2nd Test, Bengaluru, Aug 31 - Sep 4 2012, New Zealand tour of India
365 & 248
(63.2 ov, target 261)353 & 262/5
India won by 5 wickets
player of the match
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• The Report by S Rajesh

Kohli, Dhoni deliver win in thriller

Virat Kohli, the architect of so many ODI run-chases, scripted another one, this time in a Test, to hold together India's nervy batting line-up and lead the team to a 2-0 series victory

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Scorer: Gopi Rangarajan
Commentator: Kanishkaa Balachandran
Scorecard summary
New Zealand365/10(90.1 overs)1st INNINGS
Ross Taylor113 (127)
Pragyan Ojha5/99(28.1)
Zaheer Khan2/83(22)
India353/10(96.5 overs)1st INNINGS
Virat Kohli103 (193)
MS Dhoni62 (94)
New Zealand248/10(73.2 overs)2nd INNINGS
India262/5(63.2 overs)2nd INNINGS
Virat Kohli*51 (82)
MS Dhoni*48 (60)
Jeetan Patel3/68(15.2)
Tim Southee1/68(18)


Ross Taylor: "We had our chances, showed character to come back from a terrible Test in Hyderabad. They way Kohli and Dhoni batted was outstanding. You can't ask for more in a Test pitch. Tim Southee was fantastic. We came with some standards we wanted to maintain, which we did in patches."

Virat Kohli is the Man of the Match: It was a tricky situation when I went out to bat and me and MS took it ten runs at a time. I needed to be more patient and it worked. There was more turn today, it was a great cricket wicket. I always love this crowd."

R Ashwin is the Man of the Series: "This pitch was a bit more challenging. I tried to alter the pace on the third day, it was a bit more docile. I enjoy only bounce, that's one of the important ingredients I require from a pitch. Ojha compliments me well."

Dhoni: "It was more Napier than Bangalore. Virat's batting was superb. The spinners bowled brilliantly. This bowling attack hunts as a pack. We all knew that after 40-45 overs it would easier. Virat fought well and soaked up the pressure. Both were tough wickets, catching was good. The spinners bowled to attacking fields."

That's it from us here. Thanks for your company and the mails. The tour continues with the first T20 on Saturday in Vizag. Cheers!

End of match: Ends an absorbing Test, which could have gone either way. New Zealand had their chances but somehow lacked the firepower to close out the game. They should have attacked a lot more, too many easy singles on offer after India were struggling at 5 down. Credit to them for the fight they showed. They need their batsmen to cooperate better and compliment the efforts of their bowlers.

A good workout for India, given that things will get tougher once Australia and England get here. The openers put on a better show, and Kohli and Pujara have shown good temperament. The debate over the No.6 position will be debated for some more time I suspect.

Patel to Dhoni, SIX runs

the captain does the honours and India take the series 2-0! Patel tossed it up on middle and leg and Dhoni was down on his knee and slogged it over deep midwicket

Patel to Dhoni, FOUR runs

short and wide outside off and he makes room and slashes it past point for a boundary

end of over 6312 runs
INDIA: 252/5CRR: 4.00 
Virat Kohli51 (82)
MS Dhoni38 (58)
Tim Southee18-3-68-1
Jeetan Patel15-3-58-3
Southee to Kohli, FOUR runs

brings up his fifty as well! Exquisite straight drive this time, Southee lands it too full on the stumps and Kohli merely pushes it through the line past the bowler

Southee to Kohli, no run

good length on the off stump and he defends back to the bowler

Southee to Kohli, FOUR runs

he doesn't want to come back tomorrow, short outside the off stump and he slams that with power past extra cover

Southee to Kohli, no run

short of a length and he tucks it down to square leg

Southee to Kohli, FOUR runs

bowls a half volley on the pads and he whips it away down to deep midwcket, bisected the gap in the infield

Southee to Kohli, no run

drifts on middle and leg and he works it back to the bowler

end of over 626 runs
INDIA: 240/5CRR: 3.87 
MS Dhoni38 (58)
Virat Kohli39 (76)
Jeetan Patel15-3-58-3
Tim Southee17-3-56-1
Patel to Dhoni, no run
Patel to Dhoni, FOUR runs

short outside the off stump and he rocks back and he punches it down to deep extra cover

Patel to Dhoni, no run

doesn't offer a shot and the ball clips his pads and deflects to fine leg

Patel to Dhoni, no run

comes well forward and defends back to the bowler

Patel to Dhoni, no run

defended back to the bowler but the ball was in the air for a short while but dropped short of the bowler

First slip is a bit deep

Patel to Dhoni, 2 runs

fired on the pads and he whips it down to square leg

Long-on and deep midwicket for Patel. Still optimistic they will go for the big hit

end of over 614 runs
INDIA: 234/5CRR: 3.83 
Virat Kohli39 (76)
MS Dhoni32 (52)
Tim Southee17-3-56-1
Jeetan Patel14-3-52-3
Southee to Kohli, no run

pushes it towards cover, India coasting here

Southee to Kohli, no run

bit of awkward bounce again and he ends up stabbing it back to the bowler

Southee to Dhoni, 1 run

fuller delivery outside the off stump and he steers it square on the off side for a single

Southee to Kohli, 1 run

gives him width outside the off stump and he steers it to the off side

Southee to Kohli, 2 runs

poor cricket by New Zealand, inside edge to the pads and it rolls to the off side, they set off for a quick single, the fielder picked up and lobbed it towards the stumps at the batsman's end and there was an overthrow

Southee to Kohli, no run

variable bounce again outside off, Kohli safely leaves it alone outside the off stump

Best performances - batsmen
Ross Taylor portrait
LRPL Taylor
113 runs (127)
16 fours
2 sixes
Productive shot
off side drive on front foot
40 runs
7 fours
1 six
Virat Kohli player portrait
V Kohli
103 runs (193)
14 fours
1 six
Productive shot
leg glance
51 runs
7 fours
0 sixes
Best performances - bowlers
Tim Southee portrait
TG Southee
R Ashwin portrait
R Ashwin
Match details
M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru
TossNew Zealand, elected to bat first
SeriesNew Zealand tour of India
Player Of The Match
Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli
Player Of The Series
Ravichandran Ashwin
Ravichandran Ashwin
Series resultIndia won the 2-match series 2-0
Match numberTest no. 2055
Hours of play (local time)09.30 start, Lunch 11.30-12.10, Tea 14.10-14.30, Close 16.30
Match days31 August, 1,2,3 September 2012 - day match (5-day match)
England Image
Ian Gould
Australia Image
Steve Davis
TV Umpire
India Image
Sudhir Asnani
Reserve Umpire
India Image
Vineet Kulkarni
Match Referee
England Image
Chris Broad