16th match (N), Kolkata, Apr 29 2008, Indian Premier League
Mum Indians won by 7 wickets (with 8 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
3/14 & 2 catches

So after four losses, the Mumbai Indians are on the board. A seven-wicket win, set into motion by Shaun Pollock's two-wicket first over, maintained by a stellar display of left-arm spin bowling by Sanath Jayasuriya, and finished off by Dwayne Bravo and Robin Uthappa, who added 113 for the fourth wicket. Bravo remained unbeaten on 64 and Uthappa on 37. A fantastic stand after Mumbai lost three early wickets.

Ganguly wrung in the changes but his captaincy lacked oomph. Mumbai won with Tendulkar out for the fifth game in a row, and with Harbhajan Singh banned for 11 games. Pollock is all smiles. Bravo is happy to have played a winning role tonight and credits his captain and Jayasuriya. He hopes Mumbai can take this momentum forward. His really was a truly flamboyant, West Indian innings. A pleasure to watch.

Tonight its the Mumbai team singing. No cries of 'Korbo, lorbo, jitbo, re' from the Eden Gardens, Shah Rukh Khan or Usha Uthup. The Knight Riders' second loss in a row. And they've lost McCullum and Ponting.

Captains' speak: First the losing one, Dada: "We didn't bat well on a good batting track. It was a score to fight because Mumbai had not done well. But Bravo and Uthappa batted well. I gave Ishant three overs and had to hold him back. We dropped a catch but credit to the batsmen. We haven't batted well but there are plenty of games to go."

Shukla gets the most sixes award. He hit a couple.

Now Pollock: "It was nice. We needed to win to build confidence. It was a situation that could have slipped away. But Bravo and Uthappa played superbly. If I can be honest, we were looking for the smallest possible [total]. We managed to apply pressure all through, and Sachin might be back for the next game. Its a nice start for us."

Shah Rukh Khan hands over the Man-of-the-Match award to Jayasuriya, who bowled excellently for figures of 4-1-14-3, two catches, a hand in a run out, and 18 off 13 balls.

This is Jamie Alter signing off on behalf of all of us at Cricinfo, but do come back and join me tomorrow, for the Delhi Daredevils v Bangalore Royal Challengers game at 20:00 local, 14:30 GMT. Until then, cheers!

Sharma to Bravo, 2 runs

all over, and well done Bravo! Chips this one in the air, not timed well but it lands safely over extra cover's head and they scamper back for two to seal the first win of their campaign!

Sharma to Bravo, FOUR runs

lovely shot, just transferring the weight and pulling from outside off stump smack over midwicket, all off one leg, for a one-bounce four

Sharma to Bravo, no run

full on the zone, he makes room and squeezes it out to backward point

Sharma to Bravo, no run

short of a length outside off stump, pushed right to the man at point

Tendulkar, Fernando on their feet in the Mumbai dug out. Ishant back to bowl.

end of over 183 runs
MI: 132/3CRR: 7.33 RRR: 3.00
Robin Uthappa37 (37)
Dwayne Bravo58 (49)
Ashok Dinda 4-0-12-1
Ajit Agarkar 4-0-23-1

Just six runs to win ...

Dinda to Uthappa, no run

comes out and slogs across the line but misses all ends up

Dinda to Uthappa, no run

slower ball, on a good length outside off and he pushes to cover

Dinda to Uthappa, no run

comes forward and works it to midwicket, who slides and saves runs

Dinda to Bravo, 1 run

bowled full into the leg-stump blockhole but he gets bat on it, flicking down to short fine leg and then responding well to the call for one

Dinda to Uthappa, 1 run

change of pace, bowls a length and Uthappa pushes to cover

Dinda to Bravo, 1 run

tries to whip it away from off stump but survives with an inside-edge, they then proceed to scamper a single to midwicket

end of over 178 runs
MI: 129/3CRR: 7.58 RRR: 3.00
Dwayne Bravo56 (47)
Robin Uthappa36 (33)
Ajit Agarkar 4-0-23-1
Laxmi Shukla 1-0-11-0
Agarkar to Bravo, 1 run

slides down leg stump and he clips it out to Ishant on the boundary

Agarkar to Bravo, 2 runs

full on leg stump, whipped out to the deep and they run very hard for two

Agarkar to Uthappa, 1 run
Agarkar to Uthappa, no run

pushes off the front foot but gets beaten by the subtle in-cutter

Agarkar to Bravo, 1 run

makes room and slashes down to deep third man, who takes the catch, so Bravo cannot be out caught, and its a run to the scoreboard, and the 100th run of the partnership

Agarkar to Bravo, (no ball)

oversteps, driven straight to cover, so we have a free hit

Agarkar to Bravo, 2 runs

short and he pulls off one leg, all Caribbean, and Ishant runs around from deep backward square leg to cut off the boundary