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RR vs DC, 34th Match at Mumbai, IPL, Apr 22 2022 - Match Result

34th Match (N), Wankhede, April 22, 2022, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, T:223) 207/8

RR won by 15 runs

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Scores: Ranjith P | Comms: @PeterDellaPenna
Scorecard summary
Rajasthan Royals 222/2(20 overs)
Delhi Capitals 207/8(20 overs)
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end of over 2020 runs • 1 wicket
DC: 207/8CRR: 10.35 
Kuldeep Yadav0 (3b)
Obed McCoy 3-0-52-1
Prasidh Krishna 4-1-22-3

11.32 pm David Warner now on the field has a few words for the umpires walking off regarding the no ball over waist height that wasn't. Pant continues arguing with Nitin Menon as well. Both sides aren't keen on shaking hands giving Covid waves, but I don't think handshakes would've been friendly had they been encouraged under the circumstances of the controversial final four balls.

Kush: "I cannot believe how stubborn the umpires were about not referring the no-ball to the tv umpire. Would have taken less than 2 minutes to make the call. Was clearly a no-ball"

mooby: "Very immature from Pant. First you broke the momentum of your team then still nagging about it. It's not a ranji match where Mr Pant can overshadow others its IPL".

DC captain Rishabh Pant: "I think they were bowling well throughout the game but in the end, Powell gave us a chance. I thought the no ball could have been precious for us. I thought we could have checked that no ball, but it's not in my control. Yes, disappointed, but can't do much about it. Everyone was frustrated because it was not even close, so I thought it was only a no ball. Everyone in the ground saw that. I think third umpire should have intervened in between and said it was a no ball, but I can't change the rule myself I guess. [When asked if it was okay to send a team management member onto the field to argue the lack of a no ball call] Obviously it wasn't right, but what happened with us was also not right. It was just the heat of the moment, can't do much about it. I think it was the fault of both of the sides, not even only for us because throughout the tournament we have seen some good umpiring. I thought we could have done pretty well from there I guess. It hurts more when you go so close, especially to a match when the other team has scored 220 runs, but I feel we could have bowled a little better. It's part and parcel of the game. I can only tell them to have their chin up and prepare for the next one right now."

Here comes R Ashwin for the Royals perspective: "The last over was topsy-turvy. I was just keeping my fingers crossed. Devdutt was standing at point and asking me, 'It's not happening right?' and I said, 'No, I hope it's not happening.' I think that break when the [Capitals] coach came in and the whole thing happened, I think that sort of settled our nerves. It's never easy to bowl the last over. I thought Obed did a fantastic job. He's a young guy. Even though he looks big, he's a very very young guy and I thought he held his nerve wonderfully. It was a good comeback, the last three balls. We keep working on the analysis, but I thought the fourth, fifth and sixth balls were fantastic. We were sitting up there and talked about what kind of a score would be good enough to defend and we never thought 200 would be safe. We always thought 210-220, because when an over is expensive, it goes for 20-25. Even if you pull it back, it just keeps going. The ground is small and it's a quality pitch. No total is really safe. [On Chahal] Understanding roles and game situations are very important. It's about understanding the scoreboard and the batsman. In Yuzi, I've found a partner who understands the batter and understands the game really well. We keep the conversation going with Sanju and it's something we're enjoying and I keep my fingers crossed that it goes really well. Thankfully the last two or three games, the dew hasn't really been a major factor. Whatever the ground staff are doing, I request them to keep doing."

Hritvik Patel: "I can recall when everyone thought Dhoni was right barging into field in 2019 to confront umpires while Pant is been made a bad guy. Both captain's decisions were wrong, but everyone should remember the decision made by umpire that led to this situation. Umpire shouldn't be so adamant at such crucial juncture of the match. Should've referred upstairs."

Prateek: "Very easy to criticise Pant that he broke the momentum, but put yourself in his shoes and you would have done the same if not worse. Even the great MSD lost this cool once in a similar situation. Plain simple - Umpires had to be sensible and had to just refer it upstairs and use the technology at hand instead of being rigid."

Sagar: "Maybe this could be looked at as an opportunity within DRS. DRS is available to teams if you think the umpire has made a mistake, why not extend it to no-balls, wides etc. 2 reviews for wickets, 2 reviews for no-balls/wides. But those 2 reviews for wides/no balls are for the entire innings and are gone once used."

KedarKshirsagar: "Why can't teams use the reviews to review any umpiring decision? Why limited to Out decisions only? It's Decision Review System, not Out Review System."

Sourabh Kulkarn: "If that ball had gone for a wicket instead of six, wouldn't the umpire have reviewed it?"

Manish: "Its funny to see ,umpire not asked for third umpire for such a crucial no-ball however they never hestitate to ask to third umpire in case of run outs when even batsmen cross the stumps.."

Royals captain Sanju Samson: "It went for a six, it was a full toss and the umpire gave it a normal ball. But batsman wanted it as a no ball. I think umpire made his decision very clear and sticked to it. I think we wanted to be around [McCoy]. It's not an easy thing for a bowler to be hit for three sixes defending 36. We wanted to take some time, put a smile back on his face. It was very tough to do that but we wanted to give him a breather and tell him we are just changing the plans. I think we wanted to go wide yorker at that time and he was feeling very confident. I felt it was a good plan to just concede a four and then come back to the bigger side of the boundary, we wanted to bowl slower balls and that really worked. I think it's really a great performance. Last game was also a tough, really challenging one. Having someone like Powell at the end challenging you with so much power, I think in this game and venue and wicket, you know that any target is chaseable. So it's very important to be calm and know how to use your bowlers, stay calm, trust your teammates and trust your team. Have confidence in yourself and back yourself. [On the spinners] I think bowlers are experienced enough to bowl in these kind of conditions. Having the experience of R Ashwin and Yuzi Chahal in the middle overs is really going well and we'd like to continue it."

Player of the Match is Jos Buttler after yet another century: "Really special, I really enjoyed it. I think especially being here at the Wankhede, I love this stadium. My first IPL was here with Mumbai Indians. It's a fantastic atmosphere and I really loved it. I'm really enjoying some of the best form of my life and trying to work out why, bottle it up and continue that form. I love the team, we've got an incredibly strong side. It's great to be at the top at the halfway stage of the tournament and we need to continue that form all the way through. The ball swung in the first over. I found that really tricky and didn't feel in good touch at that point. You just try to soak up that pressure and try and come through it, keep believing that one ball will set you on your way and can get going. Once I got to that point, the confidence came back. We managed to build a good partnership. Devdutt played fantastically well at the other end. Being no wickets down with eight overs gone, it felt like the right time to attack and put the pressure back on Delhi."

That's it from today's coverage. On behalf of my commentary tag-team partner Sreshth Shah, I'm Peter Della Penna. Come back tomorrow for more IPL action. Until then, take care!

McCoy to Powell, OUT

length ball on the stumps, Powell skies a heave behind the stumps and it swirls around for Samson to settle under and take it tumbling to the ground. An anticlimactic end after what happened minutes earlier.

Rovman Powell c †Samson b McCoy 36 (15b 0x4 5x6 29m) SR: 240

Sayan: "Pant has just ruined DC's chances. Rovman was on fire and they just broke his momentum."

McCoy to Powell, 2 runs

another slower ball on middle, this time Powell makes contact flicking through midwicket for two.

The delay after that previous delivery disrupted Powell's rhythm more than anything.

McCoy to Powell, no run

bouncer over middle stump, Powell takes a wild heave but it's a clever slower delivery at 121 kph and he's way out in front.

Kuldeep is furiously gesticulating to the umpires demanding that last delivery be checked for a possible no ball on height. Long delay here as the fans continue to chant, "Rov-MAN! Rov-MAN!" Powell now having a chat with the umpires too, who are steadfast the delivery was legal on height and are telling him to go back to the crease to play on. A member of the Capitals staff is now running onto the field to argue the decision, shades of Dhoni from a few years ago. Replays show the Capitals have a strong case for the delivery being a no ball on height but it has been deemed legal. Now Buttler comes over from long-on to have a stern argument with Rishabh Pant on the bench.

McCoy to Powell, SIX runs

three down, three to go! Meatball of a full toss on the hips, Rovman sprinkles some marinara sauce over the top before tucking into it and sending it over midwicket. Lucky not to be called a no ball on height.

The crowd is chanting, "Rov-MAN! Rov-MAN!"

McCoy to Powell, SIX runs

two down, four to go! Half-volley bowled wider on seventh stump, gets the wide yorker fractionally wrong and Powell goes inside out with a drive screaming into the stands over cover.

Hetmyer comes over to have a word with his West Indian pal Powell. McCoy has nothing to say just yet.

McCoy to Powell, SIX runs

one down, five sixes to go! In the slot on fifth stump, Powell tees off with the three-wood high and deep over long-off, lands in the front row of the upper deck!

Vignesh: "Great planning from RR. They figured that Lalit's offside game is pretty weak and Prasidh executed perfectly "

Obed McCoy to bowl the final over.

end of over 19Wicket maiden
DC: 187/7CRR: 9.84 RRR: 36.00 • Need 36 from 6b
Kuldeep Yadav0 (3b)
Rovman Powell16 (9b 2x6)
Prasidh Krishna 4-1-22-3
Trent Boult 4-0-47-0

Ronald Dunai: "Prasidh has been the underrated match winner for Rajasthan the last two matches with his crucial economical 19th overs. "

Prasidh to Kuldeep, no run

full on middle, whipped straight to midwicket. Kuldeep turns down a single so Powell can have the strike for the final over where the Capitals will need six sixes. Prasidh Krishna has bowled a wicket maiden in the 19th over of a T20 chase! Take a bow!

Prasidh to Kuldeep, no run

yorker speared in between leg stump and Kuldeep backing away, he misses trying to flick this 139 kph delivery through the leg side.

Prasidh to Kuldeep, no run

short ball over middle stump, Kuldeep shuffles way across his stumps to pull and misses. Kuldeep wants a wide called but it was clearly passing over the top of the stumps and correctly deemed legal.

Prasidh to Lalit Yadav, OUT

what an over from Krishna! The around the wicket ploy pays off! Slants this on a good length across Lalit on eighth stump, Lalit tries to shuffle across to get in line for a heave to the leg side but only manages to slice a healthy edge behind to Samson.

Lalit Yadav c †Samson b Prasidh Krishna 37 (24b 3x4 2x6 48m) SR: 154.16

Sean Daniel: "This is the same Rovman Powell that struck a t20i century againt England not too long ago right. I guess DC haven't read Abt it somehow."

Prasidh to Lalit Yadav, no run

length ball angled across sixth stump at 138 kph, Lalit gets on his knee to slog this and misses badly as it sails past him.

Prasidh to Lalit Yadav, no run

juicy full toss angled across sixth stump at knee height, Lalit swings wildly, misses and then covers his face in embarrassment knowing he's missed out on a boundary opportunity.

36 off 12... You never know! Krishna returns for his last over. Lots of teammates signaling instructions. He starts around the wicket to Lalit.

end of over 1815 runs
DC: 187/6CRR: 10.38 RRR: 18.00 • Need 36 from 12b
Rovman Powell16 (9b 2x6)
Lalit Yadav37 (21b 3x4 2x6)
Trent Boult 4-0-47-0
Yuzvendra Chahal 4-0-28-1

Akram: "Amidst all the drama of sending Powell so late, he honestly has looked like a no.10 with the bat. Barely connected. Immediately need to bring Seifert at no.3 and drop Powell." I'm guessing Akram's internet connection was a touch slow submitting this comment and didn't see the last over before hitting send. Or maybe he's just a super harsh grader.

Boult to Powell, SIX runs

slower ball lands full on sixth stump, Powell not fooled this time by a 115 kph delivery, slaughters this high and deep over long-off.

Boult to Powell, no run

offcutter lands on fourth stump on a good length and breaks away at 120 kph, Powell well out in front of a heave and fans on the shot.

Boult to Powell, SIX runs

Powell has a different magic 8 ball than mine! Length ball sits up for Powell to crunch flat over wide long-on onto the covered tarps beyond the fence.

Chandu: "Albie Morkel once did it when 51 required off 18 balls. Can Powell do same?" Magic 8 ball says, 'Outlook not so good".

Boult to Powell, 1 wide

short and wide, tails too far outside the guidelines and left alone, wide called.

Boult to Lalit Yadav, 1 run

length ball on the hips, mistimed tamely over backward square for one.

Siddarth: "What a steal Chahal turned out to be!! After the auction, it was considered a great price for a premier Indian Spinner, but the way he performed - RR struck gold. "

Boult to Powell, 1 run

yorker on off stump at 135 kph, jammed out into fine leg for one.

Boult to Powell, no run

length slower ball outside off, Powell is out in front with a big heave.

end of over 1710 runs
DC: 172/6CRR: 10.11 RRR: 17.00 • Need 51 from 18b
Rovman Powell3 (4b)
Lalit Yadav36 (20b 3x4 2x6)
Yuzvendra Chahal 4-0-28-1
Trent Boult 3-0-32-0

Bhawesh: "@Peter regarding that runout, just wanted to point out that you need not run whole 22 yatds to complete a run. The distance between the 2 popping creases is 19.33 yards". This will be my last IPL commentary stint. Surely going to be fired after today if I can't get the basic facts right. It's been nice knowing all of you!

Chahal to Powell, 1 run

fullish length on middle, prodded into midwicket for one.

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JC Buttler
116 runs (65)
9 fours9 sixes
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44 runs
2 fours6 sixes
D Padikkal
54 runs (35)
7 fours2 sixes
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cover drive
15 runs
3 fours0 six
Best performances - bowlers
M Prasidh Krishna
R Ashwin
Match details
Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai
TossDelhi Capitals, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Match days22 April 2022 - night (20-over match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsRajasthan Royals 2, Delhi Capitals 0
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RR 100%
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Over 20 • DC 207/8

Rovman Powell c †Samson b McCoy 36 (15b 0x4 5x6 29m) SR: 240
RR won by 15 runs
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