9th Match, Bready, Jun 26 2021, Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Twenty20 Trophy
(14.4/20 ov, target 121)122/3
NW Warriors won by 7 wickets (with 32 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
61* (43)

The Warriors have romped to victory today, win by seven wickets with 32 balls to spare. Importantly for them, they pick up the bonus point to go 10 points clear at the top

The Warriors batters came out and showed their intent from the beginning, only Getkate had a strike rate of less then 100 and he only faced five balls.

William Porterfield played very well at the top of the order, did give a couple of chances but the Reds couldn't take them. Unsurprisingly he has been named as the player of the match, didn't even take his pads off before being interviewed.

Mike Frost picked up a couple of wickets for the Reds, but with such a low total, they couldn't build any pressure. The big loss has affected their runrate and they have now dropped below the Knights into third place in the table.

There is now a 2 hour break until the next game of the day as the Northern Knights take on the Leinster Lightning. Hopefully you'll be able to join me then. Until then, this is Justin saying goodbye from Bready.

Hand to McClintock, FOUR runs

and that's the win! McClintock powers the ball towards the wide long-off boundary, bounces once before going over the rope.

Hand to Porterfield, 1 run

hits the ball to long-on again

Hand to Porterfield, FOUR runs

Porterfield takes a couple of steps down the track as Hand bowls, Porterfield pulls the ball back past the bowler. Carty dives on the long-on boundary and can't stop it

Hand to Porterfield, SIX runs

and that's six of them! Hand bowls it in the slot, Porterfield gets the front foot out of the way and hammers the ball straight down the ground

end of over 142 runs
NWW: 107/3CRR: 7.64 RRR: 2.33
William McClintock17 (16)
William Porterfield50 (40)
Michael Frost 4-0-28-2
Fionn Hand 1-0-8-0

14 needed now off the next 12 balls to get the bonus point

Frost to McClintock, no run

works the ball to square leg, good diving stop by the fielder. Excellent final over from Frost

Frost to McClintock, no run

blocks the ball to point

Frost to Porterfield, 1 run

drops short and hits the ball back past the bowler, Porterfield jogs down the other end to pick up his fifty. Gets a big round of applause from the crowd

Frost to McClintock, 1 run

takes two steps towards the bowler, hits the ball to deep point

Frost to McClintock, no run

goes down on one knee and doesn't connect with the sweep

Frost to McClintock, no run

keeps a little low, blocks the ball to point

end of over 138 runs
NWW: 105/3CRR: 8.07 RRR: 2.28
William Porterfield49 (39)
William McClintock16 (11)
Fionn Hand 1-0-8-0
Michael Frost 3-0-26-2

Frost's last over.

Hand to Porterfield, no run

slower ball, Porterfield gets on the front foot and is happy to block the ball back down the pitch

Hand to McClintock, 1 run

driven through cover, easier stop in the deep this time for the fielder

Hand to McClintock, 2 runs

pulls the ball over mid-wicket, didn't hit it as cleanly as normal or we would have been in trouble in the media tent!

Hand to McClintock, FOUR runs

andd that he does! Drives the ball towards the extra cover boundary, the fielder in the deep dives but can only help it over the boundary

If the Wsrriors can chase this down before the start of the 17th over, they will pick up a bonus point. McClintock might start attacking here

Hand to Porterfield, 1 run

forces the ball through to deep cover.

Hand to Porterfield, no run

Porterfield looks to drag the ball into the legside, misses and it heads through to the keeper