Sri Lanka vs Ireland, 2nd Test at Galle, SL v IRE, Apr 24 2023 - Match Result

2nd Test, Galle, April 24 - 28, 2023, Ireland tour of Sri Lanka
492 & 202

Sri Lanka won by an innings and 10 runs

Player Of The Match
5/174 & 2/88
Player Of The Series
385 runs
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Scores: Binoy George | Comms: Ashish Pant
Scorecard summary
Ireland 492/10(145.3 overs)
111 (229)
5/174 (58.3)
103 (181)
2/78 (22)
Sri Lanka 704/3(151 overs)
245 (291)
1/191 (57)
205 (339)
1/87 (22)
Ireland 202/10(77.3 overs)
85 (189)
5/64 (27)
3/30 (11.3)

All smiles in the Sri Lanka camp as Karunaratne collects the trophy. He poses for the camera before the team gets together for a group picture. It's been fun bringing the series to you. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. Till the next time, this is me, Ashish Pant, signing off on behalf of Aaditya, Binoy and Vairavan. Ciao!

And, finally the Sri Lanka captain, Dimuth Karunaratne: It was a very different wicket from the first one. The way the bowlers bowled, it was really amazing. The fast bowler, spinners and Ramesh came back very well. This kind of cricket is what I am expecting from the boys. If they can get 500, of course, we can cross that. We wanted to get a good start, and we got that. Runs matter for the batters, it will boost the confidence. The batters did well. Everyone did their job. We knew it could rain anytime, so I asked the bowlers to put in a good session and the bowlers put their hands up. The way Asitha bowled was really amazing. If we want to win away series, this is the kind of bowling we need. Ramesh could not do well in the first innings, but he bounced back well. He will do well in the Pakistan series as well.

Here's Andy Balbirnie, the Ireland captain:Feels fine, it was a good spell of bowling and Harry played very well. We have to take the positives. To take it to day five was excellent. We know how good a team Sri Lanka is. We need to make improvements. It is not easy, we don't play a lot of red-ball cricket. We have to do things better. We will learn a lot in these two weeks. Our next Test is against England. Very fortunate to play here, and it is a great venue.

Kusal Mendis is the Player of the Series: [This is a summary] However good the surface was, it was challenging. He says he was trying to be aggressive and he did not know about the six-hitting record.

Prabath Jayasuriya is the Player of the Match: This is a very different wicket when compared to the first game, was a batting-friendly wicket. We were trying to do the basics right. These kinds of wickets, patience is very important. We were trying to be patient. The shoulder is fine.

Presentation time

Here's Ramesh Mendis: I am really happy with my performance and the team's performance. I bowled my consistent line and length. I love bowling in Galle. I am really happy. Proud moment for us and really happy with the overall performance.

2.40pm Sri Lanka register a comfortable win in the end, and take the two-match series 2-0. But, they have been made to fight. In the end, it was Ramesh Mendis' five-wicket haul that proved to be the difference as Ireland were bowled out for 202. Not a lot on the surface for the bowler. Ireland started the day two down and they were met with a hostile spell for bowling from Asitha Fernando. He peppered the batter with short balls aplenty, also forcing Andy Balbirnie to retire hurt. The Irish captain did come back and scored a crucial 46. However, the star of Ireland's batting was Harry Tector, who was superb during his 189-ball 85. He negated the turn, kept out the bouncers and in between played some delightful shots. His innings was laced with eight fours and three sixes. At one point he was chasing his century, before a corker of a yorker from Asitha pegged back his leg stump. It did not take Sri Lanka long to wrap up the Test after that.

Dan: "Only the 2nd time I've ever had a comment published, and it ended up being a commentator's curse... best believe my head is banging against my desk right now" Mate, there are a number of comments for you on the feedback, at the moment

Chris Drew: "Can someone remove Dan's Keyboard of Doom before the next Ireland Test, please."

Patrick: "Congratulations Sri Lanka!!! What a way to celebrate the 100th test win with a record breaking innings win after Ireland's 1st innings 492."

Yousuf: "Is Ireland's 492 the highest first innings score which resulted in an innings defeat?" Yes, it is.

Asitha Fernando to White, OUT

And, that's that! Asitha cleans up White and Sri Lanka win the second Test by an innings and ten runs. Full-length ball tailing into the batter, who gets an inside-edge back onto the stumps. Asitha celebrates, and with that Sri Lanka complete their 100th Test win.

Ben White b AM Fernando 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Ben White is the last man in

Asitha Fernando to Tector, OUT

Yorker, right on the base of middle stump and Asitha is absolutely pumped up! Tails it in the blockhole, as Tector backs away looking for another wild swing. He misses, the bowler doesn't and his stumps are left in a mess. But, that is one heck of an innings from Tector, who falls for 85.

Harry Tector b AM Fernando 85 (189b 8x4 3x6) SR: 44.97

Tector pulls out as the bowler runs in. Karunaratne isn't pleased. Tector says, 'I have swing dripping into my eye, mate'

Asitha Fernando to Tector, no run

Full reverse-swinging ball outside leg stump. Whacks him on the boot as the ball goes towards the off side

Dan: "You never know! They might save the match! Go Tector!"

end of over 77Maiden
IRE: 202/8CRR: 2.62 
Matthew Humphreys4 (31b 1x4)
Harry Tector85 (187b 8x4 3x6)
Prabath Jayasuriya 32-9-88-2
Asitha Fernando 11-3-30-1

Dan: "You never know! They might save the match! Go Trector!"

Jayasuriya to Humphreys, no run

Angled in on off stump, he defends

Jayasuriya to Humphreys, no run

Slows it up and that is way too short on off. He goes back comfortably and defends. Very slow turn for Jayasuriya.

Jayasuriya to Humphreys, no run

Gets a hint of turn on off, he stays back and defends to the off side off the backfoot

Jayasuriya to Humphreys, no run

Very full on off, he digs it to point

Jayasuriya to Humphreys, no run

Full-length ball on middle. He pushes it back to the bowler

Jayasuriya to Humphreys, no run

Fuller on off, he gets forward to defend

end of over 768 runs
IRE: 202/8CRR: 2.65 
Harry Tector85 (187b 8x4 3x6)
Matthew Humphreys4 (25b 1x4)
Asitha Fernando 11-3-30-1
Prabath Jayasuriya 31-8-88-2

James Joyce: "Let there be fight? And there was."

Asitha Fernando to Tector, SIX runs

Going, going, gone! Banged in short on off, and this one sits up for Tector as he goes back and slams the pull over deep midwicket. He gets into the 80s, Ireland breach the 200-mark. The deficit is now just ten.

And now the field comes in. Square leg stays back, though. Double bluff?

Asitha Fernando to Tector, no run

Full-length ball on off, he gets a thick inside-edge back onto his body

Field comes in with two balls in. Oh, scratch that, they are back again to the fence.

Asitha Fernando to Tector, no run

Banged in short and that is a good bouncer on middle. Tector can only sway away from the line of it

Asitha Fernando to Tector, 2 runs

Low full toss outside off, he slices it to the right of deep third and they take two comfortable runs

Asitha Fernando to Tector, no run

Tails the length ball on middle stump, he hacks it to deep midwicket. Did not time it once more.

Asitha Fernando to Tector, no run

Swings his bat once again to the length ball on middle and leg. Does not get hold of it and mistimes to deep midwicket

Jamie Dow: "Wonderful to see such fight from Ireland. They're not going to save the match. But what a difference between losing by x wickets and losing by an innings and n runs! It's also worth remembering that most visiting sides lose in Sri Lanka."

end of over 751 run
IRE: 194/8CRR: 2.58 
Harry Tector77 (181b 8x4 2x6)
Matthew Humphreys4 (25b 1x4)
Prabath Jayasuriya 31-8-88-2
Asitha Fernando 10-3-22-1
Jayasuriya to Tector, 1 run

Full outside off, he plays with an open face of the bat past backward point and they take a run

Jayasuriya to Tector, no run

Oh, wow, Tector slips and there was almost a stumping there. Length outside leg. He taps it with soft hands and the ball bounces back onto the turf to the keeper. Tector loses his footing, and has to scramble back in

The field closes in again

Jayasuriya to Tector, no run

Backs away again but Jayasuriya follows him and holds the length ball. He turns it to square leg

Jayasuriya to Tector, no run

Full ball on the pads, he clips it towards square leg

Jayasuriya to Tector, no run

Backs away to the full ball that is outside leg. He opens up and drives to extra cover

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
BKG Mendis
245 runs (291)
18 fours11 sixes
Productive shot
55 runs
1 four7 sixes
KNM Fernando
205 runs (339)
22 fours1 six
Productive shot
cover drive
32 runs
2 fours0 six
Best performances - bowlers
RTM Mendis
NGRP Jayasuriya
Match details
Galle International Stadium
TossIreland, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
Series resultSri Lanka won the 2-match series 2-0
Match numberTest no. 2503
Hours of play (local time)10.00 start, Lunch 12.00-12.40, Tea 14.40-15.00, Close 17.00
Match days24,25,26,27,28 April 2023 - day (5-day match)
Test debut
FC debut
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Match Referee
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