12th Match, Group B, Port of Spain, Mar 19 2007, ICC World Cup
(43.1/50 ov, target 414)156
India won by 257 runs
Player Of The Match
114 (87)

This is the largest margin of victory, in terms of runs, in the history of one-day internationals. They win by 257 runs. India went into this game, needing to win and win it big. And they have done it. Now all attention will be on Bangladesh v Sri Lanka game. If Bangladesh win, then the race would come down between India and Sri Lanka. If Sri Lanka win against Bangladesh, the net run rate comes into play. So get out your calculators and get ready to do some maths.

Man of the Match Virender Sehwag

This is Sriram Veera, your commentator of the day, signing off. Please do switch to the West Indies v Zimbabwe game. West Indies require another 71 runs with 6 wickets and 15.4 overs remaining. Brian Lara is in the crease.

Kumble to Jones, OUT

And he finishes it off with a lbw. Typical Kumble. Full in length, on the off and middle and it slides in to catch Jones in front of the middle stump.

Malachi Jones lbw b Kumble 1 (4m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 12.5

Kumble is back.

end of over 432 runs
BMUDA: 156/9CRR: 3.62 RRR: 36.85
Malachi Jones1 (7)
David Hemp76 (105)
Virender Sehwag 5-0-15-0
Sachin Tendulkar 1-0-1-1
Sehwag to Jones, 1 run

fuller, on the middle stump line, hit across the line, down to Ganguly at deep midwicket.

Sehwag to Jones, no run

full and on the off stump, driven to the bowler

Sehwag to Jones, no run

and again.

Sehwag to Jones, no run

turns in from outside off, padded away

Sehwag to Hemp, 1 run

pushed through extra cover and he will take the run. Jones will be on strike. he took a wicket of his first delivery.

Sehwag to Hemp, no run

spins past Hemp's bat and into Dhoni's gloves

end of over 421 run • 1 wicket
BMUDA: 154/9CRR: 3.66 RRR: 32.50
Malachi Jones0 (3)
David Hemp75 (103)
Sachin Tendulkar 1-0-1-1
Virender Sehwag 4-0-13-0
Tendulkar to Jones, no run

another seam-up stuff. Defended on the front foot

Tendulkar to Jones, no run

suddenly switches to seam-up. Quite a big inswing! how many variations this little big man has. Swings in from outside off and raps the batsman on the pad. Appeal goes up but it was struck outside off stump

Tendulkar to Jones, no run

tossed up a slow googly outside off, bit too wide to interest the batsman

Tendulkar to Leverock, OUT

Tendulkar removes the rock. Leverock. A flighted legbreak, short in length, outside off stump that turns ever so slowly and Leverock couldn't resist the urge to cut, and nicks it behind. Dhoni makes no mistake. Leverock as he walked out of the arena, acknowledged the crowd. Bermuda are nine down. Hemp might be left stranded.

Dwayne Leverock c †Dhoni b Tendulkar 9 (40m 31b 1x4 0x6) SR: 29.03
Tendulkar to Leverock, no run

long hop, shovelled away to midwicket. One slip in place.

This is going to be interesting. Tendulkar to leveROCK

Tendulkar to Hemp, 1 run

legbreak on the off stump line, driven to long-off

SRT is into the attack.

end of over 416 runs
BMUDA: 153/8CRR: 3.73 RRR: 29.00
Dwayne Leverock9 (29)
David Hemp74 (102)
Virender Sehwag 4-0-13-0
Zaheer Khan 10-1-32-2
Sehwag to Leverock, no run

turns down the leg side, padded away

Sehwag to Leverock, no run

on the middle stump line, defended on the front foot.

Sehwag to Hemp, 1 run

drifts in from outside off, dabbed away to square-leg.

Sehwag to Hemp, no run
Sehwag to Hemp, FOUR runs

Wallop! Hemp moves to 73. Tossed on the off stump line, Hemp leans forward and drives inside-out over cover.

Sehwag to Hemp, (no ball)

leans forward to defend

Faisal chimes in with this. "Call me biased (for being a Bangladeshi), IMHO, either India or Srilanka will be eleminated from 1st round. Wanna know why? If Srilanka beates India, India is finished. If Srilanka is defeated by India then Srilankan run rate will fall. We will top that (incase we fail to beat Srilanka) in our last game against Barmuda. I really feel very sorry for Barmuda, for they are getting blasted by everyone. I do hope that they still keep their chin up. If they keep thir spirit up, who knows few years later they might come back tougher & win few matches"

Sehwag to Hemp, no run

floated outside off, Hemp tries to sweep but is struck on the pad. Point of impact outside off.