9th Match Group A, Cardiff, Jun 9 2017, ICC Champions Trophy
(47.2/50 ov, target 266)268/5
Bangladesh won by 5 wickets (with 16 balls remaining)
player of the match
Shakib Al Hasan

7.50pm The tournament has sprung to life with Pakistan toppling SA, SL toppling India, and Bangladesh knocking out New Zealand. Bangladesh, though, will be knocked out if Australia beat England. Bangladesh could sneak in if it's a washout tomorrow (by virtue of more wins). Today was fun. Hope you enjoyed the coverage as much as we did bringing it to you. I will leave you with some magic from Isam and Sid Monga: Red sun rising. Until next time, goodbye and good night from myself, Varun, and Raghav.

7.30pm Unbridled joy for Bangladesh, agony for New Zealand. The camera pans out to the victorious captain - Mashrafe repeatedly punches the air in delight. Mashrafe, now Bangladesh's captain, was 21 years old when Bangladesh toppled Australia in Cardiff 12 years ago. Ashraful was the architect of that epic win. Shakib and Mahmudullah now. Bangladesh's players take a lap of honour and acknowledge their fans. Great scenes in Cardiff!

What makes this sweeter is that they have won it from the depths of 33 for 4. Their big gun Tamim was swung out for a duck. Sarkar, Sabbir, and Mushfiq, the birthday boy, also departed cheaply. Mahmudullah and Shakib then responded with a massive 224-run stand - the highest ever for any wicket for Bangladesh in ODI cricket. Shakib was bowled with his side nine away from victory, but Mossadek, who had stifled New Zealand with three wickets in the slog overs in the first innings, sealed the deal.

Mashrafe: It is a great feeling. Both times I have been here. I still remember 2005 against Australia and now against New Zealand. Overall, we are very much satisfied. First match we were not up to the mark with the ball. Today, the bowlers hit the right areas. Mosaddek's three wickets was crucial. Neesham and Corey got out to him in New Zealand. Once the left-hander came, I went to the offspinner. The way Shakib and Mahmudullah batted was out of the world for me. We had the confidence once we beat New Zealand in Ireland. We are feeling great right now.

Williamson: To be fair, we thought that was a scrappy total to get. The boys were outstanding with the new ball, but saying that it was a long way away from a perfect performance. The partnership under Shakib and Mahmudullah under pressure was outstanding. 285-290 would have been a par total. Bangladesh now have a chance to make the semi-final.

Mahmudullah: I think the best part was we did not talk too much. We were just batting and just wanted to be positive. Early on it was swinging. Once it stopped swinging, it was easier to bat on. I think Tamim batted superbly in his tournament. Losing him early on was a bit of a shock. Shakib and me just wanted to hit the gaps and put the bad balls away.

Shakib, Man of the Match: As Mahmudullah said we did not talk. We did not want to chase that down. We just wanted to bat 40 overs and see where we were. Winning a match in a ICC tournament in a big thing. From hereon, we can only go forward.

Ben: "Just imagine the scenes in Dhaka and Chittagong..."

gautam: "the fact that no one has called this win against the world cup finalists an 'upset' yet shows how much bangladesh has evolved"

Aquil: "Two icebergs finally sink the BLACK CAPS titanic"

giri: "That partnership reminded me of yuvi/kaif in natwest final. Well done Bangladesh. Well deserved"

Milne to Mosaddek, FOUR runs

Bangladesh have done it! They have done it again in Cardiff! They have KO'd NZ this time. Full and outside off, reaches out with his hands and flashes it in the gap between slip and gully. Yes, the man who set it up closes it out. How fitting! Mosaddek roars after the famous win. Mahmudullah has his hands aloft in utter delight

Milne to Mosaddek, no run

back of a length and outside off, guided to gully

end of over 4715 runs • 1 wicket
BDESH: 264/5CRR: 5.61 RRR: 0.67 • Need 2 runs from 18b
Mahmudullah102 (107)
Mosaddek Hossain3 (2)
Trent Boult10-0-48-1
Adam Milne9-0-54-1
Boult to Mahmudullah, FOUR runs

Mahmudullah raises his hundred with a boundary. This almost cleared the long boundary. He celebrates the milestone with the sajdah. Not sure how I can describe this gesture. He points to his bat repeatedly and looks at the dressing room. Back of a length on the leg stump, launched over square leg

Mahmudullah two shy of three figures

Boult to Mosaddek, 1 run

length and angled across off, steered straight to third man. Just one

Boult to Mosaddek, 2 runs

full-toss, angling away outside off, carves it to the right of deep third man for two

Here is Mosaddek. Can the man who set it up sew it up for Bangladesh?

Boult to Shakib, OUT

Shakib swings... and misses. The stumps are rattled but Bangladesh are all but home. Full on off and middle, he backs away outside leg, looks to smack it away but loses his shape and his off stump. The record 224-run stand is over. Crumbs of consolation for NZ

Shakib Al Hasan b Boult 114 (184m 115b 11x4 1x6) SR: 99.13
Boult to Shakib, FOUR runs

Shakib steps away outside leg again, Boult does not chase him now. Instead puts it short and wide outside off. This is flat-batted fiercely through the covers

Boult to Shakib, FOUR runs

Shakib backs away outside leg, the bowler follows him. Shakib belts it towards the sightscreen. What a shot

17 needed off 24 balls

end of over 469 runs
BDESH: 249/4CRR: 5.41 RRR: 4.25 • Need 17 runs from 24b
Shakib Al Hasan106 (112)
Mahmudullah98 (106)
Adam Milne9-0-54-1
Trent Boult9-0-33-0
Milne to Shakib, 1 run

full on off, drilled to mid-off for one more

Milne to Shakib, SIX runs

There it is! A famous hundred for Shakib Al Hasan. Hundred under pressure. Banged in short on leg stump, chest-high ball, he just helps it over fine on the leg side. It goes all the way. Fitting way to raise the milestone

Chants of "one more run! one more run"! rings around Cardiff

Milne to Mahmudullah, 1 leg bye

full and angled in on leg, tickled away fine. Mahmudullah hunts for two but Shakib sends him back. Given as leg bye

Milne to Mahmudullah, no run

short and wide outside off, flayed straight to backward point

The field has been whisked in

Milne to Shakib, 1 run

full and outside off, opens the face, taps it to point. Shakib moves onto 99

Siddharth: "One of the rare partnerships I've seen where both the batsmen are dominating the bowling equally well. There is no one batsman outplaying the other..There is no one batsman playing a second fiddle to the other. Brilliant by these two. Brilliant by Bangladesh"

Milne to Shakib, no run

full on the stumps, not a yorker, played back to the bowler

Nayeem: "This man Mahmudullah always plays well in crunch games, always a dependable batsman for Bangladesh, yet he sometimes finds his place in the team in jeopardy, recently he lost his place from the test team, what a pity for him! " --- Williamson slowing things down. Taking time to set his fields. Milne runs in from around the wicket. Loses his footing. Boos from the Bangladesh fans in Cardiff

end of over 458 runs
BDESH: 240/4CRR: 5.33 RRR: 5.20 • Need 26 runs from 30b
Shakib Al Hasan98 (108)
Mahmudullah98 (104)
Trent Boult9-0-33-0
James Neesham4-0-30-0

Aimee: "What an amazing Birthday gift by these two for Mushfiqur :)"

Boult to Shakib, 1 run

short and outside off, short-armed away to deep square leg

Boult to Shakib, no run

short and really wide outside off. Shakib throws his bat at the ball... and misses

Boult to Shakib, no run

Shakib steps away outside leg again, this is short and hurled at his head, sails over it and the hook

Boult to Shakib, FOUR runs

Shakib steps away outside leg, this is pretty full at off, full enough for Shakib to get under it and launch it over mid-off who is inside the circle. Quality shot. Quality innings

Boult to Mahmudullah, 1 run

slower ball around off, dabbed wide of backward point

Boult to Mahmudullah, 1 wide

very full and slanted down leg, another wide

Boult to Shakib, 1 run

Shakib steps away outside leg, the bowler follows him, swatted to deep square. Raises the 200 stand. First ever for Bangladesh in ODI cricket. The fans cheer Mahmudullah and Shakib on

Boult. Last fling of the dice for Williamson?