for us and getting that hat trick was stunning. If you look at his reaction you would realize that he was excited but he didn't even know that it was a hat-trick. The vibes and the passion of the boys was all about winning. Beating Australia really drove us on the field.

We have now achieved that but beating Australia is not the end. We can't be laid back or ease up in any way now, we have to capitalise on the momentum and develop the winning habit. There is another important game against India on their home turf. It's going to be tough game and we are looking forward to it.