2nd Round, Cardiff, Jul 22 1981, National Westminster Bank Trophy
(55.5/60 ov, target 177)146
Hampshire won by 30 runs
player of the match
Trevor Jesty
Hampshire INNINGS (60 overs maximum)
Gordon Greenidge c Holmes b Moseley10----0.00
Timothy Tremlett retired hurt 9----0.00
Mark Nicholas  b Barwick6----0.00
Trevor Jesty (c)c Javed Miandad b Moseley67----0.00
David Turner c Lloyd b Barwick0----0.00
Nigel Cowley c Javed Miandad b Barwick32----0.00
Paul Terry c Ontong b Barwick4----0.00
John Rice  b Nash5----0.00
Bobby Parks not out 19----0.00
Malcolm Marshall not out 2----0.00
Extras(lb 9, nb 7, w 6)22
TOTAL(60 Ov, RR: 2.93)176/7
Did not bat: Keith Stevenson 
Fall of wickets: 1-24, 2-36, 2-41* (Timothy Tremlett, retired hurt), 3-42, 4-106, 5-120, 6-143, 7-170
Malcolm Nash1213512.92---00
Ezra Moseley1223923.25---00
Steve Barwick931441.56---00
Rodney Ontong932703.00---00
Barry Lloyd1232001.67---00
Geoff Holmes611903.17---00
Glamorgan INNINGS (target: 177 runs from 60 overs)
Alan Jones c Greenidge b Stevenson1----0.00
John Hopkins lbw b Stevenson1----0.00
Rodney Ontong c Rice b Jesty23----0.00
Javed Miandad lbw b Jesty64----0.00
Norman Featherstone c Jesty b Rice10----0.00
Geoff Holmes lbw b Stevenson11----0.00
Ezra Moseley run out 2----0.00
Eifion Jones  b Marshall15----0.00
Barry Lloyd c Greenidge b Marshall1----0.00
Malcolm Nash (c)c Greenidge b Rice0----0.00
Steve Barwick not out 1----0.00
Extras(b 6, lb 7, nb 4)17
TOTAL(55.5 Ov, RR: 2.61)146
Fall of wickets: 1-1, 2-2, 3-89, 4-100, 5-110, 6-122, 7-126, 8-140, 9-143, 10-146
Malcolm Marshall9.511521.53---00
Keith Stevenson1222432.00---00
Trevor Jesty1032322.30---00
John Rice1213522.92---00
Nigel Cowley1213202.67---00
Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
TossGlamorgan, elected to field first
SeriesNational Westminster Bank Trophy
Player Of The Match
Trevor Jesty
Trevor Jesty
Match days22 July 1981 - day match (60-over match)
England Image
Bill Alley
England Image
Dave Halfyard
  • TM Tremlett retired hurt at 41/2