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3rd Test, Nottingham, August 18 - 22, 2018, India tour of England
329 & 352/7d
(T:521) 161 & 317

India won by 203 runs

Player Of The Match
97 & 103
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Scores: Chandan Duorah | Comms: Karthik Krishnaswamy
Scorecard summary
India 329/10(94.5 overs)
97 (152)
3/64 (25.5)
3/72 (25)
England 161/10(38.2 overs)
39 (32)
5/28 (6)
2/37 (12.2)
India 352/7(110 overs)
103 (197)
3/101 (27)
2/68 (20)
England 317/10(104.5 overs)
106 (176)
5/85 (29)
62 (187)
2/70 (20)

11.35am And that is that. This has been some series, and it's 2-1 going into the fourth Test in Southampton. England have the lead, but they also have more to ponder - about their combination, and the form of their top order in particular. There are injuries for both teams to worry about, to two big performers, R Ashwin and Jonny Bairstow. India, remember, only named a squad for the first three Tests, so there's a big announcement in the wings from the selectors as well. Will Bhuvneshwar Kumar manage to regain fitness for the fourth or even the fifth Test? There's Alastair Cook and the chance that he might miss the fourth Test on paternity leave. There's a lot of uncertainty, but one thing is very, very clear. This series is crackling with excitement now, and we can't wait for Thursday, August 30. Until then, we'll leave you with the wicket that wrapped up India's win here at Trent Bridge. Goodbye!

Virat Kohli is the Player of the Match. (Yay, only one more interview to transcribe). "First and foremost, we as a team want to dedicate the victory to the flood victims back home in Kerala. People are going through a lot, and this is the least we can do," he says. "Very pleasing performance in all three departments. A complete Test match for us. We only spoke about the fact that we were only outplayed in one Test out of the five we had played since South Africa, and that was at Lord's. We spoke about stepping up as batsmen, and that's what we did, and we set it up for the bowlers. The bowling group was eager to take those 20 wickets again - the question was what we could do as batsmen to give them that cushion. When both skills come together with slip catching, we win Test matches. Everything came together for us. Very crucial how Rahane played, having lost Puji just before lunch. He's very positive, we love that about him. He can change the whole complexion of the game, and that's what he did. They're a quality bowling attack and you need grit to score against them, and that's what Jinx in the first innings and Puji in the second showed. I want to dedicate my innings especially to my wife. She's motivated me a lot, kept pushing me. She's the only one who keeps me positive out there. The most pleasing thing for me to see was that the four fastest bowlers in the series have all been Indians. We've worked on our fitness, on our mindset, cutting down on loose deliveries. They're getting better and better the more Test cricket they've played. It's a delight to watch when they're running in. We definitely believe we can [win the series]. It wouldn't be 2-1 now if we didn't believe that. We just want to keep pushing forward and keep wanting to win."

Joe Root: "It's a strong team. It was always going to be a difficult decision (at the toss). There was some live grass on the wicket. We were performing extremely well with the ball, and potentially could have bowled them out quickly. We could have bowled a bit fuller, but that's nitpicking. India batted extremely well on that first day. I think it's fair to say we underperformed in our first innings. The second-innings partnership between Jos and Ben was a lesson to us, the way they adapted to the situation, how clear they looked about how they were going to score their runs. We need to look at that and see how we can adapt our own games to score 400 in the first innings. We've generally bowled well at him [Kohli], he's not scored too quickly against us, but he's found ways to score runs. We're working extremely hard on our catching, we know it's a massively important area. It's not worked out until now, but if we get it right we know it will play massive dividends. [On Bairstow:] It's early days, we have to see how that swelling comes down. We'll see over the next few days where he's at. He's in fine form, and it will be great if he plays. It's been challenging conditions for the top order, for both sides. We've got to be realistic about things - we've got two very good players at the top of the order. We've got to go back and find ways to adapt, and that's not just those two guys. The best thing about [Buttler's innings] is that he can crash the ball to all parts, but the thing about him is how he can look at a situation and work out how to play. To have that performance in the bank will give him a great deal of confidence."

Sai: "Also at Perth 2008 another allrounder, the inimitable Irfan Pathan scored a 50 and took 5 wickets" -- He scored 46, but yes. Took out both openers in both innings.

Purvesh: "Good performance around Kohli from the likes of Hardik, Bumrah, Ajinkya & Pujara was the difference between this Test & the first Test. A couple of half-decent performances in that game & India could have been 2-1 up."

Dhaval : "For the next Test, England must bring back Sam Curran and Moeen Ali. And India should just bring back the same intensity with which they played this Test match."

Hemal: "Similar to famous Perth win after ill-fated Sydney Test. India bounced back really well and hope they will keep this momentum for next two Tests." -- Yup, lots of similarities, starting from the partnership between Kohli and Rahane on day one, which was so much like the partnership between Tendulkar and Dravid back in that Perth Test in 2008.

Vivek Bhandari: "I haven't seen the previous wins on English soil but my favorite has to be Headingley 2002 for the reasons how they were cornered after the first Test loss. They opted to bat first in overcast conditions as they had 2 spinners in their line up. Started slow and steady and changed gears in the latter part of the innings. And then the bowlers finished up the job."

Brutus_Shylock: "" How much more authoritative can you get than a 203-run margin?" Well obviously, any score above that margin."

Varahan: "A huge well deserved victory for India. The margin of victory is significant, no doubt. Although a more authoritative win would have inflicted serious psychological damage to England." -- How much more authoritative can you get than a 203-run margin?

Sunny: "Joe root played a prominent role in India's win by deciding to bowl first after winning the toss and not playing the previous man of the match Curran. Love you joe root, please continue the same for the next two Test matches."

11.10am Ten minutes is all it took, and 17 balls. A richly deserved win for India, their seventh in England and one of their finest away from home. Think back to what their morale must have been like coming into Nottingham, after a mauling at Lord's. They were given an unexpected gift by Joe Root, who chose to bowl first on a pitch that, though grassy, looked dry on the first morning. India still needed to bat and bowl extremely well, though, and they did just that, session after session, to really show everyone why they're ranked No. 1 in the world.

Ashwin to Anderson, OUT

is that it? It is. Ashwin takes the last wicket with a legbreak. Shortish outside off, turns sharply into Anderson and gets big on him as he makes room to cut. Ends up gloving it up over the slips, and Rahane backtracks from first slip to take the simplest of catches

James Anderson c Rahane b Ashwin 11 (24b 1x4 0x6 38m) SR: 45.83
Ashwin to Rashid, 1 run

this one's flighted just outside off and Rashid sweeps again, with the turn, to long leg

Ashwin to Rashid, no run

floats this one out of the front of the hand, ends up down the leg side, past Rashid's attempted sweep

Ashwin to Rashid, no run

flat length ball outside off, defended off the front foot

Ashwin to Anderson, 3 runs

tossed up fairly wide of off stump, stretches out and squeezes it away behind point. Ishant gives leisurely chase, willing the ball to roll past the boundary and keep Anderson on strike. It comes to a stop a meter from the rope

Ashwin, round the wicket to Anderson

end of over 1042 runs
ENG: 313/9CRR: 3.00 
Adil Rashid32 (61b 5x4 1x6)
James Anderson8 (22b 1x4)
Mohammed Shami 19-3-78-1
Hardik Pandya 14-5-22-1
Shami to Rashid, no run

another bouncer, loses a lot of pace off the pitch as it rises up along the fourth-stump corridor. Waits an age and then bunts it down to backward point

Shami to Rashid, no run

nice length, gets a bit of shape away in the fourth-stump channel. Defended into the covers

Shami to Rashid, no run

digs it in short, angles it down the leg side. Pant dives left to collect after Rashid misses the hook

Shami to Rashid, no run

back of a length, close to off stump, gets nicely back and across to defend towards short extra-cover

Shami to Rashid, no run

back of a length close to off stump, defended into the point region

Three slips and a short leg in place, by the way

Shami to Rashid, 2 runs

length ball, straightens late towards the top of off stump. This is a good ball, and Rashid plays a lovely shot, gets on the front foot, head over the ball, to clip it away to the right of mid-on. Ashwin gives stately chase - I don't think he's fully fit, and probably shouldn't be on the field


end of over 103Maiden
ENG: 311/9CRR: 3.01 
James Anderson8 (22b 1x4)
Adil Rashid30 (55b 5x4 1x6)
Hardik Pandya 14-5-22-1
Jasprit Bumrah 29-8-85-5
Hardik to Anderson, no run

fullish, slanting away from off stump. Anderson goes back and across again to defend, and misses by a long way

Hardik to Anderson, no run

back of a length close to off stump, goes back and across, deep in his crease, to defend, and misses. The angle beats his edge and the ball hits his back thigh

Hardik to Anderson, no run

length ball wide of off stump and Anderson has a flash and a miss

Hardik to Anderson, no run

another bouncer, at a pretty gentle pace. Starts outside leg stump - Anderson moves his back out of the way - and then swings late just as it approaches Pant, leaving him on the ground as he just about manages to grab onto it

Hardik to Anderson, no run

bouncer, bounces loopily, tennis-ball style, over the ducking batsman and down into the keeper's gloves

Hardik to Anderson, no run

length ball close to off stump, gets a stride forward and defends to backward point

11.00am Here we go then. One wicket stands between India and a famous win. They've won just six Tests in England so far - at The Oval in 1971, at Lord's and Headingley in 1986, at Headingley again in 2002, Trent Bridge in 2007, and most recently at Lord's in 2014. Hardik Pandya to bowl the first over of the day, over the wicket to James Anderson with three slips in place.

end of over 1021 run
ENG: 311/9CRR: 3.04 
Adil Rashid30 (55b 5x4 1x6)
James Anderson8 (16b 1x4)
Jasprit Bumrah 29-8-85-5
Ravichandran Ashwin 22-8-40-0

10.45am Johannesburg earlier this year was the first instance of India's fast bowlers taking all 20 wickets in a Test match. We're all set for a repeat, only a few months later.

Ryan: "James Anderson, highest test score of 81. Still baffles me to this day. Against an India bowling attack that included Sharma, Jadeja, and Kumar. The same test that Chef took a wicket. I suspect everyone was drunk that day..." -- It came on the slowest, lowest, flattest pitch ever seen in England. Shami made a half-century from No. 11 too!

Nick: "You'll notice in that Johannesburg game that all 40 wickets were taken by fast bowlers! No spinners played by either team"

Aditya Pidapart: "And very strangely the best individual bowling figures that match was also 5/28 by Shami in the second innings. Same as Pandya here in the first. As long as someone else other than Bumrah gets the last wicket, it would also bind the two matches together."

Sabu: "Bowling short to tailenders: Pitch the ball up as Anderson did and why Indian tailenders did not last. Bouncers to be used only as a surprise weapon; not the other way around"

10.30am The Live Report is, um, live! Head over there for graphics and videos and polls and so forth, as well as Monga's wit and wisdom.

At the Asian Games, Rahi Sarnobat became the first Indian woman to win a shooting gold in history. Read all about that here.

Nithin: "@Karan , you just forgot the effort by Indian tail enders 2 weeks back with Kohli."

Hari: "We move on to Southampton next, another result-oriented pitch, where Anderson and Moeen had overall 7 and 8 wickets respectively against us last time. So Moeen looks a certainty and another result-oriented pitch"

Soham Basak: "Did anyone notice Bumrah's workload yesterday? 26 overs in a day! That's grueling for a fast bowler, no matter how fit he is." -- Yup, and his intensity was right up there even in his last spell of the day. Hugely impressive especially since he's coming back from injury.

Karan: "England's number 9,10 and 11 need to learn from their counterpart. Just see how Shami, Bumrah, Ishant, Kuldeep and Umesh have batted. None of them could put bat to ball. If this was India, we would definitely not had Day 5. Just saying. India's tail need to see this and work on resilience rather than going for quick runs and throw their wicket because the top and middle order didnt do the job. The more this is drilled into them, we will see closer overseas results. Lets go Team India!"

NaGun: "Which bowling unit, you think, is more tired after this test ? On the whole India bowled (as of now) 140 overs and England ~205 overs. A difference of 60+ overs is 2 sessions of continuous bowling. But the Test is finishing almost 1 day ahead. If India's plan in their second innings was to grind the England bowlers, don't think India managed to achieve that goal. " -- Well, I think India's only goal coming into this Test would have been to win it. As long as they achieve that, I don't think they'll be too bothered about the byproducts. And you think they'll be complaining it didn't go all the way till the last session? Hell, no!

10.20am England have had a pretty miserable match all round, and the first four days have highlighted all the holes in their batting, in particular. Over the course of a calm and accomplished fifth-wicket stand of 169, however, Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes showed them there is still plenty to look forward to in the future, George Dobell observes.

Nick from Bath: "What is the fewest number of balls bowled on the concluding day of a Test match?" -- Good question. Here's what Sidharth Monga has to say: "Only the 11th time, according to some calculations including BBC TMS' that we are coming to a Test day for just one wicket. Never has there been a one-ball Test day. Today could be one. There have been three days that have lasted just two balls."

10.15am Bumrah, of course, was India's big hero yesterday, picking up his maiden second five-for in only his fourth Test match, getting Joe Root in the middle of a brilliant spell in the morning, and then coming back late in the day, after Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes had put on a magnificently defiant stand, to run through England with the second new ball. The one thing he kept doing right through the day was getting the ball to move away from the right-handers, off the seam, against his natural exaggerated angle into them. It's such a difficult prospect to bat against, as Nagraj Gollapudi describes here.

Bharadwaj : "Wise words from Bustling Bumrah. Seems like young Indian cricketers are all very grounded, but at the same got that tinge of X-Factor and Attitude, along with great skill. Very important those traits."

Snehil: "This is like one of those days when there is a holiday announced, but at the last moment, the maths teacher announces an extra class."

Pranab: "But for now JM Anderson control % is 43 and AU Rashid control % is 58." -- You've set it up perfectly for Anderson to score a century and celebrate by taking off his England shirt to reveal a T-shirt underneath that says "control is overrated".

Jasprit Bumrah: "It's always frustrating when you're not on the winning side. I was on the outside, always trying to learn, analyse what is working well, and whenever I get an opportunity, try to use it in the match. I've always heard a lot about the Duke ball, that it does a lot. I was just looking forward to that, the encouragement for the bowlers. Maybe the culture in India is changing, people are wanting to bowl quicker. They're more fitness-conscious, conscious of their diet as well. I always had fast-bowling role models - Brett Lee, Wasim Akram, Mitchell Johnson, Zaheer Khan as well. You should always have the self-belief that you can come back from any situation. We were obviously a little low on confidence coming into this game, but wanted to take it a day at a time."

Tim: "Jimmy Anderson- test best of 81.. against India, and Adil Rashid, first class best of 180. Who says we can't still win this!?"

"If anyone even says the word "rain" they should be severly punished.. Admins please take care.. " -- I guess that's the last we'll be seeing of you today then, Gaurav.

Aditya Pidapart: "I genuinely wish to know who of the 22 players slept the soundest last night? I'd wager it was Rashid. Really the man has nothing left to lose anymore."

Drew: "In isolation, it's been a really impressive 4th innings from England. But that's what we love about Test cricket isn't it, teams have to be switched on for the whole match, playing well in batches isn't enough"

10.00am Morning, everyone. Entry is free at Trent Bridge today, so if you're in the vicinity and not otherwise engaged, please head there. You might get to watch half an hour of glorious resistance from England's last-wicket pair. Or even a historic, unbroken, match-winning tenth-wicket partnership the likes of which no one has ever been cheesy enough to dream or write into a movie script. Or maybe just one ball. One wicket is all that stands between India and a magnificent victory, one of their very best away from home. Adil Rashid and James Anderson, however, will want to make them work as hard as humanly possible to get that one wicket.

The weather in Nottingham - what's it like? Well, it's bucketing down apocalyptically "cloudy, though bright," according to Nagraj Gollapudi.

How has the match come to this point? In case you missed all of yesterday's play, here are the full highlights (India only).

Or if you'd rather watch all of that action crunched into a mere 90 seconds, you can do that too (again, unfortunately, India only).

7.10 pm England have one wicket standing. One wicket which they'll have to keep hold of for a whole day of Test cricket. The weather, according to the forecast, isn't supposed to be troubling. India will feel very confident they can get the one scalp they need to record one of their more famous Test wins.

Someone yells for Bumrah as India walk off, asking him to lead the team up to the dressing room. His spell with the second new ball was beautiful and brutal. Jos Buttler had made a splendid century. The man has gone on record saying he was worried about Test cricket, that the format might well disappear. And here he was scoring a Test-match hundred. And there was clear emotion when he got to the mark, make no mistake.

Alongside him was Ben Stokes, fresh off a gruelling court trial, batting with great determination to make his slowest half-century in international cricket. It was this almost tangible determination that Bumrah was up against and he ripped through it like a terrier. Finishes with five well earned wickets and will no doubt he part of a victorious team tomorrow. So make sure you all come back to see that. It'll be fun. Until then, this is Al Muthu and Karthik Krishnaswamy saying buh-bye

Bumrah to Rashid, no run

strides nicely forward to block this full length ball on off stump and that's the day

Last ball of the day...

Bumrah to Rashid, no run

looks for the yorker, just misses his mark, which is why Rashid is able to get forward and block

Bumrah to Rashid, no run

beats the edge as Rashid stays put in his crease and is done in by Bumrah straightening it off the angle

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
JC Buttler
106 runs (176)
21 fours0 six
Productive shot
cover drive
44 runs
10 fours0 six
V Kohli
103 runs (197)
10 fours0 six
Productive shot
43 runs
4 fours0 six
Best performances - bowlers
JJ Bumrah
HH Pandya
Match details
Trent Bridge, Nottingham
TossEngland, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Series resultEngland led the 5-match series 2-1
Match numberTest no. 2316
Hours of play (local time)11:00 start, Lunch 13.00-13.40, Tea 15.40-16.00, Close 18.00
Match days18,19,20,21,22 August 2018 - day (5-day match)
Test debut
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