Nottingham, Aug 27 2006, Pro40 Division One
(28/40 ov)132/5
Glamorgan won by 5 wickets (with 72 balls remaining)
Nottinghamshire INNINGS (40 overs maximum)
Will Smith c Powell b Harrison5961055.55
Paul Franks c †Wallace b Davies23100066.66
Stephen Fleming (c)c & b Davies314190021.42
Samit Patel c Hemp b Croft817812061103.84
David Alleyne c Croft b Davies01314000.00
David Hussey run out 84510200.00
Mark Ealham c †Wallace b Harrison1540020.00
Gareth Clough c Cosker b Franklin11211008.33
Greg Smith c Cosgrove b Franklin2035264057.14
Andrew Harris  b Croft31380023.07
Charlie Shreck not out 11418007.14
Extras(lb 3, w 3)6
TOTAL(33.2 Ov, RR: 3.93)131
Fall of wickets: 1-5 (Will Smith), 2-7 (Paul Franks), 3-20 (Stephen Fleming), 4-29 (David Alleyne), 5-38 (David Hussey), 6-41 (Mark Ealham), 7-56 (Gareth Clough), 8-95 (Greg Smith), 9-102 (Andrew Harris), 10-131 (Samit Patel)
Andrew Davies722733.85---00
David Harrison822322.87---00
James Franklin802623.25---10
Ryan Watkins503306.60---10
Robert Croft5.201923.56---10
Glamorgan INNINGS (target: 132 runs from 40 overs)
Richard Grant c WR Smith b Harris32293170110.34
Mark Cosgrove lbw b Harris027000.00
Mike Powell c Fleming b Shreck1333422039.39
David Hemp c †Alleyne b Harris1115201073.33
James Franklin not out 41385741107.89
Mark Wallace c Hussey b Harris3580060.00
Ryan Watkins not out 2846453060.86
Extras(lb 1, w 3)4
TOTAL(28 Ov, RR: 4.71)132/5
Fall of wickets: 1-3 (Mark Cosgrove), 2-38 (Richard Grant), 3-60 (Mike Powell), 4-60 (David Hemp), 5-70 (Mark Wallace)
Greg Smith502905.80---10
Andrew Harris823043.75---10
Charlie Shreck813314.12---10
Mark Ealham301806.00---00
Paul Franks301705.66---00
Samit Patel10404.00---00
Trent Bridge, Nottingham
TossGlamorgan, elected to field first
SeriesPro40 Division One
Hours of play (local time)13.45 start, Interval 16.25-16.45, Close 19.25
Match days27 August 2006 - day (40-over match)
England Image
John Steele
England Image
Pasty Harris
PointsGlamorgan 2, Nottinghamshire 0