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Rajasthan vs Baroda, Final at Vadodara, Jan 11 2011, Ranji Trophy Super League

Final, Vadodara, January 11 - 15, 2011, Ranji Trophy Super League
394 & 341
(T:375) 361 & 28/4

Match drawn (Rajasthan won on 1st innings)

Player Of The Match
56 & 89
Rajasthan 1st Innings
Baroda 1st Innings
Rajasthan 2nd Innings
Baroda 2nd Innings
Match Flow
Rajasthan 1st Innings 
lbw b Bhatt341111432030.63
run out (Bhatt)311121535027.67
c Williams b Waghmode611472047141.49
b Bhatt772283165133.77
lbw b Bhatt2756694048.21
b Bhatt561211849046.28
c Devdhar b Bhatt4559756176.27
b Vohra921202042.85
b Swapnil Singh821241038.09
b Swapnil Singh64601150.00
not out 032000.00
Extras(b 13, lb 14, w 13)40
TOTAL147.1 Ov (RR: 2.67, 604 Mins)394
Fall of wickets: 1-67 (Aakash Chopra, 35.6 ov), 2-73 (Vineet Saxena, 38.1 ov), 3-190 (Hrishikesh Kanitkar, 85.5 ov), 4-240 (Vivek Yadav, 101.3 ov), 5-269 (Robin Bist, 115.3 ov), 6-346 (Ashok Menaria, 134.3 ov), 7-369 (Rohit Jhalani, 139.4 ov), 8-384 (Deepak Chahar, 144.5 ov), 9-394 (Pankaj Singh, 146.3 ov), 10-394 (Rashmi Parida, 147.1 ov)
139.4 to RB Jhalani, lovely delivery from Vohra, pitches and comes back in Jhalani drives in thin air as the ball seeps in through the gap to knock the off stump out of the ground, wonderful stuff, a seamers delivery.. 369/7
35.6 to A Chopra, Bhatt strikes and gets Chopra, tosses it up in line with the stumps and straightens, plays across the line, misses the sweep shot and gets hit on the pad, loud appeal and this time the umpire lifts his finger to send Chopra to the pavilion.. 67/1
101.3 to Vivek Yadav, once again looking for the sweep, misses it and the impact is on the pads, loud appeal and given this time by Hariharan, Yadav might be unlucky, the ball would have slide down the leg side.. 240/4
115.3 to R Bist, lovely delivery tossed up outside the leg stump and pitches in the rough and turns across, Bist plays and gets beaten by the turn, the off stump is uprooted.. 269/5
134.3 to AL Menaria, tossed up delivery and Menaria pushing forward looking to defend, gets the edge onto the pad and lobs up to Devdhar at short leg.. 346/6
147.1 to RR Parida, Bhatt picks up his 5th wicket, that was a quick delivery right in the block hole and Parida is beaten and the stumps are castled.. 394/10
144.5 to DL Chahar, fires in a quick delivery, it was short and Chahar looking for the pull, the ball keeps low and the stumps are uprooted.. 384/8
146.3 to Pankaj Singh, another quicker delivery which keeps very low and Pankaj Singh looking for the big shot, misses it and off the pad the ball rattles the stumps.. 394/9
85.5 to HH Kanitkar, Kanitkar goes, trying to play a delicate cut shot, gets the edge straight to Connor Williams at first slip, who takes the catch.. 190/3
Baroda 1st Innings 
c Chopra b Vivek Yadav1765890026.15
c †Jhalani b Vivek Yadav6415117612042.38
b Vivek Yadav1974964025.67
c Kanitkar b Vivek Yadav521381707037.68
lbw b Chahar1233492036.36
lbw b Chahar77991997277.77
c Saxena b Pankaj Singh1754513031.48
c Chopra b Chahar01316000.00
not out 341171494029.05
c Chopra b Chahar36691146052.17
c Chopra b Khatri313130023.07
Extras(b 25, lb 3, nb 1, w 1)30
TOTAL137.3 Ov (RR: 2.62, 566 Mins)361
Fall of wickets: 1-63 (Connor Williams, 21.4 ov), 2-110 (Jaykishan Kolsawala, 47.4 ov), 3-113 (Kedar Devdhar, 49.6 ov), 4-136 (Ambati Rayudu, 62.3 ov), 5-226 (Aditya Waghmode, 86.3 ov), 6-266 (Swapnil Singh, 98.4 ov), 7-269 (Abhijit Karambelkar, 101.4 ov), 8-288 (Pinal Shah, 105.6 ov), 9-356 (Murtuja Vahora, 134.4 ov), 10-361 (Bhargav Bhatt, 137.3 ov)
98.4 to Swapnil Singh, Saxena's taken a screamer! Swapnil plays a horror shot, looking to pull a ball that wasn't so short and he was so out of position that the top edge ballooned up behind the covers. Saxena runs back and plucks it as he dives away despite interference from Yadav running across from mid off. Superb take and a huge wicket. Saxena is pumped up.. 266/6
62.3 to AT Rayudu, Chahar has nailed Rayudu with a lovely legcutter, but umpire Hariharan might have got this one wrong. Chahar angles this in from slightly wide of the crease, on middle and gets it to straighten and bounce extra. Rayudu was playing for the straight ball, and had to adjust late for the movement away. Struck very high, above the pads, that was probably heading over the stumps. Huge wicket this, Rayudu is very disappointed and trudges off, visibly upset with the call. Took a long time to even start walking from the crease.. 136/4
101.4 to AS Karambelkar, edged and taken at slip, but did it carry to Chopra? This is a tight one. Another one seams away a touch from back of a length, squares Abhijit up and he edges it to second slip. They have gone upstairs for this one. It may have hit the ground just before Chopra completed the tumbling catch. Replays are not very conclusive. It's been given!. 269/7
105.6 to PR Shah, and Chahar has struck a decisive blow. Pinal's been hanging in the crease too often and this time he's hit on the pads as he tries to work an inducker across the line. He closed the face too early and missed the line. Trapped plumb in front, despite the lack of sideways movement. 288/8
134.4 to MY Vahora, Vahora is gone, and what a tame, tame dismissal that is, Chahar had the ball swinging around yesterday without much luck, now he serves up a full toss outside off, which the batsman thumps straight to the cover fielder, match-turning wicket?. 356/9
137.3 to BA Bhatt, Rajasthan unit is excited as Bhatt plays forward and gets the edge and Chopra at slip takes the catch low down.. 361/10
21.4 to CC Williams, tossed up outside the off stump, holds its line and Williams plays for the turn, not there, the ball takes the outside edge and goes low down to Chopra at first slip, so Rajasthan breaks through.. 63/1
47.4 to JA Kolsawala, there's the breakthrough Rajasthan were looking for, Vivek Yadav has bowled a tight spell so far, this was not his finest delivery, short and sliding through, gets an outside edge as Kolsawala looks to drive through off, keeper pouches it. 110/2
49.6 to KH Devdhar, and another one for Vivek Yadav, he's removed both set batsmen now, that one kept really low, barely got up though it was very short, Devdhar saw the longhop and decided to dispatch it through cover, goes for the cut but the lack of bounce results in a bottom-edge that to Devdhar's horror sends the ball onto the stumps, he can't believe it. 113/3
86.3 to AA Waghmode, superb diving catch at cover from Rajasthan captain Hrishikesh Kanitkar sends back Waghmode, it was not the greatest of deliveries, overpitched, Waghmode looked to drive that hard, it wasn't timed well and was in the air, Kanitkar leaps to his right and snaffles that low chance, another wicket for Yadav, could this signal a decisive shift in the match?. 226/5
Rajasthan 2nd Innings 
lbw b Vohra5651083.33
c †Shah b Vahora01121000.00
c Williams b Vahora11524006.66
c Waghmode b Bhatt2269872131.88
lbw b Bhatt8922928910138.86
c & b Waghmode10114919213367.78
b Vahora1843494041.86
c Devdhar b Vahora1344580129.54
c Devdhar b Swapnil Singh1134491032.35
b Karambelkar24951192125.26
not out 4380967053.75
Extras(b 11, lb 1, w 2)14
TOTAL129.1 Ov (RR: 2.64, 499 Mins)341
Fall of wickets: 1-5 (Aakash Chopra, 1.1 ov), 2-6 (Vineet Saxena, 4.4 ov), 3-11 (Hrishikesh Kanitkar, 6.2 ov), 4-61 (Robin Bist, 26.3 ov), 5-226 (Ashok Menaria, 77.2 ov), 6-232 (Rashmi Parida, 82.3 ov), 7-258 (Madhur Khatri, 91.4 ov), 8-265 (Vivek Yadav, 97.5 ov), 9-282 (Deepak Chahar, 103.4 ov), 10-341 (Pankaj Singh, 129.1 ov)
4.4 to VA Saxena, fuller and Saxena goes for it and gets the edge through to the keeper, Rajasthan lose their second wicket.. 6/2
6.2 to HH Kanitkar, fuller delivery angled across and Kanitkar looking to drive through the off side, gets the edge and through to first slip, Williams takes the catch.. 11/3
91.4 to M Khatri, . 258/7
97.5 to Vivek Yadav, . 265/8
1.1 to A Chopra, Vohra strikes first ball, pitches on the leg stump and goes on to hit Chopra on the pad in line with the off and middle stump, played across the line and missed it, loud appeal and given, that was plumb.. 5/1
26.3 to R Bist, tossed up outside the leg stump and Bist plays forward, the extra bounce takes the top off the bat to gully and Waghmode dives to his right, one two and third attempt he takes it.. 61/4
82.3 to RR Parida, . 232/6
103.4 to DL Chahar, tossed up bit fuller on the leg stump and Chahar defends, unable to keep the ball down, goes to the right of Devdhar at silly-point, who takes a good reflex catch.. 282/9
77.2 to AL Menaria, . 226/5
129.1 to Pankaj Singh, Karambelkar picks up the final wicket and his first wicket on debut, Pankaj looking for a big heave, misses it and the off stumps is uprooted.. 341/10
Baroda 2nd Innings (T: 375 runs)
c †Jhalani b Pankaj Singh13132030100.00
c Saxena b Chahar513201038.46
c & b Chahar421320019.04
c Chopra b Chahar2780028.57
not out 220360010.00
not out 210130020.00
TOTAL14 Ov (RR: 2.00, 66 Mins)28/4
Fall of wickets: 1-14 (Kedar Devdhar, 3.6 ov), 2-18 (Jaykishan Kolsawala, 4.2 ov), 3-21 (Swapnil Singh, 5.6 ov), 4-24 (Aditya Waghmode, 11.2 ov)
4.2 to JA Kolsawala, good length delivery angled across, Kolsawala goes for a drive and he crashes, gets an edge through to the keeper.. 18/2
3.6 to KH Devdhar, good short delivery bit quicker and Devdhar miscues the hook shot in the air to square leg and Saxena takes an easy catch, Chahar strikes.. 14/1
5.6 to Swapnil Singh, lovely delivery from Chahar, squares up Swapnil Singh and the ball takes the outside edge to Chopra at second slip, who accepts the catch.. 21/3
11.2 to AA Waghmode, fuller delivery and Waghmode looking to play thorugh the onside, closes the face off the bat and gets a leading edge in the air and an easy catch to Chahar, who picks up his 3rd wicket.. 24/4
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Tue, 11 Jan - day 1 - Rajasthan 1st innings 198/3 (Robin Bist 56*, Vivek Yadav 4*, 90 ov)
Wed, 12 Jan - day 2 - Baroda 1st innings 73/1 (Jaykishan Kolsawala 46*, Kedar Devdhar 4*, 30 ov)
Thu, 13 Jan - day 3 - Baroda 1st innings 324/8 (Sankalp Vohra 16*, Murtuja Vahora 21*, 120 ov)
Fri, 14 Jan - day 4 - Rajasthan 2nd innings 201/4 (Rashmi Parida 78*, Ashok Menaria 83*, 71 ov)
Sat, 15 Jan - day 5 - Baroda 2nd innings 28/4 (14 ov) - end of match
  • Kolsawala is kept after the lunch break on day 5 in place of Pinal Shah.
Moti Bagh Stadium, Vadodara
TossBaroda, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Series resultRajasthan won the 2010/11 Ranji Trophy Super League
Hours of play (local time)09.30 start, Lunch 12.00-12.40, Tea 14.40-15.00, Close 16.30
Match days11,12,13,14,15 January 2011 - day (5-day match)
FC debut
TV Umpire
Match Referee
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