1st Match, Group B (D/N), Centurion, Sep 22 2009, ICC Champions Trophy
(37.4/37.4 ov, target 262)206/7
Sri Lanka won by 55 runs (D/L method)
player of the match

Here's the presentation.

Smith: "We cannot make any excuses for being rusty. We've got some planning to do. It felt good coming back from an elbow surgery but as captain you have to look at the team."

Sangakkara: "The batting was excellent and it was Dilshan again. But we're still only 75-80% as far as our bowling and fielding is concerned. This game's gone. We've got a good start and start from square one for the next game."

Dilshan is the Man of the Match: "With Kumar we'd decided to bat 30-35 overs. Opening the innings has been the turning point for my batting."

That's it from us. Join us for Pakistan v West Indies tomorrow, in Jo'burg. Thanks for your company today. Cheers!

10.55: Alright folks it's official. Play has been called off. Sri Lanka win by 55 runs.

South Africa cannot blame the toss for this. They simply lost to a far superior team. They were also exposed by Mendis, a bowler they haven't seen too much of. His dismissal of Smith was the turning point. Let's not forget Angelo Mathews, who seems to feature in every other dismissal. The Sri Lankan batting looks very healthy, an improvement from last year when they lost 4-1 to India at home. The big difference between then and now is the form of Jayawardene.

They may have lost the Compaq Cup, but their performance today will send out warning signs to the rest.

South Africa have some work to do. But you can expect them to bounce back.

Marco: "South Africans have egg on their face after widely proclaiming to the media the past few days that they are the team to beat and that their time has come in this tournament. A big loss for the world's #1 team - bound to happen after ridiculous statements like those."

Bilal Mohideen, from Sri Lanka: "Trevor and Rob, I think you'll just have to accept the fact that SA was beaten by a better team. Appreciate how well SL played rather than depreciating SA. SL is after all the best fielding team in the tournament possessing not just the best spin attack but the number 1 ODI bowler as well. Oh..and not forgetting to mention that we have the most inform player in the game at the moment in Dilshan!"

10.15: Still raining, but not pelting down as before. But it still isn't good news, if you're looking forward to some more cricket. The cut off is 10.45, which is half an hour away. If there's no further play, Sri Lanka win by 55 runs.

Just scanning some of your mails, lot of you have slammed Smith's decision at the toss. Perhaps he was afraid of the dew.

9.55pm: Still looks pretty bad. You can take some time out to check out Page 2. Read why the Champions Trophy is the

target="new">best cricket tournament of all time. Ever.

Back to the mails. Here's Trevor Chesterfield again: "Have to agree with Rob. South Africa were decidedly underdone - mentally and physically; they lacked urgency and sharpness in the field where they have performed; the bowlers generally didn't find the right length, Parnell especially, and Rob Petersen for Botha? Not too sure on that one. But it is a serious wake up for the team. They needed a couple of games at least. Don't forget that Sri Lanka have come off almost 10 weeks of 5 Tests and a host of ODIs and other slogs. Always an advantage. This will be their first win at Centurion."

9.35pm The players go off the field for rain. The covers are on. Sri Lanka are way ahead at this stage so if there's no further play, they will be declared winners. But for now, we have to wait and watch.

The par score at this stage, 37.4 overs, is 261. This competition doesn't have a bonus point system.

The scene doesn't look too good. Looks like it will take a while. Stay online for updates.

Rob: "South Africa have been hammered in this match. Their fielding was lazy, they bowled pooly, and their batting was even worse. They need to make some changes. First of all, Ntini should replace Parnell. He is South Africa's most experienced bowler and he deserves a chance. Robin Peterson should come in for Botha because he adds some stability to the batting line up, and hopefully Gibbs will be fit to replace Amla."

Malinga to Morkel, no run

stays back and tucks it back to the bowler

Getting heavier

Malinga to Morkel, 2 runs

fullish in length on the off stump and he drives to long-off

Starting to rain here

Malinga to Roelof, 1 run

short of a length and van der Merwe stays at the crease and clips it down to square leg

Malinga to Morkel, 1 run

aims for the blockhole outside off and Morkel creams it down the ground to long-off

end of over 374 runs
SA: 202/7CRR: 5.45 RRR: 9.08 • Need 118 runs from 13 overs
Roelof van der Merwe2 (3)
Albie Morkel26 (29)
Ajantha Mendis7-0-30-3
Lasith Malinga7-0-39-2
Mendis to Roelof, no run

gets beside the line and pushes it towards point

Mendis to Roelof, 2 runs

drops it short, waits for it to turn in before clubbing it wide of midwicket

Mendis to Roelof, no run

very slow through the air, the off cutter, he gets forward and defends

Mendis to Morkel, 1 run
Mendis to Morkel, 1 wide

strays down the leg side and wide called

Mendis to Morkel, no run

plays all around it, the ball clips his pads and rolls away

Mendis to Morkel, no run

full toss and Morkel fails to put it away

van der Merwe has come in, this will be entertaining