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36th Match (N), Dubai (DSC), October 18, 2020, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, T:177) 176/6

Match tied (Kings XI won the one-over eliminator)

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Scores: Chandan Duorah
Comms: Sidharth Monga
Scorecard summary
Mumbai Indians 176/6(20 overs)
Kings XI Punjab 176/6(20 overs)
Rahul Chahar2/33 (4)

What an evening. It tested the players' skill, their resolve, their fitness, their nous. It also tested our knowledge of the playing conditions. And our tech. Together we went where he had never gone before: a second Super over in the same match. Have yo seen the astronauts-on-moon video sped up? It felt a little like that: stumbling, find our way, but great thrill and excitement. Shami was the best of the lot with his yorkers, taking this match into a second Super Over with just five to defend. He didn't waver off his yorkers at all. Shami would have been my Man of the Match, but I am not slacking off Rahul. He has led an inexperienced batting line-up, and also showed much better intent today. It took a great delivery from Bumrah to get him out in the regulation match. Oh there is too much to recount, and I will let my esteemed colleagues do that in their written pieces. Good night and good luck

KL Rahul, who is also the Man of the Match: "Yeah okay. It is not the first time. But we don't want to make a habit out of it. We will take the two points in the end. It doesn't always happen the way you plan so you don't really know how to stay balanced. I was just hoping we get over the line because the boys have been working really really hard. In the games that we have lost, even then we have played well and just not been able to get over the line. After wicketkeeping for 20 overs, I knew the first six overs were crucial. The wicket was slightly slower so it was important for us to get runs in the Powerplay. I knew Chris and Pooran... I trust them to take down spinners. So Chris coming in has made my job easier as a batter. You can never prepare for Super Overs. No team does. So you have to trust your bowler's gut. You trust your bowler, and let them believe their instinct and gut. He was very clear he wanted to go six yorkers. He has been phenomenal, and keeps getting better every game. It is important that senior players win the games for the team. [The tide might be turning with two close wins] but we still want to take it one game at a time. It is sweet after the kind of matches we have lost but the talk in the dressing room is to focus on the process. We know we need to win everything from here, but we can't forget the processes that lead to a win."

Mayank Agarwal says, "This is sport. It can get hard, but you definitely can't do without it. For a moment or two, the DC game was in the back of my head, but the thinking was to watch the ball and hit the ball. It is amazing to be part of this game, which will go down in history. Hopefully we can sneak in, but we are not talking about it, we are not looking at the points. It is about each game and trying to win it."

Kieron Pollard says Rohit Sharma was not feeling well so he is speaking to Star at the post-match presentation. He says this is not the worst thing that could happen to you in life. Yes, it was a game we should have won, he says, but we will have to move on

Would you believe it? Mumbai Indians have lost two Super Overs in one IPL. They are a team built for Super Overs. And yet they have lost. Thanks to the exceptional Super Over that Shami bowled. Yorker after yorker after yorker, he nailed them all. What relief it must be for KL Rahul, who has seen many a heartbreak this IPL. What relief for Jordan, who has brought upon two Super Overs when batting. Great spirit between the teams. Rahul, Agarwal, the Pandya brothers share jokes

Boult to Agarwal, FOUR runs

There won't be a tie now. Boult has missed the yorker again, and Agarwal punches this leg-side full toss over midwicket for four. Big relief for KXIP. Agarwal lets out a scream of joy

If I hadn't seen KXIP and this match, I would have said it is all over but who can ever say that. The only fielder back is deep point, the man he picked out against DC to bring upon a tie

Boult to Agarwal, FOUR runs

stays over the wicket, gives him length, Agarwal stays in the crease, gives himself room, and drives this over extra cover for four. Lovely shot

Boult to Gayle, 1 run

slower bouncer, Gayle early into the hook, sends it towards deep midwicket into the bigger part of the ground. Agarwal wants two but Gayle is on the back foot so he is slow to start. They stay with one

Boult to Gayle, SIX runs

misses the yorker. Calf-high full toss, and Universe Boss stands deep in the crease, and smacks it clean over long-on. Just what they needed early in thos Super Over

Agarwal and Gayle walk out. The Jamaica colours on his handle and his gloves. Agarwal more understated. Boult to bowl. Gayle takes first strike. It is just two hits for Gayle. Can Boult keep nailing Yorkers like the ones before him? Just want to let you know: if there is another Super Over, everybody is allowed back in

SUPER OVER 1 - END OF OVER11 runs • 1 wicket
MI: 11/1CRR: 11.00 

Boult has to do it all over again, but this is easier than earlier. He had eight to defend then, in the last over of the regulation game, but now he has 11. And he knows the opposition has only two wickets in hand

And Agarwal dashes off to get ready. He will have to chase down 12 now. Boult will bowl the over. Who will be Agarwal's partners? I would say Gayle to open and Maxwell at 3

Jordan to Pollard, 2 runs

sensational fielding at wide long-on. They have crunched all the action into this match. Low full toss, you can't get under it, but Pollard still gets enough to send it sailing over wide long-on, but Agarwal flies high, catches it even as he is falling over the fence, and then throws the ball back in before landing beyond the rope. This is great fielding

Jordan to Pollard, no run

lovely wide bowling. KXIP they have got them bowled out as the umpire rules him out caught at the wicket. But Pollard reviews it immediately. This is a wide yorker, outside Pollard's reach, and it cuts back in (I don't know how). There is a noise as it passes the toe of his bat, but it doesn't register on the snicko. Pollard survives

Jordan to Pollard, 1 run, OUT

misses the Yorker, but it is still a good low full toss. He has hit this to deep midwicket, and Pandya sacrifices himself to get Pollard back on strike. He won't be able to bat again if there is another Super Over

Hardik Pandya run out (Jordan) 1 (1b 0x4 0x6)
Jordan to Pollard, 1 wide

looks to go behind him as Pollard keeps moving across to off. Slips a wide down the leg side

Jordan to Pollard, FOUR runs

goes wide, but misses the Yorker. It is a half-volley, and Pollard doesn't over-hit it. He drives it, placing it wide of the diving extra cover

Jordan to Hardik, 1 run

Yorker/ really low full toss, leg stump, Pandya can't get under it. Just the single to deep midwicket

Jordan to Hardik, 1 wide

tries to go wide of Pandya's reach to deny him the leg-side hit, bit ends up bowling too wide

Jordan to Pandya. Same field. Third man and fine leg up

Jordan to Pollard, 1 run

perfect yorker first up. Base of leg stump. Dug out to long-on

Pollard and Pandya ready to bat. Jordan to bowl. But Rahul and Pooran can't chase.

The leg-side boundary is the smaller boundary. Square leg, midwicket, long-on, long-off, cover are at the fence

Just to clarify: only the batsmen who have been dismissed can't bat again. So Rahul, Pooran and de Kock have been ruled out. Pollard still very much in the game

I can't get over how well Shami has bowled this Super Over. Not the best batting from Mumbai, but Shami was sensational with his yorkers. He executed his Super Over better than Bumrah did

This is a great Super Over, but these six guys cannot be used again. And that means Pollard too, who didn't bat but was listed to bat. Rahul, Pooran, Hooda done for KXIP. Shami done too. MI have lost Sharma, de Kock, Pollard and Bumrah. Now the playing field has been levelled

Mumbai Indians - 5 runs in 1 over (1st Super Over tied).

0.6 (1 run, wicket) - Mohammed Shami to de Kock, 1 run,OUT, Third umpire to decide whether he have another Super Over. Shami nails the wide Yorker again, de Kock digs it out, extra cover dives to try to field, but it bounces over him. Deep cover throws it in, de Kock has run the first one slow, and Pooran's throw is wide, but Rahul is excellent with the big gloves. He deflects this on to the stumps to beat de Kock's dive ... Q de Kock run out (KL Rahul)

0.5 (1 run) - Mohammed Shami to Sharma, 1 run, Sharma tries the ramp again, but Shami nails his yorker again. Sharma gets an outside edge onto the pad, and they take a risky single. Shami can't field this cleanly, though. And KXIP waste a review too

0.4 (no run) - Mohammed Shami to Sharma, no run, Perfect Yorker. This is top-class bowling with no target to defend. Just outside off. Sharma opens the face but gets nothing on it. Dot

0.3 (1 run)- Mohammed Shami to de Kock, 1 run,Wide on the crease, nails the wide yorker, crunched to deep cover for one

0.2 (1 run) - Mohammed Shami to Sharma, 1 run, Full, about a foot short of being a yorker, Sharma goes inside-out, doesn't get all of it, and it bounces short of deep cover

0.1 (1 run) - Mohammed Shami to de Kock, 1 run, De Kock looks for the ramp/paddle, and Shami bowls a wide low full toss. He gets a big inside edge. So easily that could get him out bowled, but it hits his pad, and they take the single

Mumbai go the solid route. Rohit Sharma and Quinton de Kock go out to bat. What Shami needs is a wicket early. That sets the cat among the pigeons

Glum faces near the KXIP huddle. Resignation writ large

If Shami ties this one somehow, we will have another Super Over, and they can't use these batsmen or bowlers in that Super Over

Yet again, the side bowling first holds all the aces in the Super Over. Just six to get. What do MI do? Do they go openers and ask them to knock it off? Or do they go power and finish it off in one hit? We know Shami will bowl

Kings XI Punjab - 5 runs in 1 over.

0.6 (wicket) - Bumrah to Rahul, OUT, Rahul tries the funkiest shot he has ever tried. The reverse ramp, but Bumrah nails the Yorker again. At the base of the middle stumps, and he out plumb lbw. Hit on the toe. Why didn't he try the orthodox ramp? This is Bumrah man ...KL Rahul lbw b Bumrah

0.5 (2 runs) - Bumrah to Rahul, 2 runs, And now Bumrah nails the Yorker on the leg stump. Rahul gets an inside edge to long leg, and comes back for two

0.4 (1 run) - Bumrah to Hooda, 1 run, Yet another full toss, this time he has hit it wide of long leg, but Rahul turns down the second

0.3 (1 run) - Bumrah to Rahul, 1 run, Another full toss, but just cramps him up, and all he gets is a single to long leg. Roy is sharp again

Hooda has been sent in. Probably because he knows the pitch conditions better than Gayle or Agarwal who batted much earlier

0.2 (wicket) - Bumrah to Pooran, OUT, Stays over the wicket to Pooran. He has got a plum full toss but made a meal of it. Absolute meal. Looks to go over midwicket, but gets a thick outside edge over point, and the substitute Anukul Roy runs back and takes a special catch over his shoulder. Never easy running back...N Pooran c sub (AS Roy) b Bumrah

0.1 (1 run) - Bumrah to Rahul, 1 run, Low full toss, Rahul can't get power behind this. Driven to extra cover for one

Rahul and Pooran are the first set. Bumrah to bowl. Hooda hasn't removed the pads. Does that mean he will bat?

1st Super Over

end of over 208 runs • 1 wicket
PBKS: 176/6CRR: 8.80 
Deepak Hooda23 (16)
Trent Boult 4-0-48-0
Nathan Coulter-Nile 4-0-33-0

Second Super Over of the night. Second Super Over for these sides. And you won't think Mumbai will lose another Super Over. They are a team built for Super Overs. Bumrah to bowl; Sharma, Pollard and Pandya to bat. KXIP might go Rahul, Pooran, Gayle/Agarwal. Shami to bowl. Let's see what they do

What's with KXIP and nerves? What an excellent last over from Boult. The only boundary is an inside edge on a yorker

Boult to Jordan, 1 run, OUT

yorker, swinging in, and there is a third umpire checking the striker's end. And we have a super over by the barest of margins. A second super over. Jordan's running is suspect here. he has turned around in a big circle, and is running two pitches off the main pitch. He has lost at least four yards doing that, and he has been beaten by an inch. Yorker, dug out, reaches the 30-yard circle towards long-on. Pollard comes in with the big throw to the keeper, but Jordan has brought on yet another Super Over

Chris Jordan run out (Pollard/†de Kock) 13 (8b 2x4 0x6) SR: 162.5

Two required off the last ball. More conferences. Another last-ball finish for KXIP. Long-on, deep midwicket back, but Sharma is asking his boundary riders to come in off the fence. Only four men inside the circle

Boult to Hooda, 1 run

full and wide, and this might have been wide had he not got bat on it. Single to deep point

Boult to Hooda, no run

good umpiring. Hooda moves across the line, Bouls goes behind him with a yorker. Misses the yorker by a stump's width. Hooda wants a wide, but it is not called

Pollard goes from long-on to extra cover to have a word with Sharma. Back to his station

Boult to Jordan, 1 run

slower ball, on a length, outside off, shovelled to long-on for one. Keeps it along the ground

Boult to Jordan, FOUR runs

oh finally some luck for KXIP. Pinpoint yorker, Jordan makes room, gets an inside edge past the keeper. Oh sweet relief, they must be thinking

Boult to Hooda, 1 run

Boult to bowl the last over. Nine to get. One boundary and they should be through, but funny things happen in the last over. Long chat between Boult, Sharma, Pollard and Pandya

end of over 1913 runs
PBKS: 168/5CRR: 8.84 RRR: 9.00
Chris Jordan7 (5)
Deepak Hooda21 (13)
Nathan Coulter-Nile 4-0-33-0
Jasprit Bumrah 4-0-24-3
Coulter-Nile to Jordan, no run

Jordan does look to take that route but this slower short ball squeezes under his attempted pull

Does Jordan use this as a free hit? If he hits a four, it is game over. If he gets out, the batsman is still on strike?

Coulter-Nile to Jordan, 2 runs

full and straight, pushed straight of long-on. Smart again. Soft hands too. Pollard has to run to his left and also in towards the ball. They take an easy two

Coulter-Nile to Jordan, FOUR runs

this is ordinary bowling really. Finally goes on-pace but well down the leg side with short fine leg up. This is poor execution in elite sport. Can't bowl half-volleys down leg with short fine leg in the circle. Tickled away for four

Coulter-Nile to Hooda, 1 run

dropped at short fine leg. Oh this is not a good ball. Short of a length, slower, but down the leg side, and all Hooda has to do is clear short fine. But he doesn't get enough bat on this, and offers Chahar a sitter, head-high to his left. He spills it

Coulter-Nile to Hooda, FOUR runs

smart shot. Short of a length, on top of off, but Hooda makes room and plays the late-cut, bisecting short third man and backward point

Coulter-Nile to Hooda, 2 runs

slower ball, short of a length, outside off, he pulls this wide of long-on for two

Coulter-Nile will bowl the 19th, Boult the 20th

end of over 185 runs • 1 wicket
PBKS: 155/5CRR: 8.61 RRR: 11.00
Chris Jordan1 (2)
Deepak Hooda14 (10)
Jasprit Bumrah 4-0-24-3
Nathan Coulter-Nile 3-0-20-0

What an over from Bumrah. His captain wanted a piece of magic, and he delivered it. All of a sudden it is 22 off the last two with Rahul gone. Not that easy now

Bumrah to Jordan, no run

slower ball, 123ks, full and wide, driven crisply, but straight to extra cover

Chance of winning dropped from 77 to 48% with that wicket

Bumrah to Hooda, 1 run

low full toss again, he moves across to work this to deep midwicket for one

Bumrah to Jordan, 1 run

full and straight, a low full toss, pushed towards long-on for one

Chris Jordan. He has been in the middle when KXIP lost an unlosebale match earlier. Can he make up?

Bumrah to Rahul, OUT

bowled'im. Oh Bumrah. That piece of magic upsets all calculations and plans. What a piece of bloody magic. Yorker at 149ks to peg the off stumps back. And that is not all. It seems Rahul has the line covered, but it seems it shapes away late to beat his outside edge and then hit the wicket. Oh man, what a bowler Bumrah is

KL Rahul b Bumrah 77 (51b 7x4 3x6) SR: 150.98
Bumrah to Rahul, 2 runs

full toss, quick, ow, hit straight to extra cover. Sharma feels the pinch. Takes the risk of a direct hit. Rahul is alert. He doesn't over-run. Comes back for the overthrow

Bumrah to Hooda, 1 run

Hooda swings hard, doesn't get all of it, will take a single to deep midwicket

That was pretty much on target. Sharma has been forced to bowl Bumrah out early. If they take eight off him this over, it is a straightforward 19 off the other two. Aim for eight, take the bonus if you get

end of over 1710 runs
PBKS: 150/4CRR: 8.82 RRR: 9.00
Deepak Hooda12 (8)
KL Rahul75 (49)
Nathan Coulter-Nile 3-0-20-0
Jasprit Bumrah 3-0-19-2
Coulter-Nile to Hooda, 1 run

short of a length, slower ball, outside off, steered for one to short third man

Coulter-Nile charges in, and as he enters the delivery stride he sees Hooda is not looking up. So he aborts. Hooda was not ready

Coulter-Nile to Hooda, no run

short of a length, outside off, beaten on the cut. Sharp pace here

Match details
Dubai International Cricket Stadium
TossMumbai Indians, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Punjab Kings
KL Rahul
Hours of play (local time)18.00 start, First Session 18.00-19.30, Interval 19.30-19.50, Second Session 19.50- 21.20
Match days18 October 2020 - night (20-over match)
Nitin Menon
Paul Reiffel
TV Umpire
Anil Chaudhary
Reserve Umpire
Anil Dandekar
Match Referee
Javagal Srinath
PointsMumbai Indians 0, Kings XI Punjab 2
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