England vs India, 3rd Test at Nottingham, IND in ENG, Aug 18 2018 - Full Scorecard

3rd Test, Nottingham, August 18 - 22, 2018, India tour of England
329 & 352/7d
(T:521) 161 & 317

India won by 203 runs

Player Of The Match
97 & 103
India 1st Innings
England 1st Innings
India 2nd Innings
England 2nd Innings
Match Flow
India 1st Innings 
c Buttler b Woakes3565847053.84
lbw b Woakes2353964043.39
c Rashid b Woakes1431402045.16
c Stokes b Rashid9715224311063.81
c Cook b Broad8113117112061.83
c Buttler b Anderson1858954031.03
b Broad2451722147.05
b Broad1417353082.35
not out 15180020.00
c Broad b Anderson3570060.00
b Anderson012000.00
Extras(b 12, lb 6, w 1)19
TOTAL94.5 Ov (RR: 3.46)329
Fall of wickets: 1-60 (Shikhar Dhawan, 18.4 ov), 2-65 (KL Rahul, 20.6 ov), 3-82 (Cheteshwar Pujara, 26.4 ov), 4-241 (Ajinkya Rahane, 66.6 ov), 5-279 (Virat Kohli, 75.6 ov), 6-307 (Hardik Pandya, 86.6 ov), 7-323 (Rishabh Pant, 91.4 ov), 8-326 (Ravichandran Ashwin, 93.4 ov), 9-329 (Mohammed Shami, 94.4 ov), 10-329 (Jasprit Bumrah, 94.5 ov)
86.6 to HH Pandya, taken at second slip. Pandya can't hang on. Hard hands. Looks like he wants to dead-bat that, but he's not got the technique right on it. It's a belated withdrawal in the end. Outswinger at a good length outside off, draws him forward and it carries nicely to Buttler. 307/6
94.4 to Mohammed Shami, Shami goes for another leg-side mow and ends up skewing a catch to Broad at mid-on. Back of a length and just a shade outside off, Shami clears his front leg and skies this slog. 329/9
94.5 to JJ Bumrah, Anderson wraps up India for 329. Back of a length, angling into leg stump, then nips away late to square Bumrah up and hit the top of middle stump. 329/10
66.6 to AM Rahane, Cook sticks his left hand out and plucks a one-hander at first slip. Great reflexes. England, finally, find a way past this pair. This was pitched up and seams away a wee bit outside off, Rahane's front foot is nowhere close to the pitch. He reaches out for the ball with his hands, drives loosely, and nicks it off. He kept going after such balls in the previous over and got away. This time he falls. 241/4
91.4 to RR Pant, Broad has Pant playing on. Nice and full outside off, asks Pant to chase after it. Pant obliges, chases after a drive with his feet pinned to the crease and watches an inside edge rattle his stumps. Broad gives the debutant a send-off. 323/7
93.4 to R Ashwin, sharp inswinger from Broad, floors Ashwin's middle stump. Pretty full and hooping back in on middle, after starting outside off, Ashwin wants to flick it away to the leg side, but the ball sneaks through the gate, and knocks out his middle stump. Two wickets in seven balls for Broad. 326/8
18.4 to S Dhawan, edged and taken at second slip. Woakes finds the outside edge and the breakthrough for England. Good length and slanting away outside off with the angle from over the wicket, Dhawan is squared up as he jabs with hard hands and snicks it behind to Buttler. 60/1
20.6 to KL Rahul, Woakes pins Rahul in the crease with an inswinger. He has been given out leg before by umpire Erasmus. Rahul tucks his bat in and walks off. Pujara then chats with him, and Rahul eventually calls for a review. Is this heading down leg? Length ball, big inswinger from Woakes, catches Rahul in the crease, he plays around it and is rapped on the back pad. Ball-tracking suggests it would crash into leg stump. Woakes takes out both the Indian openers after a solid start. After testing Rahul with five balls that moved away or held its line outside off, Woakes brings this one back in and nabs Rahul. Top bowling from Woakes. India lose Rahul and a review. 65/2
26.4 to CA Pujara, Oh, Pujara holes out at the stroke of lunch. Chest-high short ball on middle, Pujara takes it on with an uncharacteristic hook, as opposed to swaying away or ducking under it, he can't keep it down and hits it straight down the throat of Rashid at long leg. He had swivelled on the back foot and hit the ball a bit too early. 82/3
75.6 to V Kohli, Adil Rashid has got one to turn after sliding many on straight. What an anti-climax! He doesn't even know how to celebrate, but this is a good ball. It's tossed up, it's loopy, it's got revs. He hasn't bowled too many of these today. This one lands outside off. Kohli looks to crash it through the line to sweeper cover's right. But he isn't to the pitch and with the turn away, he isn't in control. Stokes takes easily to his left at slip. India's captain is gone after another superb knock under tough circumstances. 279/5
England 1st Innings 
c †Pant b Sharma2942555069.04
c †Pant b Bumrah2032573062.50
c Rahul b Pandya1629682055.17
c †Pant b Sharma1022341045.45
c Rahul b Pandya1541663036.58
c Rahul b Mohammed Shami1013272076.92
c sub (SN Thakur) b Bumrah39325532121.87
c †Pant b Pandya85620160.00
c †Pant b Pandya55810100.00
lbw b Pandya045000.00
not out 17310014.28
Extras(b 4, lb 1, nb 2, w 1)8
TOTAL38.2 Ov (RR: 4.20)161
Fall of wickets: 1-54 (Alastair Cook, 11.6 ov), 2-54 (Keaton Jennings, 12.1 ov), 3-75 (Ollie Pope, 19.1 ov), 4-86 (Joe Root, 24.1 ov), 5-108 (Ben Stokes, 29.2 ov), 6-110 (Jonny Bairstow, 30.1 ov), 7-118 (Chris Woakes, 30.6 ov), 8-128 (Adil Rashid, 32.1 ov), 9-128 (Stuart Broad, 32.5 ov), 10-161 (Jos Buttler, 38.2 ov)
29.2 to BA Stokes, got him at second slip! No doubt this time. KL Rahul pouches it at knee height. Stokes caught poking with hard hands outside off as one straightens after angling in. Good bowling, not very confident batting. This looks bleak for England now. 108/5
12.1 to KK Jennings, and another! Tentative from Jennings against a short and wide ball. Instinctive jab and his decision to withdraw the bat comes too late. It's kissed the edge and flown wide to Pant's left. He's skipped across comfortably and taken his second Test catch. It's almost a repeat of India's innings from yesterday. India have gained the momentum now.. 54/2
38.2 to JC Buttler, Buttler toe-ends a catch to Thakur, the substitute, at long-on. Back of a length and outside off, Buttler has a roundhouse swipe at it but only miscues it to the deep. 161/10
11.6 to AN Cook, he's got him! What a wonderful over this has been from Ishant Sharma. Kept swinging it away from the corridor and got it full enough for Cook to keep playing. He's poking away from the body this time and it's a thin edge that goes straight through to the debutant keeper. 54/1
19.1 to OJ Pope, taken down leg side and Pope doesn't stick around for the review. Short of a length on the pads, swinging on with the angle. Pope tickles it fine but Pant has lunged to his left down leg side to complete a sharp catch. hHis early step into the leg side helps him this time. 75/3
24.1 to JE Root, has that carried to second slip? KL Rahul has certainly celebrated like it has. Hard to think the soft signal will be anything other than out, given that. Yes, soft signal is out...it is a legal delivery...oh this will be close! There is possibility of there being a bounce and he can only possibly have fingertips under it...third umpire rules he has fingertips under it! Joe Root cannot believe it. Neither can the crowd. By the rules, that is the correct decision - there wasn't conclusive evidence to overturn an out decision. But it wouldn't have been overturned if it was given not out in the first place. It's that soft signal debate lurking again. That was short of a length and straightening in the corridor as Root defended inside the line. Pandya bowled from wide of the crease. Root never looked convinced, not even before the replay was taken. He was marking his guard as the review happened.. 86/4
30.1 to JM Bairstow, What a ball, Hardik Pandya! What a spell, Hardik Pandya! Perfectly-pitched ball, full, angling in towards middle and off, makes Bairstow play, the late seam movement squares him up, and finds the outside edge. This is held comfortably by Rahul at second slip. From 54 for 0, England have fallen to 110 for 6. 110/6
30.6 to CR Woakes, Pant takes a step to the leg side, then stretches out his right glove, the ball just about sticks in his webbing even as it keeps swerving away from his reach. Umpire Erasmus raises his finger and gives Woakes out caught behind. Woakes challenges the on-field out decision. Bouncer aimed at the arm-pit, cramps the batsman for room. Woakes still dares to hook, he only tickles it off the bat to Pant. 118/7
32.1 to AU Rashid, Four wickets for Pandya, five catches for Pant. Pant dives to his right and snaffles this edge. Shastri and Bangar are up on their feet, applauding their boys. Full, angling in just a shade outside off, and nibbling away, Rashid has a defensive push at it and nicks it behind to the debutant. England's procession continues.... 128/8
32.5 to SCJ Broad, Pandya bags his maiden five-wicket haul in Test cricket. He holds the red ball aloft and celebrates. Broad thinks about a review but decides against it. Plumb. This is full and straight, swings in, 142ks, Broad falls over a leg-side flick and is pinned in front of middle. This is some spell from Pandya. Five wickets inside five overs. 128/9
India 2nd Innings 
st †Bairstow b Rashid44631046069.84
b Stokes36335170109.09
c Cook b Stokes722082489034.61
lbw b Woakes10319729210052.28
b Rashid29941613030.85
c Cook b Anderson1660016.66
not out 52527171100.00
c Cook b Rashid36120050.00
not out 11300100.00
Extras(b 1, lb 9, w 1)11
TOTAL110 Ov (RR: 3.20)352/7d
Fall of wickets: 1-60 (KL Rahul, 11.2 ov), 2-111 (Shikhar Dhawan, 23.2 ov), 3-224 (Cheteshwar Pujara, 71.3 ov), 4-281 (Virat Kohli, 93.4 ov), 5-282 (Rishabh Pant, 94.4 ov), 6-329 (Ajinkya Rahane, 107.1 ov), 7-349 (Mohammed Shami, 109.3 ov)
94.4 to RR Pant, Pant feeds an outside edge to first slip. Simple catch for Cook. Full, angling in from around the wicket, then straightens away to find the outside edge as Pant pushes with hard hands. 282/5
93.4 to V Kohli, Woakes wins an lbw appeal from umpire Erasmus. This looks adjacent but Kohli calls for a review. Full, angling in, swinging in to ping the front pad on the knee-roll. Kohli shuffles across and misses the leg-side flick. The tracker returns umpire's call on leg stump. Kohli walks off to a rousing reception. 281/4
11.2 to KL Rahul, through him! Another Rahul-Dhawan stand stops at 60. He's missed a full straight one this time. Loose shot, no feet. Looks to drive through the line with hard hands. But this angles in from an off stump line, catches his pad and deflects onto off stump. 60/1
71.3 to CA Pujara, taken at first slip. You could sense the tension as this floated towards Cook's left thigh, but he's pouched it easily. There have been a few Pujara adventures outside off stump, and this one gets his outside edge. Hard hands once more, and pushing away from the body on the front foot. Stokes gets just enough deviation away. Pujara's first fifty in 16 first-class innings ends at 72. 224/3
23.2 to S Dhawan, Dhawan uses his feet, Rashid pulls his length back and gets it to break away. Dhawan does not read the googly, and is stranded near the middle of the pitch. YJB takes the bails off. Dhawan leaves with 44 - his highest Test score in England. 111/2
107.1 to AM Rahane, Rashid hits the top of off with a wrong'un. Good length and spins back in, not short enough for a cut, Rahane perhaps read the variation but misread the length. 329/6
109.3 to Mohammed Shami, Shami slog-sweeps it away, but can't clear the bigger boundary, holes out to deep midwicket. Stretches out and slugs it against the break. 349/7
England 2nd Innings (T: 521 runs)
c Rahul b Sharma1739572043.58
c †Pant b Sharma1331462041.93
c Rahul b Bumrah1340712032.50
c Kohli b Mohammed Shami1639633041.02
c Rahul b Pandya621872756033.15
lbw b Bumrah10617625121060.22
b Bumrah012000.00
c †Pant b Bumrah431110133.33
not out 3364925151.56
c Rahul b Bumrah2029513068.96
c Rahane b Ashwin1124381045.83
Extras(b 2, lb 16, nb 4)22
TOTAL104.5 Ov (RR: 3.02)317
Fall of wickets: 1-27 (Keaton Jennings, 9.5 ov), 2-32 (Alastair Cook, 11.6 ov), 3-62 (Joe Root, 24.3 ov), 4-62 (Ollie Pope, 25.1 ov), 5-231 (Jos Buttler, 82.3 ov), 6-231 (Jonny Bairstow, 82.4 ov), 7-241 (Chris Woakes, 84.4 ov), 8-241 (Ben Stokes, 85.5 ov), 9-291 (Stuart Broad, 96.2 ov), 10-317 (James Anderson, 104.5 ov)
24.3 to JE Root, superb catch at second slip! This is a thick edge, with Root pushing hard at a shortish delivery, wide enough to be left alone, but Bumrah's angle lures Root into playing. It always lures right-handers into playing. The outside edge flies to Rahul's right. It's nearly past him as he thrusts out both of his hands, eyes on the ball all the way, and takes it like an absolute boss. Splendid work! Five catches for KL, all at second slip.. 62/3
82.3 to JC Buttler, lbw while leaving the ball! Buttler reviews. He has to. But he won't find much joy here. It's very full. It's always heading towards the stumps. Very very strange that he'd leave this ball. Pins him on the knee roll. And ball-tracking says it would clip middle stump. Umpire's call - and Gaffaney had said it was out. So Buttler has to go. India find the wicket they've been looking for all afternoon and the Trent Bridge crowd rises as one to applaud a fine cricketer who might just have fallen in love with Test cricket all over again. 231/5
82.4 to JM Bairstow, rip-snorting ball of pure awesomeness. Bairstow might have been at his absolute best and he wouldn't have been able to do anything against this peach. It angles into the right-hander, lulling him into thinking he would have to block around middle and leg. Then it pitches and holds its line. Such trickery, Such devious glorious trickery. India have clearly made the right call with the new ball, which has crashed into off stump with a vengeance. 231/6
84.4 to CR Woakes, caught behind! The inswinger. An outswinger. And now a bouncer. Bumrah's just showing off. He's in a monster mood and he's showing off. Woakes has an issue with the short ball. He fell to one in the first innings. And this time he's faced with the same old scary thing. Except this is quicker. And it's coming right for his head. He doesn't have time to get out of the way. He tries to fend. He tries so hard. But all he does is glove it through to Pant.. 241/7
96.2 to SCJ Broad, taken at second slip, and this time, it is five for Bumrah! Pitches the new ball up, on middle, has the left-hander squared up because of the angle. Broad has to defend. The ball takes the outside edge. Rahul is waiting at second slip. How many catches does he have now? Seven, I hear. Meanwhile, Bumrah's leading India towards a dominant Test win, and along the way, he puts his finger on his lips looking at a part of the crowd that is screaming no-ball. 291/9
9.5 to KK Jennings, gone, Ishant strikes in the first over. It was always on the cards - he's been testing both left-handers with his round-the-wicket angle and the ability to straighten it away from them. This one lands just short of a good length, close to off stump, and allies extra bounce with that seam away. Jennings prods at it with close to zero footwork, and sends a healthy edge through to Pant. 27/1
11.6 to AN Cook, gone, Ishant is on fire here! Back of a length, angling into the fourth-stump channel, straightening away. The line is so tight with off stump that it's incredibly hard to leave it. Cook plays at it, the movement finds his edge, and KL Rahul takes a comfortable chest-high catch at second slip. 32/2
104.5 to JM Anderson, is that it? It is. Ashwin takes the last wicket with a legbreak. Shortish outside off, turns sharply into Anderson and gets big on him as he makes room to cut. Ends up gloving it up over the slips, and Rahane backtracks from first slip to take the simplest of catches. 317/10
25.1 to OJ Pope, another sensational grab This time it's Kohli leaping to his left from third slip, hands in the reverse-cup position, stretching high above his head seeking the ball, and it sticks! Superb reflexes from the Indian captain. And he comes into play because Pope plays a very poor shot. Soon after he sees his senior partner depart, he throws his hands at a full delivery so very wide outside his off stump. The edge results. It was the only thing that could result.. 62/4
85.5 to BA Stokes, squares him up and takes him out! Stokes' fight. All of his application. Undone by the new ball. One that pitches outside leg, forcing him to think about playing through midwicket. Then it darts away off the seam to take the leading edge and settle in the hands of second slip. England are wilting in the face of some sensational bowling and this shiny little red thing.. 241/8
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Sat, 18 Aug - day 1 - India 1st innings 307/6 (Rishabh Pant 22*, 87 ov)
Sun, 19 Aug - day 2 - India 2nd innings 124/2 (Cheteshwar Pujara 33*, Virat Kohli 8*, 31 ov)
Mon, 20 Aug - day 3 - England 2nd innings 23/0 (Alastair Cook 9*, Keaton Jennings 13*, 9 ov)
Tue, 21 Aug - day 4 - England 2nd innings 311/9 (Adil Rashid 30*, James Anderson 8*, 102 ov)
Wed, 22 Aug - day 5 - England 2nd innings 317 (104.5 ov) - end of match
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
  • England: 50 runs in 18.6 overs (115 balls), Extras 3
  • Drinks: England - 62/2 in 22.0 overs (JE Root 13, OJ Pope 16)
  • Lunch: England - 84/4 in 35.0 overs (BA Stokes 3, JC Buttler 19)
  • England: 100 runs in 41.3 overs (251 balls), Extras 4
  • 5th Wicket: 50 runs in 119 balls (BA Stokes 21, JC Buttler 29, Ex 1)
  • Drinks: England - 124/4 in 48.0 overs (BA Stokes 21, JC Buttler 39)
  • Over 54.3: Review by India (Bowling), Umpire - CB Gaffaney, Batsman - BA Stokes (Umpires Call)
  • England: 150 runs in 54.6 overs (333 balls), Extras 5
  • JC Buttler: 50 off 93 balls (10 x 4)
  • 5th Wicket: 100 runs in 195 balls (BA Stokes 42, JC Buttler 56, Ex 2)
  • Over 57.3: Review by India (Bowling), Umpire - M Erasmus, Batsman - JC Buttler (Struck down)
  • Tea: England - 173/4 in 62.0 overs (BA Stokes 42, JC Buttler 67)
  • England: 200 runs in 71.5 overs (434 balls), Extras 5
  • BA Stokes: 50 off 147 balls (5 x 4)
  • 5th Wicket: 150 runs in 303 balls (BA Stokes 52, JC Buttler 95, Ex 3)
  • JC Buttler: 100 off 152 balls (21 x 4)
  • Drinks: England - 223/4 in 80.0 overs (BA Stokes 52, JC Buttler 106)
  • New ball taken at 80.1 overs
  • Over 82.3: Review by England (Batting), Umpire - CB Gaffaney, Batsman - JC Buttler (Umpires Call)
  • England: 250 runs in 86.3 overs (523 balls), Extras 15
  • 9th Wicket: 50 runs in 58 balls (AU Rashid 22, SCJ Broad 20, Ex 8)
  • England: 300 runs in 99.1 overs (599 balls), Extras 18
  • Over 100.5: Review by India (Bowling), Umpire - CB Gaffaney, Batsman - AU Rashid (Umpires Call)
  • End Of Day: England - 311/9 in 102.0 overs (AU Rashid 30, JM Anderson 8)
Trent Bridge, Nottingham
TossEngland, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Series resultEngland led the 5-match series 2-1
Match numberTest no. 2316
Hours of play (local time)11:00 start, Lunch 13.00-13.40, Tea 15.40-16.00, Close 18.00
Match days18,19,20,21,22 August 2018 - day (5-day match)
Test debut
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
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