11.2 Mohammad Nabi to Raina, no run, 88.3 kph, dropped, Afghanistan have been very good in the field today, this was a simple chance and the bowler should have pouched it, a length ball is punched back to the bowler, a dolly for him as the ball loops towards him, right at his body, put down

12.3 Karim Sadiq to Kohli, SIX, 86.6 kph, oh Afghanistan, another drop, Kohli looks to hammer that one over wide long-on, he doesn't get enough distance on it, the fielder is there, should have got in position to take that one much earlier, but Sami can only push it over the rope as he is unbalanced when the ball arrives, should have taken that one, Kohli is not a man you want to give an extra chance to, not when he is in this form

19.6 Mohammad Nabi to Dhoni, SIX, a gift to finish off the innings, a juicy full toss is slammed over midwicket for a six, Dhoni finishes the innings in style, India end on 159

11.3 Yuvraj Singh to Asghar Stanikzai, OUT, 80.9 kph, and another one for Yuvraj, who may not have set the stage alight with the bat but he has got his third with the ball, gets this one to spin away after drifting in, a thin outside edge and Dhoni doesn't make another mistake, two new batsmen at the crease

16.5 Ashwin to Mohammad Nabi, OUT, 88.5 kph, Ashwin has got the dangerman, he pauses an eternity before delivering, waiting to see what the batsman will do, Nabi charges out to meet the delivery, looks to hammer it but edges it, loops towards mid-off where Rohit awaits