3rd ODI, Cape Town, December 02, 2007, New Zealand tour of South Africa
(45.2/50 ov, T:239) 242/5

South Africa won by 5 wickets (with 28 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
119 (101)
Player Of The Series
20 runs • 9 wkts
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South Africa take the match by five wickets and the series 2-1, though they made heavy weather of the target from the 35th over onwards. At one stage, a ten-wicket win was on the cards but New Zealand found inspiration a little too late. Herschelle Gibbs was exemplary in his 119 off just 101 balls, particularly with the psychological damage he managed to inflict on the visitors, treating the bowlers like spinners. Smith too played his part, though not at his best. Boucher later came out and eased the nerves in a cameo 26*.

Andre Nel wouldn't have imagined this at the start of the series but his rescue act with the bat in Durban was the difference in the final result. Otherwise, New Zealand would have walked away with their first ever series win on South African soil.

The Man of the Match is Gibbs, obviously. Here's what he has to say: "It was a good wicket. Hopefully my home crowd enjoyed it as much as I did."

The Man of the Series is Kyle Mills for his nine wickets. He says: "I was quite hungry over the winter to get back into the side. I saw Shaun Pollock bowling so economically and I just tried not to give away too many half volleys. Jamie How and myself were back in the side after a while and I'm glad we both came good in the series."

That's it from us here in Cricinfo. We hope you enjoyed the coverage through this tour. I enjoyed bringing a few games to you as well. There's plenty of live cricket over the next few days to keep you occupied. This is Kanishkaa signing off. Cheers!

Patel to Pollock, FOUR runs

flighted on middle and leg, Pollock steps down, meets the ball on the full and scoops it over midwicket

Patel to Boucher, 1 run

flighted on middle, Boucher gets forward, smothers the spin and turns it past square leg, scores level now

end of over 45Wicket maiden
SA: 237/5CRR: 5.26 RRR: 0.40
Shaun Pollock0 (5b)
Mark Boucher25 (24b 4x4)
Lou Vincent 1-1-0-1
Jeetan Patel 7-0-49-0
Vincent to Pollock, no run

pushed to mid-off, another dot

Vincent to Pollock, no run

well this is amusing! Vincent gives Pollock an offering by banging one in short at his gentle pace, Pollock just checks his stroke and blocks, Vincent sees the funny side to it

Vincent to Pollock, no run

fullish outside off, pushed to mid-off

Vincent to Pollock, no run

fullish outside off, pushed to mid-off

Vincent to Pollock, no run
Vincent to Kallis, OUT

well, well.... it doesn't come easier than that... short and wide outside off, Kallis stretches out to cut, gets a thin outside edge to McCullum

Jacques Kallis c †McCullum b Vincent 30 (49b 4x4 0x6 71m) SR: 61.22

Vincent has a bowl, This could be the last over of the match

end of over 446 runs
SA: 237/4CRR: 5.38 RRR: 0.33
Jacques Kallis30 (48b 4x4)
Mark Boucher25 (24b 4x4)
Jeetan Patel 7-0-49-0
Mark Gillespie 7-1-58-0
Patel to Kallis, 1 run

pushed just wide of cover, they scamper through for a single

Patel to Kallis, no run

Kallis glides this one to short third man and Boucher refuses the single

Patel to Kallis, no run

glided towards point

Patel to Kallis, no run

left alone outside off, the ball wasn't too far from the off stump

Patel to Boucher, 3 runs

pushed in flatter and faster outside off, Boucher rocks back, slices past point and gully and picks up three

Patel to Boucher, 2 runs

flighted on middle and leg, tucked away firmly past midwicket, a committed save at the boundary saves a couple of runs

end of over 438 runs
SA: 231/4CRR: 5.37 RRR: 1.14
Jacques Kallis29 (44b 4x4)
Mark Boucher20 (22b 4x4)
Mark Gillespie 7-1-58-0
Jeetan Patel 6-0-43-0
Gillespie to Kallis, no run

fullish outside off and Kallis plays a text-book cover drive, though straight to the fielder

Gillespie to Kallis, no run

fullish on middle stump, driven to mid-on

Gillespie to Kallis, no run

good length on off stump, pushed to the covers

Gillespie to Kallis, FOUR runs

Kallis follows it up with another crisp drive, this time through the covers. The ball was too full and wide and nobody in the packed off side field could get near it

Gillespie to Kallis, FOUR runs

that was class.... good length delivery around the off stump, Kallis plays with the 'V" and drives that crisply past the bowler and mid-on who didn;t bother to slide and stop that

Gillespie to Kallis, no run

fired in short of a length outside off, Kallis gets behind the line and defends to gully

Just 16 needed now

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