3rd Match, First Round Group A, Abu Dhabi, Oct 18 2021, ICC Men's T20 World Cup
(15.1/20 ov)107/3
Ireland won by 7 wickets (with 29 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match

2.10pm: Time for a word from the captains, starting with Pieter Seelaar: "Obviously not the best Powerplay, although the wicket wasn't the flattest, and then one freak over changed the whole game around. [O'Dowd] He looked very good, and we showed a bit of fight. Defending 105 isn't going to be enough. Some balls kept a bit low, if we'd got to 150-160 it could have been a good game but if you lose four in one over you're always struggling. Can't dwell on it, Namibia in a day's time so we have to regroup quickly, turn around and win the next one."

And Ireland's Andy Balbirnie: "We mentioned before the game that they've had one over on us in T20 cricket, so to lose the toss, bowl first and put in that performance was really satisfying. To chase it comfortably, we're delighted. [Bowling plans] Just accuracy, slow wicket, not too much sideways movement, just attack the stumps as much as possible. Obviously Curtis' four-wicket over he did exactly that. We've had a slow but good build-up, I think we're peaking at the right time. [Chase?] Really good, Paul set up shop and saw us home, Gareth played the innings we wanted, coming in and hitting it from ball one. Kevin played well up top and got us that 20-30 we needed to settle the nerves. A comprehensive win, so we're delighted."

Right, that'll do us for today. Deiva's match report will be in shortly, and then you'll want to head over for all the build-up to Sri Lanka vs Namibia - could we have another shock result in store? Let's hope it's a good one, either way. From myself, PDP and Thilak, it's TTFN. Bye!

2pm: That was pretty comprehensive. Ireland arguably came into this as the underdogs, given their record in T20I against Netherlands, but the youngsters fired and Andy Balbirnie's side have made the perfect start to Group A. The Dutch doubled over in the 10th over of their innings, losing 4 for 0 to Campher's skiddy mediums and never had enough on the board despite Max O'Dowd's 51. Ireland might have got the job done quicker, but Paul Stirling was intent on seeing the the innings through come what may, allowing Gareth Delany to do the bulk of the boundary-scoring on the way to a comfortable win

Curtis Campher, wouldn't you know it, is named Player of the Match: [First wicket review?] "I knew there was glove, I heard a sound. [Third wicket review?] I thought it was dead, definitely hitting leg stump. I didn't feel the best, coming back from injury, just kept trying to bang the length. First over didn't go as planned but Bal kept faith with me. Any day I don't bat is a good day but to knock off 10 runs when I walk in is nice."

Seelaar to Campher, 1 run

tossed up full on the stumps and nurdled to leg, that'll do it - Ireland win by seven wickets, with almost five overs to spare. Curtis Campher follows up his four-in-four-balls with the winning runs, decent day's work from him

Seelaar and van der Merwe have a chat, dragging this out a bit longer

end of over 159 runs
IRE: 106/3CRR: 7.06 RRR: 0.20 • Need 1 run from 30b
Paul Stirling30 (39)
Curtis Campher6 (6)
Logan van Beek 3-0-14-0
Roelof van der Merwe 4-0-35-0
van Beek to Stirling, FOUR runs

pumped down the ground! Stirling remembers what he's there for and unceremoniously bashes four back through mid-off. Only his second boundary of the innings, levels the scores

Stirling's strike rate dips below 70...

van Beek to Stirling, no run

another good-length ball, blocked on off stump

van Beek to Stirling, no run

length, 133kph/82mph, Stirling steps out early and taps it away

van Beek to Campher, 1 run

tucked into the leg side

van Beek to Campher, FOUR runs

short and pulled in front of deep square leg, Ackermann can't get around the rope to cut it off. Ireland raise three figures, they are almost there

van Beek to Campher, no run

full length on off, dug out back towards the bowler

Logan van Beek now, just 10 needed

end of over 142 runs
IRE: 97/3CRR: 6.92 RRR: 1.66 • Need 10 runs from 36b
Paul Stirling26 (36)
Curtis Campher1 (3)
Roelof van der Merwe 4-0-35-0
Pieter Seelaar 2-0-13-1
van der Merwe to Stirling, no run

floated up full and again Stirling is happy to tap it back

"Will Ireland symbolically try and get this within 13.5 overs…. Same as 7 years ago?" That would have been some sweet rewenge, Andrew. But Stirling's not in a hurry

van der Merwe to Stirling, no run

tossed up full on middle and leg, defended

van der Merwe to Stirling, no run

darted on the stumps, Stirling blocks

van der Merwe to Campher, 1 run

tough straighter, flighted delivery and Campher gets off the mark with a sweep

van der Merwe to Campher, no run

length ball on off, prodded away

van der Merwe to Stirling, 1 run

tossed up and stroked through the off side

Rockin' Roela is back

end of over 138 runs • 1 wicket
IRE: 95/3CRR: 7.30 RRR: 1.71 • Need 12 runs from 42b
Curtis Campher0 (1)
Paul Stirling25 (32)
Pieter Seelaar 2-0-13-1
Brandon Glover 3-0-21-1

"11.4 Delany passes 500 T20I runs." So he did, MW. He's looking in decent form

Seelaar to Campher, no run

lobbed up from round the wicket, prodded calmly to cover

Curtis Campher is out next, Ireland need 12 to win. Two hits?

Seelaar to Delany, OUT

bowled on the charge! Seelaar yorks Delany as he attempts to come down and finish this quickly... the ball skids into off stump but it's small consolation for the Netherlands captain, with the goose almost cooked

Gareth Delany b Seelaar 44 (35m 29b 5x4 2x6) SR: 151.72
Seelaar to Delany, SIX runs

boom goes the dynamite! Seelaar is attempting to turn the ball away from the right-hander, but can't avoid Delany's hitting arc. Gets low and mullers it over long-on for an 86m six

Seelaar to Delany, no run

bit more air, wide of off stump and Delany slaps to extra cover

Seelaar to Stirling, 1 run

full and straight at 94kph, nurdled to leg

Seelaar to Delany, 1 run

lobbed up outside off, swiped through the covers

Another over for Seelaar

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