2nd Match, Group C, Durban, Sep 12 2007, ICC World Twenty20
(7.4/20 ov)74/1
New Zealand won by 9 wickets (with 74 balls remaining)
player of the match
Mark Gillespie
New Zealand

New Zealand cruise to victory by nine wickets. Their bowlers set it up by dismissing Kenya for 73 and then it was a matter of time before New Zealand chased down the target. They did it with 12.2 overs to spare, a massive margin in the Twenty20 format. Mark Gillespie is the Man of the Match for his superb figures of 4 for 7.

Well that's one game down, we've got two more to go. Stay tuned for Pakistan v Scotland at Kingsmead. That match begins at 2.00 pm. Cheers.

Bhudia to Fulton, SIX runs

that's the victory, Fulton picks up a length ball off his pads and sends the crowd scurrying for cover at midwicket, that was hit with sheer power

Bhudia to Fulton, SIX runs

Fulton takes advantage of a short ball and smashes it into the midwicket stands, awesome shot, New Zealand need just six more

Bhudia to Fulton, FOUR runs

Fulton stands his ground and lofts Bhudia down the ground to the long-off boundary

Bhudia to McCullum, 1 run

just a fraction short and McCullum comes forward and pulls it to deep backward square leg

Rajesh Bhudia comes into the attack.

end of over 78 runs
NZ: 57/1CRR: 8.14 • RRR: 1.31 • Need 17 runs from 78b
Brendon McCullum15 (12)
Peter Fulton5 (11)
Nehemiah Odhiambo1-0-8-0
Peter Ongondo3-0-22-0
NN Odhiambo to McCullum, 1 run

fuller length on off stump, driven on the front foot towards mid-off

NN Odhiambo to McCullum, FOUR runs

McCullum steps down the track, he's standing well outside his crease as he frees his arms and lofts the ball over extra cover for four more

NN Odhiambo to Fulton, 1 run

too short this time, Fulton swivels and pulls to deep midwicket where Tikolo has placed a man on the boundary

NN Odhiambo to Fulton, no run

full ball just outside the off stump, Fulton was terribly late on the drive and missed it completely, the ball just misses off stump

NN Odhiambo to McCullum, 1 run

McCullum pushes the ball off the front foot towards midwicket for a sharp single

NN Odhiambo to Fulton, 1 run

Fulton leans forward and plays a loose drive on the front foot, he gets a thick outside edge that flies behind point

Odhiambo comes into the attack, replacing Odoyo.