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43rd Match, Pune, November 11, 2023, ICC Cricket World Cup
(44.4/50 ov, T:307) 307/2

Australia won by 8 wickets (with 32 balls remaining)

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177* (132)
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6:25pm And that is a wrap for this game. We hope you loved our coverage just as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. There is plenty of World Cup action still going on, with Pakistan tasked with chasing 338 against England. Do hop over to that contest too. Until next time, this is goodbye from me (Shashwat), Alex, Chandan and everyone else at ESPNcricinfo. Take care, folks!

Pat Cummins, Australia captain: It was great. Great win leading to the semis, chasing a good total. We were not at our sharpest in the first innings. it was a really good wicket. We brought it back to a total that we could chase, not too upset with it. (On selection headaches for the semi-final) Good problems to have. All 15 have played this tournament now and I feel we can pick any one of them. (On Marsh's innings) Outstanding. I thought it was impressive the way he finished off the innings. The tempo that he played at was sustainable and he is a scary prospect to have in the next week. Seven games in a row, even when we were not at our best in some of those games, we came away with a win. Chasing 300-plus was something we did not do earlier. Feels like everything is clicking together.

Najmul Hossain Shanto, Bangladesh captain: (Where things went wrong today) I think for me the two run outs were crucial. The way we started was good but after the two run outs, we lost momentum. If we score 340-350, it could have been different. We did not bowl well in the middle overs (the spinners especially). The fast bowlers bowled well. We need to improve in the middle overs. We did not play our best at the World Cup as a team, in both bowing and batting. Want to look at what we can do better moving forward. Mahmudullah batted really well in the World Cup. Shakib bowled really well in a couple of matches. It is not about individual performances. We will look back at all nine matches and see where we have to improve as a team.

Mitchell Marsh, Player of the Match: It feels great. Obviously nice to chase this total down. Now, onto the semis. (On shifting down to No.3) I sort of knew that when Head came back in, I would go down to 3. Important to play with the same intent, back myself. There were a few games where I lost my intent but good to get it back. You will fail some times but important to get it right more times. (On his family back home) I am sure my Nana and Mum and everyone will be watching at home, and hopefully they will have a smile on their faces. My grandfather was a great man and we celebrated his life. Nice to be able to perform (for them) and nice to get the win. (On the semi-finals) Can't wait, mate. It is going to be a ripper. The four best teams are playing in the semis and I cannot wait to get to Kolkata. (On his bowling) Not every day that you get POTM after you concede 50 in four overs (laughs). Started off with -50 when I began batting (smiles). But good to get stuck in.

Srihari: "Marsh's innings reminds me of a certain Watto innings against Bang too" -- Till Tuesday, that was, in fact, the highest individual score by an Australia men's batter in ODI cricket

6:05pm A clinical Australian run-chase to wrap up their group-stage campaign. They did encounter an early blip, with Head departing well inside the powerplay. Marsh and Warner, though, ensured that that was all the joy the Bangladesh bowlers found at the start. They hit boundaries regularly and rotated strike nicely, putting the bowlers under pressure throughout their partnership. Warner perished after getting to a half-century but Marsh carried on, registering his second ton this World Cup. He finished with an unbeaten 177, laced with 17 fours and nine sixes.

Smith, who missed Australia's last game, also got going, picking up his second fifty of this World Cup and looking largely untroubled. He did not get in on the boundary-hitting act as much, but kept things ticking with singles and doubles.

It was a fairly accomplished run-chase overall, and one that will inject even more belief into this Australian camp, especially ahead of a semi-final clash with South Africa.

As for Bangladesh, well, they did get a wicket inside the powerplay, which was a welcome change, considering they have struggled during that phase. Post that, though, they simply lacked penetration. Their lines and lengths were also not great and they were not able to build any sort of scoreboard pressure, despite having more than 300 runs on the board. Today's display perhaps sums up their campaign too. Promising in patches but just not consistent enough to win crucial moments.

Mustafizur to Smith, FOUR runs

Smith seals the deal! Australia make it seven wins in a row, and they have chased down 307 at an absolute canter! Right in the slot on middle and leg. Smith opens up his stance and smokes it over mid on. Australia do not quite go up to second, but this has been a thoroughly convincing display - one that will make their fellow semi-finalists sit up and take notice!

Mustafizur to Marsh, 1 run

dragged down on middle and leg. Marsh sits back in his crease and heaves it towards deep backward square leg

Mustafizur to Smith, 1 run

full outside off. Smith comes forward and punches it down the ground to long off

Mustafizur to Marsh, 1 run

full and wide outside off. Marsh times it superbly and the ball hurtles towards the sweeper at deep cover point

Mustafizur to Marsh, 1 wide

sprays this well down leg. Marsh swings and misses as the umpire indulges in some exercise

Mustafizur. Over the wicket

end of over 446 runs
AUS: 299/2CRR: 6.79 RRR: 1.33 • Need 8 runs from 36b
Steven Smith58 (62b 3x4 1x6)
Mitchell Marsh175 (130b 17x4 9x6)
Mahedi Hasan 9-0-38-0
Taskin Ahmed 10-0-61-1
Mahedi Hasan to Smith, 2 runs

floated up full way outside off. Smith throws the plumbing at it and slices it over backward point for a couple of runs

Mahedi Hasan to Marsh, 1 run

low full toss outside off. Marsh reaches out for it and drives it to deep cover point

Mahedi Hasan to Smith, 1 run

very round-arm and very short outside off. Smith goes back and cuts it to deep cover point

Mahedi Hasan to Marsh, 1 run

very full on middle and leg. Marsh drills it down the ground to long off

Mahedi Hasan to Marsh, no run

fired into the blockhole well outside off. Sneaks just inside the tramlines, though, as Marsh lets it go

Mahedi Hasan to Smith, 1 run

full at the stumps. Driven down the ground to long on

Just 14 needed now. Australia might look to wrap this up in the next couple of overs or so. Here is Mahedi, who has been Bangladesh's most economical bowler today

end of over 439 runs
AUS: 293/2CRR: 6.81 RRR: 2.00 • Need 14 runs from 42b
Steven Smith54 (59b 3x4 1x6)
Mitchell Marsh173 (127b 17x4 9x6)
Taskin Ahmed 10-0-61-1
Mustafizur Rahman 9-1-68-1
Taskin to Smith, 1 run

full toss outside off. Eased out to deep cover point

Pawan: "Everything Marsh touching is going for a boundary."

Taskin to Marsh, 1 run

low full toss on off. Marsh clears his front leg and powers it down the ground to long off

Taskin to Marsh, SIX runs

ninth six for Marsh! In the slot on middle and leg, and guess what happens to those - they go miles. Marsh picks the slower one too and whacks it over deep mid wicket!

Taskin to Marsh, no run

falls just short! Full and way outside off. Marsh throws his hands at it and gets an under-edge. Luckily for him, it lands in front of the keeper

Taskin to Marsh, no run

very full just outside off. Marsh digs it out towards extra cover

Taskin to Smith, 1 run

slow and short outside off. Smith waits an eternity for it before swiping it to deep mid wicket

Saifi: "Smith should have played a bit slower to allow Marsh to go for his double ton" -- Reckon Australia and Marsh will be pleased with wrapping up this run-chase as quickly as possible...

end of over 4214 runs
AUS: 284/2CRR: 6.76 RRR: 2.87 • Need 23 runs from 48b
Steven Smith52 (57b 3x4 1x6)
Mitchell Marsh166 (123b 17x4 8x6)
Mustafizur Rahman 9-1-68-1
Taskin Ahmed 9-0-52-1
Mustafizur to Smith, 1 run

back of a length on middle and leg. Smith tucks it off his hips towards deep mid wicket

Mustafizur to Marsh, 1 run

short on middle and leg. Marsh hangs back and swings it away towards deep backward square leg

Mustafizur to Marsh, SIX runs

gets just enough on it! Another cutter but this lands in Marsh's arc. He is deceived by the lack of pace, though, and reaches out for it. Clinks off the toe-end but Marsh somehow muscles it over Shanto at long off!

Win Probability
AUS 100%
100%50%100%BAN InningsAUS Innings

Over 45 • AUS 307/2

Australia won by 8 wickets (with 32 balls remaining)
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