10th Match, First Round Group B (N), Al Amerat, Oct 21 2021, ICC Men's T20 World Cup
(17/20 ov)123/2
Scotland won by 8 wickets (with 18 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
end of over 1713 runs
SCOT: 123/2CRR: 7.23 
Richie Berrington31 (21)
Matthew Cross26 (35)
Mohammad Nadeem 2-0-22-0
Bilal Khan 3-0-15-0

9.25pm So that's the end of that. Tomorrow is the big finale for Group A, Ireland and Namibia due to duke it out in the first game, Sri Lanka and Netherlands in the afternoon game with the same prize up for grabs that Scotland have just secured. It promises to be a humdinger. But from Miller, Debayan and Thilak, thanks and goodnight!

Chris dsouza: "Going to take a small sip of my remaining Chivas as mark of honour for my Scottish brethren's at their incredible feat "

Rahul: "All the talks about group B being feeble and suddenly 2 teams of little experience join the group alongside the likes of Afghanistan.!! Aah Cricket:D"

Zeeshan Maqsood: "It's a chance that we have lost, but we will come back ins'allah. We couldn't bat very well, and it was a short total, difficult to defend, too many short balls and not enough breakthroughs. Happy with the way the boys played but a few mistakes. Jatinder is in good nick and unfortunately he got run out, so pressure on the team. In the middle the batsmen didn't score enough runs which is where we fell short. I feel sorry we couldn't deliver, but we are confident our moment will come." They are off to Namibia for an ODI series next.

Kyle Coetzer: "It's a great feeling but congrats to Oman and Zeeshan for representing their game so well. But an opportunity for Scotland to test themselves against the best, the following back home is immense. A real togetherness among our squad, through thick and thin, just missed out on group stage last World Cup. The guys are in a great place and a well established outfit with bat, ball and in the field. As far as I'm aware this group we were just in was a mighty tough group so the next one will be tougher. We will go into every game full of hope and belief that we can win more games. Look for matchwinning contributions, as well as significant contributions. We'll find time to celebrate just a little bit..."

9.15pm So, the shake-down of the Groups is thus: Scotland join Afghanistan, India, New Zealand, Pakistan and AN Other, most likely Ireland or Namibia, in Group 2 of the main draw. Bangladesh join Australia, England, South Africa, West Indies and probably Sri Lanka in Group 1. Those shake-downs assume that Sri Lanka see off the Netherlands, which is no guarantee. Time for the presentations...

9.11pm So, that is the end of that for Group B. No need for Net Run-Rates in this one. Scotland waltz through with three wins out of three, Bangladesh take the second qualification spot ... andJosh Davey is player of the match for his three wickets.

"What a day for Scottish cricket, the boys are buzzing," he says. "We've got an early flight but there will be a few celebrations. A great occasion to showcase my skills, a bit of luck but will take that every day of the week. We've got the belief, a lot of bases covered, and T20 is about momentum, and we can take that on."

9.09 pm As emphatic a performance as it could have been. Oman will think back about what might have been, but on the day they just weren't good enough!

Nadeem to Berrington, SIX runs

there's the six they need! It's a length ball, and he seems to have pre-meditated a dismissive swat over midwicket. Superb exclamation mark to what has already been a fruitful campaign for the Scotsmen!

Just one blow away from topping their group

Nadeem to Berrington, FOUR runs

back of a length, and he takes it from middle and leg, and deposits it between midwicket and long-on. Powerful blow, with loads of bottom hand on that

Nadeem to Cross, 1 run

length, angles in, and he works it away towards deep square leg

Just to clarify a lot of questions in the comments, the topper of Group B goes into Group 2 of the Super 12. As of now, looks like that will be Scotland, and not Bangladesh

Nadeem to Berrington, 1 run

low full toss, on the pads, and he dinks it towards deep midwicket

Rubaiat: "So if Namibia beats Ireland tomorrow, do they go through along with SL?" --- Yeah, that game tomorrow is a virtual knockout too

Nadeem to Cross, 1 run

length, angles into him, and he works it towards deep midwicket

Nadeem to Cross, no run

length, comes into him, and he defends it back towards the bowler

end of over 163 runs
SCOT: 110/2CRR: 6.87 RRR: 3.25 • Need 13 runs from 24b
Richie Berrington20 (18)
Matthew Cross24 (32)
Bilal Khan 3-0-15-0
Aqib Ilyas 2-0-14-0
Bilal Khan to Berrington, no run

full, wide of off, and he fails to get this away again. Some tidy bowling, but too little, too late. Surely?

Bilal Khan to Berrington, no run

slower ball, back of a length. Cuts away with the angle across the batter, who looks to pull, but misses

Bilal Khan to Berrington, 1 wide

banged in short, and he moves away looking to flick this over the keeper. Called a wide, in fact. Too short, in effect

Bilal Khan to Berrington, no run

full, outside off, driven to mid-off

Somnath: "Those 2 dropped catches of Naim by Jatinder and the other guy turned the fortunes of both Oman and Bangladesh in the other direction"

Bilal Khan to Cross, 1 run

short, and he cuts this to point. A misfield will allow them a single

Kandid: "I think the difference between Scots and other associates would be that they had defined roles for their batters... Like coetzer going heavy early on , cross playing the anchor and Barrington being the enforcer ... Didn't see it in Namibia or png or oman..."

Bilal Khan to Cross, no run

fuller, around off, and he drives towards cover

Bilal Khan to Berrington, 1 run

Bilal comes round the wicket. Short, just outside off, and he pulls it away towards deep square leg

"I don't know how people have come to the conclusion that Group 1 is stronger than Group 2. Ok, granted England are better than India. What about the rest? New Zealand is better than South Africa. Pakistan is stronger than Australia. Afghanistan is stronger than West Indies. If anything, Group 2 is the one to avoid." --- Vineeth, if these first five days have proved anything, this will be a pretty open World Cup. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a few more surprises in store in the Super 12 stages

end of over 156 runs
SCOT: 107/2CRR: 7.13 RRR: 3.20 • Need 16 runs from 30b
Richie Berrington19 (14)
Matthew Cross23 (30)
Aqib Ilyas 2-0-14-0
Khawar Ali 4-0-27-1
Aqib to Berrington, 1 run

length, driven towards long-on

Aqib to Cross, 1 run

full, driven towards long-off

Aqib to Cross, 2 runs

short, and he rocks back to slap this across the line. Man from deep midwicket gets around to his left and puts in a good dive to keep them down to just the two

Aqib to Cross, no run

cuts this away but cannot beat point

Aqib to Berrington, 1 run

length, driven firmly towards deep cover

Aqib to Cross, 1 run

drag down, around off, and he can drive it towards deep point

Ilyas comes on for his second over