1st ODI, Providence, Jul 14 2013, Pakistan tour of West Indies
(41/50 ov, target 225)98
Pakistan won by 126 runs
Player Of The Match
76 (55) & 7/12
end of over 412 runs • 2 wickets
WI: 98/10CRR: 2.39 RRR: 14.11
Daren Sammy21 (43)
Shahid Afridi 9-3-12-7
Saeed Ajmal 7-0-25-0

That's all then from this Lala day from Guyana. Do join us in two days' time for the second match of the series

Quotes from the presentation

"Disappointing batting display again," says Dwayne Bravo. "After a great bowling performance. Jason put us in a good position, but credit to Shahid Afridi. I thought 225 was gettable, but once again the batting crumbled under pressure. It is the lack of confidence. We have not been scoring runs. That plays its part. We really have to rally around each other and back ourselves and back our ability. There has been improvement. We didn't finish badly with the ball. Disappointed for the fans too. Hopefully it will be better on Tuesday."

"It was a much-needed performance," says Misbah-ul-Haq. "Especially the way Shahid Afridi played. It is one of the more difficult pitches I have played on. It was seaming, it was stopping, it was really difficult to middle the ball. I thought if we could reach 200, we could fight. And Shahid helped me. On a pitch that it was difficult to middle the balls Shahid was hitting fours and sixes. Jason Holder bowled well. The fielding was wonderful. Everybody was charged up. Every bowler bowled well."

"I try hard and I back myself and I want to thank people back home," says Shahid Afridi, the Man of the Match. "It is not time for me to just survive in the team, but to give a lot to the team. It was not easy to survive so I tried to stay positive. Whenever I got the ball in my zone I went for it. I knew Misbah was at the other end. I knew he would stay till the end, it gave me the confidence to go after it. Oh wow wow wow wow what a pitch it was for me to bowl. I just kept it simple, and it worked."

What a comeback by that man Shahid Afridi. What a Sahibzada. What a Lala. Everybody congratulates him on a career resurrected. Afridi points to Mohammad Akram, the bowling coach, and says "he is the man". This could possibly be the greatest comeback in ODI cricket. This 7 for 12 is now the best analysis by a Pakistani, and the second-best of all, behind only Chaminda Vaas. On a pitch that the rest of the world struggled to go at three an over, Afridi scored at a strike rate 138. And not just for a few balls, but for 76 momentum-changing, game-sealing runs. And then those legbreaks. He just seems so much fitter. The drift is back, the dip is back. What a joy it is to welcome Afridi back. Now hope for some consistency, and wait for the presentation quotes

Afridi to Holder, OUT

it's all over. Afridi has seven. One of the all-time great performances in an ODI. Holder is playing for the legbreak, but this is the slider, and he is caught in front of off and on the back foot. No need to even appeal for this. West Indies' lowest total against Pakistan, and their worst score against any team at home. These are the second-biggest figures ever in an ODI. And a fifty to go with it

Jason Holder lbw b Shahid Afridi 0 (4m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Afridi to Holder, no run

quick legbreak, Holder defends off the front foot

Afridi to Holder, no run

is that the googly? Definitely goes in. Defended off the back foot

Afridi to Holder, no run

the quick seam-up delivery, hits the inside edge

Here is Jason Holder

Afridi to Narine, OUT

No. 6 for Afridi. Where was he hiding all this while? Short of a length, outside off, stops at him a touch, lobbed to short cover. This is Afridi's personal best, and the best figures by anybody in West Indies

Sunil Narine c Nasir Jamshed b Shahid Afridi 14 (40m 31b 2x4 0x6) SR: 45.16
Afridi to Narine, 1 wide

legbreak, but too far down leg. Another wide

Afridi to Sammy, 1 run

short of a length, outside off, punched to deep cover

Afridi comes back

end of over 405 runs
WI: 96/8CRR: 2.40 RRR: 12.90
Sunil Narine14 (30)
Daren Sammy20 (42)
Saeed Ajmal 7-0-25-0
Mohammad Irfan 7-2-17-2
Ajmal to Narine, no run

angled in, no turn, Narine goes back to punch it to point

Ajmal to Narine, no run

tries the big drive, gets an inside edge

Ajmal to Narine, FOUR runs

slogged away, and for some reason deep midwicket is well inside the boundary. He is lobbed. It was a sitter for Shafiq had he been on the rope

Ajmal to Narine, no run

slightly shorter, defended off the back foot

Ajmal to Narine, no run

full, on off, driven to cover

Ajmal to Sammy, 1 bye

how did that miss? Sammy swings and misses by a mile, but the offbreak turns down the leg side

end of over 393 runs
WI: 91/8CRR: 2.33 RRR: 12.18
Sunil Narine10 (25)
Daren Sammy20 (41)
Mohammad Irfan 7-2-17-2
Saeed Ajmal 6-0-21-0
Irfan to Narine, no run

short of a length, rising towards the chest, nicely rises up with it and defends

Irfan to Narine, no run

slower ball, full, nicely defended to cover

Irfan to Narine, no run

full toss, on off, pushed to cover

Irfan to Sammy, 1 run

top-edges a pull and it clears Asad Ali who is running back from short fine leg

Irfan to Narine, 1 leg bye

misfires this yorker, concedes a leg-bye

Irfan to Sammy, 1 run

pulled away to wide long-on for one

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