1st Test, Galle, August 12 - 15, 2015, India tour of Sri Lanka
183 & 367
(T:176) 375 & 112

Sri Lanka won by 63 runs

Player Of The Match
59 & 162*
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Sangakkara receives a memento, and that is all from the presentation. That is all for now from us, you can also WATCH the highlights from this game (excluding Canada and Sri Lanka). Good bye

Angelo Mathews: "What a turnaround. I am speechless, Great effort. Was a poor batting performance in the first innings. but we came back. Chandimal was outstanding, he single-handedly got us to a fighting score. The wicket was pretty demanding, we were down and out for three and a half days. We have good quality spinners, just go out there and try to be positive, bowl in good areas. They had three spinners and the wicket was turning quite a lot. We had to play positively, we had to play our shots, sweeps, reverse sweeps."

Virat Kohli: "We got no one to blame but ourselves (watch India's collapse here). Credit to Angelo and his team. We failed to capitalise after taking the first five wickets (in the second innings), we should have finished the game in that session, one bad session and the game can turn, that is how Test cricket is. Rangana Herath is an outstanding bowler, he put our batsmen under pressure. It behaved strangely it looked hard on the frst morning. Angelo chose to bat, it started spinning, in our first innings it played nicely, we got a good total. We through it would get more diffucult , the way Dinesh and the others batted, they kept Sri Lanka in the hunt.

Dinesh Chandimal is the Man of the Match for his counter-attacking century: "It was not an easy wicket to bat on. I tried reverse-sweeps and sweeps. I thought I could put some pressure on the bowlers. I tried to rotate the strike. Credit goes to Sangakkara, Mathews, Thirimanne and Mubarak as well. They batted well. I thought 175-plus might be a good total. (Herath) is outstanding. We all know he is a legend." You can watch Herath's seven wickets here.

There have been so many question marks over the next generation of Sri Lanka batsmen. How fitting that the greatest Sri Lanka batsman, Kumar Sangakkara, has been given a winning sendoff at Galle set up by one of the most thrilling counterattacks in recent Test history, from young Dinesh Chandimal. Couple of teammates hoist Sanga onto their shoulders and take him on a victory lap as Galle stands up and applauds the departing legend.

India had to make 176. The margin of defeat tells you how poorly they batted, and how well Sri Lanka bowled. Yes, it was the fourth innings, but it was a day-four pitch, and there was nothing unplayable about it.

Rangana Herath: "What a wonderful comeback. Getting out for 183, we had a bad time in the first innings but we recovered well. Chandimal and his partnerships. What I thought is I need to give my best. I gave my 100 percent, that is why I succeeded I guess. Even last evening I had a chat with our spin coach. We did realise something. That is the reason for this success. I am carrying bit of an injury as well. My knees are a bit sore. But you have to give 100 percent when you are playing for your country. Even at 37 I am competing with the younger guys. Before the fourth innings, what the captain said was this can be a turnaround game."


imran ulhaq: "History will never produce the substitute of Great Sanga "The Double Century Specialist""

Mark: "Quite a sobering lesson for Kohli as captain. From dominating 2 and a half days to losing the test within about 2 sessions....the perks of Test captaincy."

Ram: "This is a Disturbing loss. I didn't see a fight. From this Indian side"

Kaushal to Mishra, OUT

Sri Lanka have achieved one of the most incredible Test wins, Kaushal ends it, Mishra tries to force this tossed up ball, edges it on to pad, and silly point reacts superbly to go back and take a diving catch as the ball goes swirling over him, they check for the no-ball even as Sri Lanka celebrate, Kaushal is just fine

Amit Mishra c Karunaratne b Kaushal 15 (46m 36b 3x4 0x6) SR: 41.66
Kaushal to Mishra, no run
Kaushal to Mishra, no run

leans forward again and pushes with the spin, past the man at short leg

Kaushal to Mishra, no run

moves forward to nudge it off the pad to forward short leg

Kaushal to Mishra, no run

bounces sharply from round the stumps, Mishra allows it to hit him

Mark: "From the possibility of losing by an innings to winning this Test, this test is one for the history books. And its quite the story that one of the next generation turned it around for Sri Lanka."

end of over 496 runs
INDIA: 112/9CRR: 2.28 
Amit Mishra15 (31b 3x4)
Varun Aaron1 (4b)
Rangana Herath 21-6-48-7
Tharindu Kaushal 17-1-47-2
Herath to Mishra, 1 run

squared up as he pushes half forward, thick edge runs past slip, allows Mishra to keep the strike

Herath to Mishra, no run

slanted in full from wider of the crease, he comes forward to smother it

Herath to Mishra, FOUR runs

Mishra dances out again, goes with the spin to this tossed up ball and lofts it over extra cover

Herath to Mishra, no run

flighted ball nudged to forward short leg

Herath to Mishra, no run

leans forward and low to block it down the track

Herath to Aaron, 1 run

goes back in the crease and manages to inside edge it, with one leg in the air, backward of square

end of over 484 runs
INDIA: 106/9CRR: 2.20 
Amit Mishra10 (26b 2x4)
Varun Aaron0 (3b)
Tharindu Kaushal 17-1-47-2
Rangana Herath 20-6-42-7
Kaushal to Mishra, FOUR runs

down the track and lofts it to the deep extra cover boundary, not sure he was looking to go in that region

Kaushal to Mishra, no run

tossed up fullish on off, blocked off the front foot

Kaushal to Mishra, no run

tries to dab a shortish one past slip, but Mathews is alert and dives

Kaushal to Mishra, no run

appeal for caught behind as he tries the sweep to the straighter one, did not seem to be an edge there

Kaushal to Mishra, no run

a low full toss from Kaushal, probably his first in the innings, pushed towards mid on

Kaushal to Mishra, no run

rips a doosra way past the outside edge as he plays off the back foot

Kaushal round the stumps

end of over 47Wicket maiden
INDIA: 102/9CRR: 2.17 
Varun Aaron0 (3b)
Amit Mishra6 (20b 1x4)
Rangana Herath 20-6-42-7
Tharindu Kaushal 16-1-43-2

Riyaz: "It's a tribute to Sanga at Galle"

Herath to Aaron, no run

drives a tossed up ball to mid off

Herath to Aaron, no run

another shout for lbw, it was pad first on the forward push, but was headed down leg

Herath to Aaron, no run

pushes to point off the front foot

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