2nd Semi-final, Birmingham, Jul 11 2019, ICC Cricket World Cup
(32.1/50 ov, target 224)226/2
England won by 8 wickets (with 107 balls remaining)
player of the match

5.40pm: After 47 games in the 2019 World Cup, there's the small matter of one more at Lord's on Sunday. It's a game that will be shown free-to-air in the UK, too, live on Channel 4 [everyone at the ECB breathes a huge sigh of relief]. It's coming home - well, it's coming to the Home of Cricket, at least. Can England complete the job and lift their first World Cup, or will it be the Blackcaps breaking English hearts along with their own duck? Either way, you can follow it all with us. For now, it's goodbye from myself and Deiva, as well as Miller and Al on the Live Report. Thanks for getting involved. Cheerio!

5.25pm: Time for the captains, starting with Aaron Finch: "Totally outplayed today, the way they had us 27 for 3 after ten set the tone. You expect the new ball to come on on any surface, they bowled a great length. Still a lot of positives to take out of the World Cup campaign, we've come a long way since the last time we were in England. You always want to win, you come thinking you can win, but there have been positives, even the last six months, lot of backs to the wall and a lot of character on show. But it still hurts. [England start with bat] We tried to change it up, looking for wicket-taking options. They played exceptionally well, we know how dynamic, dominating they are. One of those days, we didn't execute as we could have and you get hurt by a good team. [Loss to SA meant Edgbaston semi] You've got to beat everyone, so can't read too much into that. We came here with a couple injuries but that's not an excuse. Came wanting to win but it wasn't to be."

England captain Eoin Morgan: "Absolutely delighted. We'd like to thank the fans, unbelievable support, Edgbaston has been very kind to us and no doubt people at home, too. To be honest, having beaten India at this ground, we'd have come here with similar confidence, taken the momentum from the group stages. We talk about getting better and better, we set the tone from ball one and got on top. [Woakes?] Extremely happy, he's a cool customer, goes about his business day in day out exceptionally he's one of the best in the first ten overs, him and Jofra were outstanding and the guys backed that up, which allowed us to stay on top. [Roy innings] Him and Jonny at the top are quite imposing. They are in the form of their life, if they can get themselves in great, it sets the tone for us. [Last WC final appearance] I was six, I don't remember much, seen the highlights so we watch it a lot. [Lord's on Sunday] It's an opportunity, a huge one at that. Looking back to where we were in 2015, it's a dramatic improvement. Everyone in the dressing room can take credit. We want to make the most of the opportunity."

5.15pm: We are going to see a new name on cup... Australia's reign is over, defeated in a World Cup semi-final for the first time. New Zealand await, but England will celebrate for now - in fact there are fireworks going off at Edgbaston. I wonder if they would have been used for an Australia win? It's actually started chucking it down, but nothing can rain on England's parade; they've won a World Cup knockout game for the first time since 1992, the tournament which also marked their last appearance in the final.

Chris Woakes is named Man of the Match: "Pretty speechless actually, incredible performance from the team, starting with the bowling and the way the guys finished that off was outstanding. There were some nerves around, a few anxious people in the dressing room - that's natural in the semi-finals of a major tournament. The way we produced the goods showed how good we are and how we perform as a team. [First ball hit for four?] I just got my length wrong, got a little bit full and a world-class player like Warner is going to put it away. Got my length right and felt good after that. [Important to get early wickets?] Yeah, I don't think it was a bad wicket by any means and when you get wickets at the top they have to rebuild, and we kept the pressure on. We got off to a flyer chasing a relatively small total and that's probably the difference. [Criticism after Lord's Australia defeat] We try not to look at what people are saying, could have bowled fuller at Lord's, but we've had momentum from playing two good games against India and New Zealand and carried it on today. [First final since 1992] It probably hasn't sunk in, to win in the fashion we have against Australia on the best ground in the world is incredible and really looking forward to Sunday."

Behrendorff to Morgan, FOUR runs

short and heaved over mid-on, England are in the World Cup final! Root and Morgan embrace, they've completed an eight-wicket demolition at Edgbaston

end of over 326 runs
ENG: 222/2CRR: 6.93 RRR: 0.11 • Need 2 runs from 18 overs
Joe Root49 (46)
Eoin Morgan41 (38)
Mitchell Starc9-0-70-1
Jason Behrendorff8-2-34-0
Starc to Root, no run

short outside off and Root lashes a cut, brilliantly cut off on the dive by Glenn Maxwell! Full marks for effort, there

WATCH on Hotstar (India only): Jason Roy smashed an entertaining 65-ball 85

"Five England Batsmen have scored centuries and four of their bowlers are into double figures plus Ben Stokes - Is this a triumph of depth of talent?" wonders Steve. Well, that and the fact they've been No1 in the world for a while. But they haven't won anything (other than a semi-final) yet

Starc to Root, no run

length outside off, 146kph/91mph and Root eases it to cover on the drive

Starc to Morgan, 1 run

full outside off, bunted into the covers

Starc to Root, 1 run

short and pulled... The crowd giving it the big'un but there's a man out there

Starc to Root, FOUR runs

slapped on the up through point for four! Root whistles a square drive to the fence... Almost time to start the car

Starc to Root, no run

shortish and tapped down square on the off side

Mitchell Starc returns

"Absolutely stunned, and overjoyed by this," weeps Woody. "Out of interest, what is the win percentage indicated now? Surely it must be 100%?!" It will be in just a few balls' time

end of over 316 runs
ENG: 216/2CRR: 6.96 RRR: 0.42 • Need 8 runs from 19 overs
Joe Root44 (41)
Eoin Morgan40 (37)
Jason Behrendorff8-2-34-0
Nathan Lyon5-0-49-0
Behrendorff to Root, 1 run

full toss helped away off leg stump for one

Behrendorff to Root, no run

full, dug out on off stump, Root looking for the quick single but Morgan declines

Behrendorff to Root, FOUR runs

short ball, tennis-ball bounce and fetched from outside off stump, that'll race into the untended acres at midwicket for four more

"What is the win percentage right now?" I think it's officially Come Hell or High Water, Ashim

Behrendorff to Root, no run

another slow cutter from Behrendorff, defended calmly propping on to the front foot

Behrendorff to Root, no run

angled across, tapped down into the covers

Behrendorff to Root, 1 wide

slower ball down the leg side

Richard Powell: "Double up at 30? Be afraid Black Caps, be very afraid..." Though sadly they don't get to carry this score over into the final (and who would dare write off NZ after what they did the other day)

Behrendorff to Root, no run

back of a length and steered towards point