4th Match (N), Hambantota, Nov 28 2020, Lanka Premier League
(5/5 ov)96/1
(5/5 ov, target 97)62/2
Kings won by 34 runs
player of the match
Andre Russell
Colombo Kings
end of over 511 runs • 1 wicket
GG: 62/2CRR: 12.40 
Azam Khan10 (3)
Danushka Gunathilaka30 (15)
Qais Ahmad1-0-11-1
Isuru Udana2-0-33-0

So Dre Russ thinks he didn't really time too many of those balls today. Watch out LPL bowlers for the day when he does! Anyway, that's it from us tonight. Thanks for your patience sticking around to take in the demolition from a T20 (or is it Five5) master. Kings make it 2 wins from 2. Gladiators are now 0 for 2 and searching for answers they'll need to find quite quickly in a short and sharp T20 tournament if they want to get back into contention. I'm Peter Della Penna. Good night!

Man of the Match Andre Russell: "It's simple. When you bat in a situation like this in a 5-over game, you just have to back yourself. See ball, hit ball. And that's what I did. We know that once we get 80+ runs, that will be a choke on the neck of these guys. It's all about the bat speed. I swing real hard and that's why most times when I get the ball good on the bat, it tends to go a long way. I've been struggling for the last two months or so to hit the ball as clean as I want to. Even today I didn't get the middling of the ball that I want to but I appreciate the edges and luck that goes my way. I didn't really quite time most of those balls today but it just goes to show when you swing hard, the ball still goes over the ropes."

Kings captain Angelo Mathews: "We've got the team to do it whether we bat first or bowl first. Russell showed that no one can get close to him today. He took the game away from the Gladiators. We have the firepower and thought why not just send Russell in [to open] and go have a big smash. You obviously saw what he can do. If a guy like that bats well on the day, that's it."

Gladiators captain Shahid Afridi: "As a captain, I was not expecting a result like that because we are a very balanced side. But for today's game I must give credit to Russell. That was his show. He really played a great innings."

Adharsh R: "It is not 'Colombo Kings won by 34 runs'. It is 'Galle Gladiators lost to Russell by 3 runs', who is unbeaten on 65."

12.05 am A match so amazing that the Kings can claim to have won the same match on two separate days. It's after midnight and the carnage is over. Andre Russell awaits his Man of the Match award for a stunning first innings assault but don't forget about that amazing over from Ashan Priyanjan in the second innings.

Qais to Azam Khan, SIX runs

length ball on the legs, Azam heaves this high over deep midwicket. Too little too late for the Gladiators.

Qais to Azam Khan, FOUR runs

clumsy clumsy effort at long-off turns a wicket into four! Azam charges a full ball, Udana comes in off the rope misjudging it badly. He backpedals late and reaches backward but can't get hands on it. It lands two feet inside the rope and bounces over for four.

Qais to Azam Khan, no run

floated full on the legs, goes to slog sweep and misses.

Azam Khan enters with three balls left to make some cosmetic adjustments to the scorecard. Result no longer in doubt. Gunathilaka couldn't cross with the ball in the air on Afridi's wicket.

Qais to Afridi, OUT

flighted full on sixth stump, Afridi clears the front leg targeting deep midwicket but the spin away results in a top edge sailing over point, sharp catch taken over the shoulder running back on the ring by that man Priyanjan.

Shahid Afridi c Priyanjan b Qais Ahmad 12 (6b 3x4 0x6) SR: 200
Qais to Afridi, no run

flighted full outside off, misses a slog sweep.

Qais to Guna, 1 run

floated full on the stumps, slogs this along the ground to deep midwicket.

Qais Ahmad to bowl the last. Why not stick with Priyanjan?

end of over 414 runs
GG: 51/1CRR: 12.75 • RRR: 47.00 • Need 47 runs from 6b
Shahid Afridi12 (4)
Danushka Gunathilaka29 (14)
Isuru Udana2-0-33-0
Ashan Priyanjan1-0-1-1
Udana to Afridi, FOUR runs

yorker on the legs, flicked away through square leg for another boundary.

Victory may be mathematically out of reach now with 50 off 7 to win, but the last seven balls are still important for net run rate purposes on the tournament tiebreaker.

Udana to Afridi, FOUR runs

wide yorker, Afridi is still able to muscle this through cover and beats the sweeper.

Udana to Afridi, no run

full pace, full length on fifth stump swinging in a touch, Afridi plays over the top with a drive.

Udana to Afridi, FOUR runs

wide yorker, Afridi stabs this out between short third man and backward point and it hustles to the rope.

Udana to Afridi, 1 wide

slower ball lands on a length wide outside off, keeps tailing away beyond Afridi's reach and generously called a wide.

59 off 10 to win. Can Afridi hit a perfect 10 sixes? You never know....

Udana to Guna, 1 run

full and wide, carves this drive out to the point sweeper.

Udana to Guna, no run

full and wide outside off, tries to flick this over fine leg but Udana has bowled this far too wide outside off and it flicks the batsman's pad on the way through to the keeper.

Afridi enters, after the game has more or less been sealed. 60 off 12 to win.

end of over 32 runs • 1 wicket
GG: 37/1CRR: 12.33 • RRR: 30.50 • Need 61 runs from 12b
Danushka Gunathilaka28 (12)
Ashan Priyanjan1-0-1-1
Dushmantha Chameera1-0-16-0
Priyanjan to Hazratullah Zazai, OUT

what an over from Priyanjan! Speeds this up darting it in flat on a good length following Hazratullah backing away from leg stump, the Afghan flicks this off his pads trying to clear the backward square leg rope but picks out the man 5 yards in, straightforward catch at chest height.

Hazratullah Zazai c de Silva b Priyanjan 6 (6b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100
Priyanjan to Hazratullah Zazai, no run

spears this in flat and quick at 92 kph, Hazratullah can't flick it away.

Priyanjan to Guna, 1 run

lands this short and wide outside off, flat-batted to long-off for a single.

Priyanjan to Guna, no run

another loopy ball lands full on the legs and misses another slog sweep.

Priyanjan to Guna, no run

loopy ball at 71 kph lands full on fourth stump, swings over a sweep and nearly falls over. The swing speed was twice as fast as the delivery.

Priyanjan to Hazratullah Zazai, 1 leg bye

flighted on the legs, Hazratullah shuffles across to slog sweep and misses off the pads.

Priyanjan now for an over of spin. Around the stumps.