8th Match (N), Karachi, Feb 26 2021, Pakistan Super League
(19.3/20 ov, target 199)202/7
Zalmi won by 3 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)
player of the match
Haider Ali
Peshawar Zalmi

12.15am: Sarfaraz has just spoken to the host broadcaster (in Urdu), saying he was disappointed with the fielding, according to Simon Doull. Expect he'll have a few things to say in the changing rooms, too! Anyway, that wraps our PSL coverage for today, Sreshth's report will be up shortly - once he's picked the bones out of that finish - and we'll be back to bring you two more games tomorrow. Until then, cheerio!

12.08am: Quetta remain without a point. Teams defending a target remain winless. Sherfane Rutherford guides Zalmi home in an epic chase, but it's more heartbreak for Sarfaraz Ahmed and his Gladiators. The game has gone on past midnight, but it's been the cherry on top of this PSL double-header. Outstanding stuff from Peshawar Zalmi, who just kept coming right to the end.

Here's Rutherford: "One of the best feelings for me, because PSL has some of the best bowlers. [Steyn over?] Said 'Wahab you need to take him down, if I miss'. Good to see the skipper step up."

Mohammad Hasnain to Rutherford, FOUR runs

pitched up and drilled through the covers, Zalmi win by three wickets!

One needed off four, the equation completely changed

Mohammad Hasnain to Rutherford, 5 wide

wide full toss, flies away to the rope, and that's pretty much the game! Rutherford is celebrating already, the ball slipped out and went yards wide of Sarfaraz, five wides to Zalmi and the scores are level!

Mohammad Hasnain to Mahmood, OUT

thumped into the covers and Rutherford is running regardless... Mahmood run out at the non-striker's end! He started, he stopped, having picked out the man, and then wasn't even in the frame. But they have got Rutherford at the right end

Saqib Mahmood run out (Mohammad Nawaz/Mohammad Hasnain) 0 (2m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Six needed from five, it will be Saqib Mahmood on strike

Mohammad Hasnain to Wahab Riaz, OUT

uproots leg stump! The Gladiators hit back at the death, Wahab dispatched by a searing yorker! Hasnain punches the air, though it's a tad forlorn. Wahab's job is done

Wahab Riaz b Mohammad Hasnain 20 (27m 8b 1x4 2x6) SR: 250

So six required from the last six balls. What can Hasnain do?

end of over 1921 runs
PZ: 193/5CRR: 10.15 RRR: 6.00 • Need 6 runs from 6b
Wahab Riaz20 (7)
Sherfane Rutherford32 (17)
Dale Steyn4-0-44-2
Mohammad Hasnain3-0-31-0

Steyn belted for 21, an over of ping-pong tiddly. Quetta on the verge of blowing it again!

Steyn to Wahab Riaz, 1 run

fired in and clipped leg side, they amble one

Down to a run a ball... are we going to have an eighth successful PSL chase out of eight?!

Steyn to Wahab Riaz, SIX runs

length ball, sliding in straight, Wahab belts this out of the stadium! Clattered over deep midwicket, on to the roof, as big as Azam's earlier in the night! Scenes of jubilation on the Zalmi bench

Steyn to Wahab Riaz, SIX runs

full and wide and cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunched! Steyn throws his head back as Wahab mows him over long-on, 102 metres! Zalmi are roaring back to life here

Dr Haroon: "Last over of the Gladiator's innings may be the difference in the end. Just 5 runs off that last over." It could come down to that...

Steyn to Rutherford, 1 run

low full toss, 141kph and Rutherford swings hard, inside-edges one into the leg side

Steyn attempting to dry the ball with a towel

Steyn to Rutherford, SIX runs

short ball heaved over deep square leg! Rutherford continues to hit them clean as a whistle, swivels and lands it just beyond the ropes

Steyn to Wahab Riaz, 1 run

full outside off, swatted through the leg side

Dale Steyn back

Into the final two, 27 needed. Wahab needs to get Rutherford on strike

end of over 1814 runs
PZ: 172/5CRR: 9.55 RRR: 13.50 • Need 27 runs from 12b
Sherfane Rutherford25 (15)
Wahab Riaz6 (3)
Mohammad Hasnain3-0-31-0
Usman Shinwari4-0-49-1
Mohammad Hasnain to Rutherford, no run

over the wicket, goes short and he can't connect with a pull! Crucial dot ball gets him out of the over

Mohammad Hasnain to Rutherford, SIX runs

another half-volley, creamed over long-off for six more! Hasnain misses his length again and pace on goes just as quickly off the bat! Rutherford swinging haymakers

"Haven't seen Sarfraz taking an advice from Faf, afterall he has a good international exposure." They were just having a chat before the start of this over, Malik Murad

Mohammad Hasnain to Rutherford, SIX runs

pitched up but misses his yorker, Rutherford ships it straight back over long-off! Clubbed for six, Zalmi are still in this!

Mohammad Hasnain to Rutherford, no run

wide full bunger this time, Rutherford maybe expecting a change-up and he slips and misses with a wild swing

Mohammad Hasnain to Wahab Riaz, 1 run

over the wicket, another full ball tailing on off and Wahab can only hack it for one via an inside edge

"Thank you Alan for clarifying 3 overs = 18 balls." Best to be precise in these circumstances, Taru Jabba

Mohammad Hasnain to Rutherford, 1 run

round the wicket, hits the mark with a 144kph yorker, bunted through the covers for a single

Three overs, 18 balls, Zalmi need 41. There is going to be a change of ball now... and Mohammad Hasnain back to bowl at the death

"Sarfaraz going after Shinwari every time he gets smashed has become a trending meme in Pakistan! xD" It's the content we all need on a Friday evening, Mariam

end of over 179 runs
PZ: 158/5CRR: 9.29 RRR: 13.67 • Need 41 runs from 18b
Sherfane Rutherford12 (10)
Wahab Riaz5 (2)
Usman Shinwari4-0-49-1
Ben Cutting2-0-23-1
Usman Shinwari to Rutherford, 1 run

full on the stumps and flipped away through square leg, finishes the over with a single

"Just went to check Wahab's Cricinfo page, I think I counted 46(!) different teams he's played for. Many are clearly one offs. But still, that's an insane amount!" He's an Essex, erm, legend, Dawolf. That's all that matters

Usman Shinwari to Rutherford, no run

short length outside off but with pace off, Rutherford swings hard, but misses!

Keeps the RRR hovering around 12.5

Usman Shinwari to Rutherford, SIX runs

on a length, this time he collars it, smoked into the crowd at deep midwicket! Clean strike for six, and Saifi is ticking again!

Usman Shinwari to Rutherford, no run

hard length in the channel, maybe a hint of swing as Rutherford slogs across the line and fails to connect

Usman Shinwari to Wahab Riaz, 1 run

full and very wide, would surely have been called if Wahab hadn't thrown the bat and scooped one through backward point

Farhan: "Since when du Plessis has become a cricket great? Please don't get carried away." Tough crowd tonight... He looks great in a tight-fitting jersey, I think we can all agree?

Usman Shinwari to Rutherford, 1 run

over the wicket, back of a length at 134kph, miscued on the pull out towards deep midwicket

Four overs to go, Zalmi need 50. Usman Shinwari is back