39th Match, Group B, Dhaka, Mar 19 2011, ICC Cricket World Cup
(28/50 ov, target 285)78
South Africa won by 206 runs
Player Of The Match
end of over 284 runs • 1 wicket
BDESH: 78/10CRR: 2.78 RRR: 9.40
Rubel Hossain8 (9)
Robin Peterson 7-3-12-4
Imran Tahir 5-0-20-1

Cricinfo's South African correspondent Firdose Moonda writes in her plays of day: "It was only the 8th over of the Bangladesh chase but at 21 for 4, the dream was crashing fast. Lonwabo Tsotsobe had exposed too many weaknesses and what lay before the fans, a raw batting line-up, was too painful for them to see. Rows of seats became empty and dozens of people were making their way to the exit. The dream was dying and they weren't hanging around to see it splutter and struggle its way to the inevitable end."

Please do wait for the quotes from the post-match ceremony.

Shakib: "We missed a big opportunity in this World Cup. We thought we will qualify for the next round but we haven't played good cricket in this tournament. We haven't finished this tournament in the way we wanted. It can happen in cricket. We need to look back and see what we have done wrong. The crowd supported us today; the wicket wasn't bad, they batted brilliantly." And Shakib says, "Sorry" to the fans when Manjrekar asks him if he has anything to say to the crowd.

Smith: "We gave few guys extra two days to rest it was exciting to see the new guys coming in and doing so well. Lopsy (Lonwabo) has been terrific for us. We just have named the team depending on the opposition we play. It was difficult to leave him out. Robbie (Petersen) has been playing really well for a while now. he is coming on to his own now. The bowling unit is bowling really well. We got to take a step at a time and with a bit of luck we shall get there (world cup)

Man of the match Lopsy (Lonwabo Tsotsobe):: "I have been picking up wickets with the new ball. Its a team game. There are 15 good guys in the team. I have supported whenever some one else has played. I have played in Bangladesh before; I came in with the A side last year. "

That's it from us. Good bye and good luck.

Peterson to Md Naeem, OUT

Castled! The implosion is complete. A sorry end to their campaign . It was the quicker one that skidded on towards the middle, the batsman went for the cut shot but missed. They collapsed against West Indies, came back to pull off a thriller against England but have surrendered very meekly here. That's that. This is their lowest score against South Africa. Who will be the fall guy for this campaign? Jamie Siddons? Shakib's captaincy? The corridors of power are going to be abuzz in the days to come.

Naeem Islam b Peterson 8 (24m 20b 1x4 0x6) SR: 40
Peterson to Md Naeem, no run

leans well forward to defend it back down the track

Peterson to Md Naeem, FOUR runs

goes back to force it to the left of mid-off and past Lonwabo

Peterson to Md Naeem, no run

on the leg and middle line, tapped back to the bowler

Peterson to Md Naeem, no run

full and on the middle, turned past short -leg

Peterson to Md Naeem, no run

leans well forward to defend to the off

end of over 278 runs
BDESH: 74/9CRR: 2.74 RRR: 9.17
Rubel Hossain8 (9)
Naeem Islam4 (14)
Imran Tahir 5-0-20-1
Robin Peterson 6-3-8-3
Tahir to Rubel, no run

slightly short in length, cut to point

Tahir to Rubel, no run

gets forward to stab this to the on side

Tahir to Rubel, FOUR runs

flighted on the middle, lofted over the bowler

Tahir to Md Naeem, 1 run

presses back to clip it past square-leg

Tahir to Md Naeem, 1 wide

flighted full outside leg, left alone and it turns back in and the keeper collects

Tahir to Md Naeem, 2 runs

on the middle stump line, turned to fine-leg region

Tahir to Md Naeem, no run

leans well forward to defend

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