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21st Match (N), Ahmedabad, April 26, 2021, Indian Premier League
(16.4/20 ov, T:124) 126/5

KKR won by 5 wickets (with 20 balls remaining)

Full commentary

11.30pm That's all we have from game 21, and the first one from Ahmedabad this IPL. Join us again tomorrow for a clash between two teams from the top four: it's Delhi Capitals vs RCB. Until tomorrow, good night, and stay safe everyone.

A message from us to our readers, especially in India: mask up in public, and follow social distancing and self-sanitising protocols. And if you're eligible, please take your vaccine as soon as possible.

Eoin Morgan is also the Player of the Match: Nice to lead the team. We've worked incredibly hard, but didn't perform as well as we would have liked initially. Today our performance was really, really impressive, especially from our bowlers and the way we started and kept the pressure throughout. On a wicket like that, in 12th or 13th over the ball continued to slide on and got better and better. Mavi was only in his second game this season, and bowling four together is something we don't do this often. His match-up against Gayle was favourable. He had started well last game so huge credit to him. The advantage we have over most spinners is we have variation spinners with drift and turn, and today they were exceptional. Still a lot of time to go in the tournament (on getting off the bottom of the table), we can't take it for granted. (On the pandemic) It's challenging and things have to be managed for the players and staff, and we know the horrific nature of what's happening outside the bubble. We try and lend our support and we've seen how devastating it is not only in India but around the world. If you're going out stay safe, wear a mask, maintain social distance. We've seen huge amounts of tough times, even at home. On behalf of KKR we wish everyone well. We can stick together, we can beat this thing.

KL Rahul: "I really don't know what to say, it was a poor performance from us. We should have adapted better on a new pitch, we could have applied a lot more with the bat and get that extra 20-30 runs. The wicket was a bit low and slow, but 120-130 was not enough. A few soft dismissals are that's costing us the game. The pitch was a bit two-paced and stayed up and down as well. It was hard in the first six overs to understand the good shots to play on this pitch. It was expected that the pitch was difficult to assess at a new venue when you're batting first, but we should have assessed and adapted quickly but we couldn't do that. We have a few more games here and we hope to learn from our mistakes. That was a stunning catch (from Bishnoi), we've been a good fielding side. We have Jonty Rhodes who pushes the boys at every training session. He's a tough task master and he puts everyone to test. He has a great energy off the field and that rubs off on the players."

Rahul Tripathi: "It felt nice to win after losing three in a row. Our bowling unit did a fabulous job to restrict them to 122. We lost early wickets but we knew if we applied ourselves we could chase it down. It was coming on but the odd ball was keeping low but it was coming on nicely. Yes, I thought I was run out (laughs) and I thought I was late to dive but fortunately I made it. I think I was set (when I got out) and I wanted to take a chance against an offspinner but it was a half-hearted chance. A little rash shot but I would have liked to carry on."

11.05pm Finally a convincing win for KKR who have pulled themselves off the bottom of the points table. And they'll be pleased with this clinical win. Their bowlers were accurate after opting to bowl, the spin duo kept the Punjab Kings guessing, the quicks bowled awkward lengths and they eventually sealed the chased with more than three overs to spare, led by their captain Morgan. They just need Russell to find his form again and probably quicker scoring from Gill, and they can become a much better team. Lots of questions yet to answer for the Punjab Kings, their powerplay scoring, their overseas batters not performing, their fifth bowler, and a couple of misfields as well today. They're lucky they're not back at the bottom of the table again.

Rahul Challa: "KKR is a very promising team, provided every player in their team gives their 100 percent."

Ashok : "Time to drop Pooran or Gayle and get Dawid Malan into the XI."

Arshdeep Singh to Karthik, FOUR runs

middles the pull this time and those are the winning runs for KKR. Another short ball, and the lack of bounce here only helps the batters. Pulled away in style

Arshdeep Singh to Karthik, 2 runs

doesn't really middle the pull off the short ball, but it's a big vacant region at deep midwicket. The ball lands just inside the boundary and just stops there instead of rolling away for four, because of the dew

Arshdeep Singh to Karthik, FOUR runs

drives that full delivery straight down the ground and that's beaten a diving mid-off for four! Too full on off stump and Karthik knows how to drive those nice and straight

Arshdeep Singh to Morgan, 1 run

a slow cutter on the stumps, keeps a bit low but he pulls to leg for one

Probably left Arshdeep's two a little too late. Here he is

end of over 1613 runs
KKR: 115/5CRR: 7.18 RRR: 2.25
Eoin Morgan46 (39)
Dinesh Karthik2 (3)
Deepak Hooda 2-0-20-1
Ravi Bishnoi 4-0-19-0
Hooda to Morgan, 1 run

touch shorter and pushed into the covers for one

Hooda to Morgan, SIX runs

and even better this time! Stands still, gets an overpitched delivery around off and lofts that nicely well over the long-off fielder for a clean six!

Hooda to Morgan, FOUR runs

goes on the attack and drives that all along the ground and right in the gap through the covers for four! Made room as well even as Hooda flighted the ball and he found the gap with the inside-out drive

Srinivash Varma: "KKR has to back Russel to play at this phase of game later too "

Hooda to Karthik, 1 run

too full on the stumps, driven down to long-on

Over the wicket to Karthik

Hooda to Morgan, 1 run

touch fuller and this time Morgan steers it towards deep point

Hooda to Morgan, no run

keeps low outside off and Morgan can't connect with the cut

22 from 30, here's another from Hooda, around the wicket to Morgan

end of over 154 runs • 1 wicket
KKR: 102/5CRR: 6.80 RRR: 4.40
Eoin Morgan34 (34)
Dinesh Karthik1 (2)
Ravi Bishnoi 4-0-19-0
Chris Jordan 3-0-24-0

End of Bishnoi's spell for a really economical 0 for 19 from four overs despite bowling with a wet ball

Ravi Bishnoi to Morgan, 1 run

short and turning away outside off, Morgan slams it to deep cover for one. And keeps strike

Ravi Bishnoi to Morgan, no run

Too wide outside off, Morgan cuts and finds backward point

Ravi Bishnoi to Morgan, 2 runs

sweeps against the turn and gets a top edge over the slips for two

Ravi Bishnoi to Karthik, 1 run

another chance for a run-out! Not really. Karthik tucked the ball to midwicket and took off quickly, and even put in a dive at the bowler's end and the ball struck him instead of hitting the stumps

Ravi Bishnoi to Karthik, no run

on length outside off and driven to mid off

Another twist? Here's Dinesh Karthik

Ravi Bishnoi to Morgan, OUT

has Russell made it? The umpire just wants to check if the ball has struck the stumps and not Rahul's gloves without the ball, and Russell is run-out! Morgan cut the googly to short third man and they took off for a single, Russells knees are not the fittest in the world but he responded for a single, stretched to try and make it, but the sharp throw from Arshdeep hit the base of the stumps and found him short

Andre Russell run out (Arshdeep Singh/†Rahul) 10 (19m 9b 2x4 0x6) SR: 111.11

Bishnoi's wrong'uns are back

end of over 147 runs
KKR: 98/4CRR: 7.00 RRR: 4.33
Eoin Morgan31 (30)
Andre Russell10 (9)
Chris Jordan 3-0-24-0
Ravi Bishnoi 3-0-15-0

Saurabh: "The only reason KKR are in this position are because Tripathi came in early in the powerplay. He has to open ahead of Rana or Gill who haven't looked in the touch. He likes to hit it above the field. Those conditions suite him best." He does look like a proper powerplay batter

Jordan to Morgan, 1 run

the last ball keeps low in front of off, Morgan helps it into the covers and keeps strike

Jordan to Russell, 1 run

that was remarkably quicker at 148.4kmh, but not as much bounce as Russell swat-pulls it to deep square leg

Jordan to Russell, FOUR runs

and another mistimed Russell pull races away to the fine leg boundary off the inside edge. Unlucky for Jordan

Jordan to Russell, no run

almost in the slot outside off, he slams it straight to extra cover in the circle

Rahul moving his field around. Jordan over the wicket to Russell

Manu Ajmani: "Morgan doing the right thing here. He has secured one end and wants to see this through. KKR finally looking like the balanced side and with Morgan back in form will be a dangerous side!"

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