2nd T20I (D/N), Mirpur, Sep 3 2021, New Zealand tour of Bangladesh
(20 ov, target 142)137/5
Bangladesh won by 4 runs
Player Of The Match
37* (32)
end of over 2015 runs
NZ: 137/5CRR: 6.85 
Tom Latham65 (49)
Cole McConchie15 (12)
Mustafizur Rahman 4-0-34-0
Mohammad Saifuddin 4-0-36-0

7.48pm That's all we have for you from this game. Hope you enjoyed our coverage as much we did bringing it to you. Until next time, this is Deivarayan Muthu signing off for Vishal Dikshit. Take care and cheers.

Tom Latham, NZ captain and Player of the Match: Yeah, it was a great game to take it down to the last over. I thought we learnt from the last game and to take it down to the last over with a chance of winning was outstanding. Yeah, I think a better surface makes for a better game and that was the case. Rachin bowled well and did a really good job. We probably weren't there as we would have liked, but I thought 130-140 was a competitive score. My role is to try to bat through the innings and other guys to be slightly more take it to the last over I was really proud of the guys to change it around.

Mahmudullah, Bangladesh captain and Player of the Match: Mustafiz held his nerve well and we went really close. It [beamer] was unusual, but I had quite a bit of confidence in Mustafizur. Mahedi has been bowling really well with the new ball and the wicket got better. We are happy to continue with this [winning] streak.

7.30pm Bangladesh survive Latham scare to go 2-0 up in the five-match T20I series. Mustafizur blew hold and cold in the last over, with 19 to defend, but has done the job for Bangladesh. The fifty opening stand between Liton and Naim and Mahmudullah's cameo were also central to the hosts' success this evening. Do stick with us for the post-match presentation.

ashik: "Many people were found complaining about the pitch and asking for a 140/150-ish pitch. Here you go!"

Arzoo: "Salute to Tom Latham for playing such a wonderful innings even though he couldn't take the team home. But he had to fight against the slow track, against wickets falling at other end, against home side's favorable conditions and expertise!"

Maharajah Ponna: "Dropped catches of Liton Das and Mahmudullah cost the match for NZ"

Jez: "I know it's rarely the done thing in modern cricket, but surely Latham should get man of the match in a losing effort tonight"

Sabbir: "Hats off to Latham for taking his team deep and close to the target"

Reshad : "All these unusual events were indicating that NZ will pull this off! Great game at the end! "

Mustafizur to Latham, 1 run

hard-length on-pace delivery outside off, hauled away to deep midwicket

It boils down to NZ needing 6 off the last ball

Mustafizur to Latham, 2 leg byes

just short of a yorker length on leg stump, clipped away through midwicket for a double

faruck: "what was that .. from The FIZZ??"

Free-hit coming up. NZ need 8 off 2 balls

Mustafizur to Latham, (no ball) FOUR runs

oooooh! This is a beamer from Mustafizur as he misses his length. Latham looks away, hangs his bat up, but manages to flap it away to the fine-leg boundary

Mustafizur to McConchie, 1 run

slower ball, fullish and outside off, carved away wide of Liton at sweeper cover

NightLight: "Spare a thought for Ben Sears. One over of bowling, and (hopefully) not batting on his debut"

NZ need 14 off 3 balls

Mustafizur to McConchie, 2 runs

seam-up short ball on middle, McConchie leans back and slaps it away to the left of sweeper for two

Mustafizur to Latham, 1 run

pitched up and outside off, this offcutter is carved only as far as wide long-off

Mustafizur to McConchie, 3 runs

back of a length on middle, hauled away in the air over midwicket. Shamim runs in, attacks the ball for the ball, dives forward, but the ball drops in front of him and rolls past him

Mustafizur has 19 to defend off the last over. Can Latham and McConchie spring a surprise?

end of over 198 runs
NZ: 122/5CRR: 6.42 RRR: 20.00 • Need 20 runs from 6b
Cole McConchie9 (9)
Tom Latham59 (45)
Mohammad Saifuddin 4-0-36-0
Mustafizur Rahman 3-0-21-0
Saifuddin to McConchie, 1 run

yorker outside off, squirted to point. Excellent finish from Saifuddin, leaving NZ needing 20 off the last over

Saifuddin to Latham, 1 run

just short of a yorker length on the pads, picked away to deep square leg

Saifuddin to Latham, no run

nice and full outside off, Latham initially looked to ramp it to fine leg, but changes his mind at the last moment and searches for the scoop to third man. Doesn't lay bat on ball in the end

Saifuddin to Latham, 2 runs

very full and veering down the leg side, whipped away to deep square leg as Latham pushes for another double. This is very tight The throw from Mahedi is nice and flat from the deep. Nurul gathers it and knocks the bails off to catch Latham short. Okay, hang on, replays indicate Nurul had dislodged the bails even before collecting the ball More drama in Mirpur as Latham survives

Saifuddin to Latham, FOUR runs

back of a length and into the pitch, Saif takes pace off it. Latham, having shuffled across off, ramps it smartly over Nurul's head

Saifuddin to Latham, no run

wide yorker, squeezes underneath Latham's bat as he aims to dink it down to third man off the face

NZ need 28 off 12 balls. Can Latham do it for NZ? Saifuddin returns