3rd Match, Group A (N), Colombo, Sep 19 2012, ICC World Twenty20
(19.3/20 ov, target 160)136
India won by 23 runs
player of the match

As Zubair says: "What if the catches had been taken? What if so many wides had not been bowled? Little more discipline would have taken them through,but a great fight nevertheless..Beware England."

It's been immensely entertaining stuff from Afghanistan. The new-ball bowlers tested India with their pace and bounce, and a much-hyped batting order could only reach 159, thanks to the run-machine Virat Kohli. The catching from Afghanistan was appalling though, putting down four (or was it five) chances. Afghanistan's batsmen may not have textbook technique, but merrily threw the bat around, and pulled off some breath-taking hits but Yuvraj's double-strike in the 12th over sucked the momentum out of the chase.

Arun: "Well played by Afghanistan. But the whole thing can be argued in another way, the fearless way to go with the match obviously helped them play better. India on the other hand, had to be careful to avoid getting embarrassed."

Presentation ceremony:

Nawroz Mangal: "It was a good game for the boys, we could have done better, shot selection was a bit poor, that was why we have lost the game. We could have done better in the field, but we are satisfied we restricted the mighty Indian batting to 160."

MS Dhoni: "This format balances both teams, if one of the opposition batsman or bowler have a great day, it could change the result. A good performance but not a great performance from us. There are a lot of areas we have to improve on to be honest. People talk a lot about five bowlers, but what matters is on the day how they bowl, whether they are a part-timer or a specialist."

Man of the Match is Virat Kohli: "Always good to get a start, good to start on a winning note. Always tough to play against a team with nothing to lose. They were in a situation where they could try a lot of things, we had to be more careful."

Here's Sid Monga's match report. There'll be more from our guys at the ground shortly. For the moment, though, that's it from us at ESPNcricinfo. Good night, and thanks for all the mails.

Balaji to Zadran, OUT

game over, Balaji finishes it off with a yorker, Afghanistan lose but they have not been disgraced, the first match of the tournament which wasn't completely one-sided

Dawlat Zadran b Balaji 8 (9m 5b 2x4 0x6) SR: 160
Balaji to Gulbadin, OUT

nine down now for Afghanistan, Naib tries to send the ball into orbit, sends it only as far as Raina at mid-off, it was a short ball from Balaji again

Gulbadin Naib c Raina b Balaji 5 (23m 14b 0x4 0x6) SR: 35.71
Balaji to Gulbadin, no run

a bouncer to start, batsman looks to pull but can't connect

end of over 1910 runs
AFG: 136/8CRR: 7.15 • RRR: 24.00 • Need 24 runs from 6b
Dawlat Zadran8 (4)
Gulbadin Naib5 (12)
Irfan Pathan4-0-29-1
Lakshmipathy Balaji3-0-19-1
Pathan to Zadran, FOUR runs

a slower ball, full and outside leg, the bastman skips away beyond leg stump and murders that to the midwicket boundary, 24 needed now off the final over

Pathan to Zadran, FOUR runs

pitched up and that is crashed through extra cover, powerful hit that, 28 off 7 now

Pathan to Zadran, no run

a bouncer from Irfan, scares the No. 10 batsman, who waves his bat at it and misses

Pathan to Gulbadin, 1 run

top-edges that shortish ball, loops over the bowler's head, lands safely between mid-on and mid-off

Pathan to Gulbadin, no run

a low full toss is sent towards sweeper cover, Naib declines the single, no the smartest move at this stage, especially when you have made 4 off 11


Pathan to Gulbadin, (no ball)

Irfan oversteps, a short of length ball angling in, the batsman looks to hammer that to the leg side but mishits it

Shashi: "No matter who wins, Afganistan is the winner to me. They have fought their hearts out and played like the fearless pathans! India will have to think seriously about the rest of the matches. The competition only gets tougher from here."

Pathan to Gulbadin, no run

shortish and outside off, looks to chop that over point and misses