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RR vs RCB, 22nd match at Ahmedabad, IPL, Apr 24 2015 - Ball by Ball Commentary

22nd match (N), Ahmedabad, April 24, 2015, Pepsi Indian Premier League
(16.1/20 ov, T:131) 134/1

RCB won by 9 wickets (with 23 balls remaining)

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11.03pm RCB finally win another match, their second in five matches and there are high-fives all around, Kohli punches the air. Pretty clinical performance from RCB after their spinners restricted Rajasthan to 130 and their top order made sure they didn't stutter at all to get there with nearly four overs to spare, nine-wicket win for them.

Shane Watson: We didn't score enough, unfortunately. RCB outplayed us today and summed up the conditions very well today. Getting 150-160 would have been a decent total probably, this wicket is pretty slow. There's no excuse, every game is important and losing the Super Over match also had no excuse. Next time we'll try to perform better when the opportunity arises. We just need momentum going our way.

Virat Kohli: We wanted this sort of a performance today, this might be a momentum change for us. It's a well-earned and timely win for us. We had to pull the intensity up for us, brilliant effort with the ball and on the field. I asked the players to target bowlers they felt comfortable taking on, a lot of preparations go on and guys responded beautifully. We know we can play like this but we can't wait for things to happen, we have to make them happen. Tonight was a team performance, guys taking wickets equally, fielding was top notch. I knew I had to pull up my intensity more than anyone else, before asking them to do it. We thought AB had to come at No. 3, we have to make him play a lot of balls. I decided to open because of that.

Man of the Match Mitchell Starc: I'm not 100% yet, feeling good. The ball is coming out well, few things to improve on. I don't think there's a bowler in the world who's 100%, let's stick to that. I probably swung the ball too much to the leg side and leaked a few runs. The conditions are different here but happy with the plans working out here.

That's all we have from this match between the two Royals, one-sided match it turned out to be and RCB will be happy with that. This is Vishal signing off, join us again tomorrow for the double-header, until then, it's goodbye and good luck!

Choton: "This RCB win and RR loss is good for the tournament, and will make the race for the knock-out stage more competitive / interesting! "

Maxi: "RCB bowling before and after: Starc contrast?"

Vasant: "This season will be interesting contest between all team to make it to final 4. Most of the teams are going equal except Mumbai right now with 5 loss and Chennai with only 1 loss."

Sujay: "Where is the guy who said RR will win by 3 runs... ??? "

Hooda to de Villiers, FOUR runs

full toss on the pads, flicked to the midwicket boundary for four to seal the game

Scores level. Just one more to go now, here's Deepak Hooda round the wicket

Yogesh Singh Ra: "No matter how big fan I am of India and RR but whenever ABD comes on crease, it forces me to just switch my support to other team !!"

end of over 166 runs
RCB: 130/1CRR: 8.12 RRR: 0.25
AB de Villiers43 (33b 5x4)
Virat Kohli62 (46b 1x4 3x6)
Dhawal Kulkarni 4-0-26-0
Pravin Tambe 4-0-36-0
Kulkarni to de Villiers, 1 run

good yorker on the leg stump, AB comes down and pushes the ball to long on

Kulkarni to de Villiers, no run

full around off, AB hardly moves and pushes it back to the bowler

Kulkarni to Kohli, 1 run

full and wide, Kohli made room but got some bat to steer it to deep point

Kulkarni to Kohli, 2 runs

bangs it in short, Kohli comes down and slaps the ball along the ground wide of deep midwicket for two

Kulkarni to de Villiers, 1 run

swinging in a bit from off, Kohli punches it down to long on for one

Kulkarni to Kohli, 1 run

short ball angling in, pulled to deep midwicket for one

end of over 1510 runs
RCB: 124/1CRR: 8.26 RRR: 1.40
Virat Kohli58 (43b 1x4 3x6)
AB de Villiers41 (30b 5x4)
Pravin Tambe 4-0-36-0
Shane Watson 3-0-23-1
Tambe to Kohli, 1 run

comes down again, and yorks himself. Gets an inside edge to the leg side for one

Tambe to Kohli, no run

tries to steer the ball to off but gets an inside edge back to the bowler

Tambe to de Villiers, 1 run

fuller outside off, driven with the turn to deep point for one

Tambe to Kohli, 1 run

shorter delivery now and it's turned to the leg side for one

Tambe to Kohli, SIX runs

makes that another six! Kohli dances down the track, takes it on the full and slams it straight and over long on for six

Tambe to de Villiers, 1 run

full and flighted outside off, driven to cover and a fumble gives them one

end of over 1416 runs
RCB: 114/1CRR: 8.14 RRR: 2.83
AB de Villiers39 (28b 5x4)
Virat Kohli50 (39b 1x4 2x6)
Shane Watson 3-0-23-1
James Faulkner 2-0-17-0

That's the last time out for today

Santhosh: "@Optimist : That doesn't show that you are an optimist but shows how hardcore fan of RR. "

Watson to de Villiers, 1 run

pretty wide outside off, driven through the covers for one

Watson to de Villiers, FOUR runs

slammed down the ground, four this time! He strolled down and took it nearly on the full, the bat also closed in his hands when he played the shot and he got enough to collect four down the ground

Watson to de Villiers, 2 runs

top edge from AB as he pulls the short ball to the leg side, doesn't get the middle and it falls short and wide of long on in the gap

Watson to Kohli, 1 run

just outside off, Kohli turns this one too to the leg side towards midwicket and brings up his fifty

Watson to Kohli, 2 runs

length delivery and Kohli whips it away to the leg side in the gap for two

Watson to Kohli, SIX runs

that's a straight drive while he was on the move for six! Kohli came down, Watson banged it in short outside off and Kohli replied with a lofted straight drive for a six into the sight screen

end of over 135 runs
RCB: 98/1CRR: 7.53 RRR: 4.71
Virat Kohli41 (36b 1x4 1x6)
AB de Villiers32 (25b 4x4)
James Faulkner 2-0-17-0
Pravin Tambe 3-0-26-0

Prakash Acharya: "How can AB have no sixes in his scoresheet.. "

Faulkner to Kohli, 1 run

on the pads this time, whipped away, typical Kohli style, to deep square leg for one

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Over 17 • RCB 134/1

RCB won by 9 wickets (with 23 balls remaining)
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