7th Match (D/N), Jaipur, Oct 15 2006, ICC Champions Trophy
(29.3/50 ov)126/6
India won by 4 wickets (with 123 balls remaining)
player of the match

India have won by four wickets. They certainly lost more wickets than they would have liked and plodded towards their target in the final overs, but it's a victory and they'll take it.

Munaf Patel and Irfan Pathan struck the decisive blows early on as England were restricted to a mere 125. Fifty runs more and we could have had a contest but 125 was far too little. India finished the chase in the 30th over to bag their first points of the tournament.

Man of the Match: Munaf Patel for his 3 for 18 off eight overs. He bowled a fabulous line, hardly gave the batsmen any room and extracted enough movement off the pitch to flummox England's top-order.

That's it from us at Cricinfo today. It's been a pleasure bringing you today's game. South Africa play New Zealand at the Brabourne Stadium tomorrow and we'll be live at 2pm local time. Do join us then. Meanwhile, have a pleasant Sunday evening, cheers!

Mahmood to Harbhajan, FOUR runs

and that's that! A half volley on the pads, Harbhajan flicks it wide of the fielder at fine-leg to score the winnings runs, the fireworks go off outside the stadium

Mahmood to Harbhajan, no run

short and wide outside off stump, Harbhajan swishes at it but the ball beats the bat

Mahmood to Harbhajan, no run

defended on the back foot to cover

end of over 291 run
INDIA: 122/6CRR: 4.20 RRR: 0.19 • Need 4 runs from 21 overs
Harbhajan Singh2 (8)
Yuvraj Singh27 (61)
Jamie Dalrymple4-0-5-2
Sajid Mahmood8-0-26-0

India need just four more runs

Dalrymple to Harbhajan, 1 run

fuller ball drifting on to the pads, clipped behind square on the leg side for one

Dalrymple to Harbhajan, no run

defended on the off side

Dalrymple to Harbhajan, no run

flatter ball spins back into Harbhajan who manages to keep it out

Dalrymple to Harbhajan, no run

slower through the air on off stump, Harbhajan defends on the front foot

Dalrymple to Harbhajan, no run

pushed through flatter on off stump, defended to Flintoff at silly point

Dalrymple to Harbhajan, no run

pushed on the front foot to cover

Five needed by India, can England take four? Stranger things have happened.

end of over 282 runs
INDIA: 121/6CRR: 4.32 RRR: 0.23 • Need 5 runs from 22 overs
Yuvraj Singh27 (61)
Harbhajan Singh1 (2)
Sajid Mahmood8-0-26-0
Jamie Dalrymple3-0-4-2
Mahmood to Yuvraj, no run

full, straight and fast, defended back to the bowler

Mahmood to Yuvraj, no run

banged in short on off stump, it doesn't bounce as much and Yuvraj swerves out of the way

Mahmood to Harbhajan, 1 run

full on the pads, probably the attempted yorker gone awry, whipped down to fine leg

Every run is being cheered by the crowd!

Mahmood to Yuvraj, 1 run

drifting on to the pads, clipped down to fne leg for one, Harbhajan is now on strike

Mahmood to Yuvraj, no run

full and straight, Yuvraj defends back to the bowler

Mahmood to Yuvraj, no run

defended to point

end of over 271 run • 2 wickets
INDIA: 119/6CRR: 4.40 RRR: 0.30 • Need 7 runs from 23 overs
Harbhajan Singh0 (1)
Yuvraj Singh26 (56)
Jamie Dalrymple3-0-4-2
Sajid Mahmood7-0-24-0

India need just 7 more to finish this off - England need 4 more wickets - stay put

Dalrymple to Harbhajan, no run

tossed up and turning in, defended stretching well forward

Dalrymple to Raina, OUT

Dalrymple gets another one! bowled from round the stumps and close to the off stump line, Raina pushes forward to defend, ball clips the inside edge - crashes into the pad and rolls into the stumps, India are six down - is there a twist to this ending?

Suresh Raina b Dalrymple 0 (2m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Dalrymple to Raina, no run

defended on the front foot

Raina is the new batsman

Dalrymple to Dhoni, OUT

that's the end of that! another wild swing and this time the ball goes low towards midwicket, Collingwood dives forward and takes a fantastic low catch, Dhoni gave it everything but failed to get under the ball

MS Dhoni c Collingwood b Dalrymple 7 (37m 22b 0x4 0x6) SR: 31.81
Dalrymple to Dhoni, no run

tossed up on the stumps, Dhoni comes down the track in an attempt to hit it out of the park fails miserably

Dalrymple to Yuvraj, 1 run

punched off the back-foot to the cover region, easy single

Dalrymple to continue