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United vs Gladiators, 9th Match at Sharjah, , Feb 28 2018 - Ball by Ball Commentary

9th Match (N), Sharjah, February 28, 2018, Pakistan Super League
(17.1/20 ov, T:135) 135/4

Gladiators won by 6 wickets (with 17 balls remaining)

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48 (34)
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11.30pm A rather comfortable win for Quetta Gladiators as they move to second on the points table. First it was their bowlers who combined to restrict Islamabad United to only 134 on a good batting track. After that, it was a Kevin Pietersen special that rescued Quetta's chase after an early wobble. Mohammad Nawaz's smart knock (25 off 31) showed he has the temperament to play as per the game's situation. Sarfraz and Misbah shake hands as the teams make their way out. That's all from us today. Hope you enjoyed ESPNcricinfo's coverage of tonight's game. On behalf of Shashank Kishore, this is Sreshth Shah, saying good bye!

Sameer: "That extraordinary catch of Walton was equally entertaining as Denly but went unrecorded, he is infact more unluckier than the bowler !!!"

Mohammad Nawaz: "At the international level, I could not express my batting well, so happy to show it in the PSL. I've been using my mind to bat, so it's getting better. Earlier I used to mess up a bit. KP is an aggressive batsman, he punished the bad balls today. And when he bats well, the pressure is taken off me, and so I felt comfortable with him at the other end. Pietersen helps us in the nets as well. My aim is to be the best allrounder in Pakistan. I hope not to let you (Ramiz Raja) down."

Shadab to Sarfaraz, 1 run

back of a length outside off, cut to point and it's misfielded. They walk across for the run and Quetta Gladiators win by six wickets

end of over 177 runs
QG: 134/4CRR: 7.88 RRR: 0.33
Sarfaraz Ahmed6 (6b 1x4)
Mohammad Nawaz25 (31b 2x6)
Hussain Talat 1-0-6-0
Steven Finn 4-0-35-3
Talat to Sarfaraz, 1 run

good length outside off, tapped off the front foot to mid off for a quick single. Scores are level

Talat to Sarfaraz, no run

short and wide outside off, carved off the back foot to point. Excellent fielding by the diving Shadab Khan

Talat to Nawaz, 1 leg bye

full outside leg, tries to whip it towards fine leg but can't connect. Comes off his pads as they scamper across for the singl

Talat to Sarfaraz, 1 run

good length on middle stump, stands tall and pulls along the ground to fine leg

Talat to Sarfaraz, 1 wide

good length on middle stump once again, and goes down the leg side once more. Sarfraz happy to get his body out of the way

Talat to Sarfaraz, 1 wide

good length on middle stump, shapes down the leg side for another extra. Quetta need just five now

Talat to Nawaz, 1 run

short once again, and this time he crunches the pull. Played along the carpet to Duminy in the deep

Talat to Nawaz, 1 wide

short on middle stump, too short in fact. Way over the batsman's head as he chooses not to even play a shot

Talat to Nawaz, no run

back of a length ball on leg stump, rolls his fingers over this delivery. It's a loopy delivery that he can't flick towards the leg side. Hits his chest

Only eight runs needed off four overs. A quick finish would do wonders for Quetta's net run-rate

end of over 1615 runs • 1 wicket
QG: 127/4CRR: 7.93 RRR: 2.00
Sarfaraz Ahmed4 (3b 1x4)
Mohammad Nawaz24 (28b 2x6)
Steven Finn 4-0-35-3
Mohammad Sami 4-0-22-1
Finn to Sarfaraz, FOUR runs

short outside off, stays slightly low and he pulls! Oh dear, how unlucky is Finn. It's bottom-edged past the keeper's left once again. Rubbing salt on Islamabad's wounds. Another four to end the over

Finn to Sarfaraz, 4 leg byes

good length on middle stump, glances this fine down the leg side and although it doesn't come off his bat... he gets enough to take it past the keeper's left. Comes off his thigh guard, replays show

Finn to Sarfaraz, no run

full outside off, and it's driven off the front foot. Only to cover

Finn to Nawaz, 1 run

good length outside off, tapped towards the off side

Dorman: "Often wonder whether self-preservation (not injuring oneself) shouldn't get priority over saving a run. Are you serving your team by possibly getting ruled out for a season or saving that single? Remember, it's just a game and not Dunkirk, and self-sacrificing is ultimately stupid. " -- While I agree with you, Dorman, I think it also has to do with what you practice in training. The way he slid, it didn't seem like a smart way to field that. The technique in his dive seemed off and probably paid the price for that.

Finn to Pietersen, OUT

sliced! And taken comfortably by mid on. It was another full ball and he tries to send this over long off for another six. This time, however, it's off the bat's toe end, and the skier is easily taken by the infielder. A terrific innings comes to an end. KP walks off with a smile on his face

Kevin Pietersen c Asif Ali b Finn 48 (34b 4x4 3x6) SR: 141.17
Finn to Pietersen, SIX runs

it's gone over the roof! What a biggie! Full outside off and KP has comfortably sent this for almost a 100-metre six. Just gets his front foot out of the way and sends his fellow Englishman over the stadium. New balls, please!

end of over 153 runs
QG: 112/3CRR: 7.46 RRR: 4.60
Kevin Pietersen42 (32b 4x4 2x6)
Mohammad Nawaz23 (27b 2x6)
Mohammad Sami 4-0-22-1
Shadab Khan 3-0-23-0
Sami to Pietersen, 1 run

full on middle stump, happy to flick it off his pads to deep backward square once again. He'll keep strike

MahneelMusa: "Misbah probably has the most glorious beard in the cricketing fraternity" -- Dougie Bollinger and Anton Devcich would disagree I'm certain!

Sami to Nawaz, 1 run

good length on middle stump, flicked off his hips to deep backward square

Sameer: "PSL will surely miss KP and Sanga in next edition. Hope they continue in coaching or mentoring roles !!!"

Sami to Nawaz, no run

full on middle stump, pings his check-drive to mid on

Doesn't look good for Rumman Raees. His support staff are helping him wobble out of the field, but he's having a hard time even doing that. They're opening the stretcher for him to lie down and be taken out. Here's hoping he recovers quickly

Sami to Nawaz, no run

short on leg stump and goes over Nawaz's head. Comfortably ducks under it

Sami to Pietersen, 1 run

short outside off, and KP is quick to get into position. Drags his pull square to midwicket. Mistimed, really

Sadeed Ahmad: "Things get so numb when i think of kp's retirement. However, it still is a matter of great pride that Pakistani league will get the honour of seeing this great man off. Hope of that happening in karachi :)

Sami to Pietersen, no run

short outside off but it's the slower ball, mistimes his punch down the ground past the bowler's right

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Over 18 • QG 135/4

Gladiators won by 6 wickets (with 17 balls remaining)
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