2nd Quarter-Final (D/N), Melbourne, Mar 19 2015, ICC Cricket World Cup
(45/50 ov, target 303)193
India won by 109 runs
player of the match
end of over 451 run • 2 wickets
BDESH: 193/10CRR: 4.28 RRR: 22.00 • Need 110 runs from 30b
Taskin Ahmed0 (0)
Umesh Yadav9-1-31-4
Mohit Sharma7-0-36-1

That's about all we have from the G tonight, India will hope to be back here on March 29 but for that they'll either have to take on the might of Australia or the mercurial Pakistan. Bangladesh have made a terrific show of themselves and even today they were in the game for the first 35 overs. Thanks for your company, we hope to see the lot of you tomorrow for the third quarter-final from Adelaide. Until then, this is Alagappan Muthu fading to black

"It has been good, we can't shy away from the fact that we are playing some good cricket. But at the same time a month back we were struggling," says Dhoni. A lot of credit needs to go to the boys and the support staff. The good thing is not many players form our side are in the top run-scorers list, but the batting has performed. That was an area we wanted to improve [bowling teams out] Even in New Zealand and South Africa, we were struggling with that, but now we are doing much better. It's difficult to pin point how it changed. Just like a batsman out of form gets back into form, cricket has a lot of abstracts, but we need to do a lot of the small things right. Put in the intensity and hope it all turns out. [The catch] Fluke happens. It was an important catch, a decent partnership was going and I just dived. I thought it was a bit away from me, I dived and the ball came and sat in my hands. [300-plus scores] A lot of it is because of the fifth fielder being inside and the T20 influence and with teams keeping wickets in hand, it helps. If the wicket is dry, some reverse swing happens. But if it's a flat wicket, 300 is something most teams will score"

"Could have been, we'd like to bat first as well, But can't control that. At that time, Rubel and Shakib were bowling well, but we couldn't get through. 300 is difficult to chase, but 280 could have been better. I think, except today, they should be happy. Most of our players are just starting their careers and they should be very happy with their efforts and the fans should be happy as well," Mashrafe says, "I hope, the way we are performing at the moment, we don't have the experience yet, but once we go back home, we know how to play and hopefully this year is exciting for us. Thanks to all the supporters for coming to all the games"

Rohit Sharma is the Man of the Match "I think it will be right up there, it was an important situation where the team needed it the most. I was determined, I wanted to bat as long as possible and put the team into a good situation and the bowlers did a fantastic job. Batting at the top of the order, its important to get big hundreds and I wand to make the most of it when I go out to bat and I'm happy with the way it turned out. We played as a team. Bowlers are taking wicket,s batsmen are scoring runs, we just need to take this momentum into the semis. We've talked a lot about momentum and how big a part it plays in big tournaments. We have two more games to go. I didn't hear that [said pointing to the crowd as they roar] We just need to do what we're doing, we're creating big partnerships with the bat and the bowlers are working in tandem as well"

10.20 pm Seven matches, seven teams, seventy wickets. India's bowlers have been phenomenal in the World Cup and their march into the semi-finals has been largely unobstructed. Mohammed Shami, Umesh Yadav and Mohit Sharma hustled Bangladesh with some zip. The kept the ball largely at the stumps, cramped the batsmen for room and stifled them so well. R Ashwin's control of flight was impressive, and the pressure simply kept increasing. No one has ever chased 300 down at the MCG and you'd argue that Rohit Sharma, with a hugely composed 137, and Suresh Raina, with a rapid 65, were the architects of this win

siv: "Choose the best answer: Q: How to stop India to in getting all the 10 Wickets? A: Retired hurt? B: Declare"

Naresh: " missed out the rained-out option."

Greg: "@siv C: Get them to bowl to Australia"

Balvinder Singh: "Heading for Ind vs Pak .............semi-final?......."

Amod: "Good win. but in that sticky period in the Indian innings .. those two iffy decisions made a big difference! Raina'a LBW and Rohit's catch of a no-ball. How many runs were added after that? and did that break Bangla momentum? Another day could have been a different story..."

Malik: "India restriced Bangladesh to the same score which Bangladesh restricted India in 2007 WC. Then India was knocked out now Bangladesh" ---- Close, that was 191

Nandu: "Another one sided QF comes to an end hope tomorrow we see some competitive cricket"

Kiran: "The World cup has gone according to expectation so far, with India and SA both into Semis. Time for the hosts nations to their bit. This will set us up for some mouth watering match ups."

Yadav to Sabbir, OUT

nearly popped out, but the second grab does it. India are into the semi-finals with the 100th win under MS Dhoni. Had to be a short ball to sign things off and the top-edged pull flies to long leg. The fielder got under it, but might have been a touch nervous. Hard hands meant he nearly spilled it, but he was alert enough to grab the rebound

Sabbir Rahman c Mohammed Shami b Yadav 30 (68m 40b 2x4 0x6) SR: 75
Yadav to Sabbir, no run

he's been good on the pull, strikes it to deep square leg and denies the single

Yadav to Rubel, OUT

short ball consumes Rubel as Kohli shakes his head, almost sadly. Too quick for him, too straight for him to free the arms and the top edge is safely pouched at square leg

Rubel Hossain c Ashwin b Yadav 0 (2m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Yadav to Rubel, no run

short on off stump, Rubel looks to clear his front leg and swipe. But it comes onto him too quickly. Gets the splice of the bat towards mid-off

Rubel is in, and he has a crowd of India fielders in his ears

Yadav to Rubel, no run
Yadav to Sabbir, 1 run

happy to pull a short ball on middle to deep square leg. Powerfully struck, and nearly carries to the fielder there. Dhawan again

Sharda from the ground says the atmosphere has suddenly gone out of the match… the Indian fans are cheering and there is noise and drums, but the general vibrancy has been leached. The bottom tier of the stand is also emptying out. It was fully packed when the bangladeshis came in to bat

end of over 443 runs • 1 wicket
BDESH: 192/8CRR: 4.36 RRR: 18.50 • Need 111 runs from 36b
Sabbir Rahman29 (37)
Mohit Sharma7-0-36-1
Ravindra Jadeja8-0-42-2
Sharma to Mortaza, OUT

they've got another, Dhoni's got another! It was full and a shade outside off, Mashrafe hurts himself by staying put outside leg stump and poking at the ball. It almost runs off the face to the keeper

Mashrafe Mortaza c †Dhoni b Sharma 1 (4m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
Sharma to Mortaza, no run

shortish on off stump, sliced to point. A bit timidly actually since he was running away to the leg side

Sharma to Sabbir, 1 run

this was short, and fast. Sabbir had pressed forward, then shifted his weight back and nails a pull to deep midwicket

Sharma to Sabbir, no run

races down the track, but Sabbir is fooled by the slower ball. Excellent bowling from Mohit. Saw the batsman was itching to go and robbed him of the pace he wanted

Sharma to Mortaza, 1 run

shortish on middle and leg, dabbed into the off side for a quick single as Jaddu nails a direct hit

Sharma to Sabbir, 1 run

mistimes a pull off the short ball, and it travels much of the 30-yard circle in the air. But there isn't anyone anywhere near it

Mashrafe Mortaza is the next man in, looks rather disconsolate. But it's Sabbir on strike now

end of over 4310 runs • 1 wicket
BDESH: 189/7CRR: 4.39 RRR: 16.29 • Need 114 runs from 42b
Sabbir Rahman27 (34)
Ravindra Jadeja8-0-42-2
Mohit Sharma6-0-33-0
Jadeja to Nasir, OUT

loops the ball up to tempt the drive, out it comes but Nasir has failed to keep it down. Nor did he place it. Picks out Ashwin at short cover. Time for the tail, time for some fun

Nasir Hossain c Ashwin b Jadeja 35 (29m 34b 6x4 0x6) SR: 102.94
Jadeja to Nasir, FOUR runs

reaches as far as he could and unleashes a full swing of his arms, the slog sweep to the length ball clatters into the midwicket boundary

Jadeja to Nasir, FOUR runs

down the track, but he's beaten in the flight. Manages a thick outside edge that leaps away to the third man boundary

Jadeja to Nasir, no run
Jadeja to Sabbir, 1 bye

goes for a reverse sweep, but the ploy doesn't work. Can;t get to the pitch of it and the ball turns away - though not as far as Dhoni thinks and he is beaten too

Jadeja to Nasir, 1 run

a bit too much flight there and he drives a full toss through the covers

Venky: "Salute to BanglaDesh as they seem to be fighting till the end and has earned the respect of many people with this performance!"