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6th Match, Hammanskraal, April 22, 2018, South Africa Emerging Women Tri-Series
(26.3/50 ov, T:139) 141/3

SA Emerg Wm won by 7 wickets (with 141 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
England AW Innings
SA Emerg Wm Innings
Match Details
England Academy Women  (50 ovs maximum)
Hollie Armitage (c)c & b Ntozakhe1532411046.87
Georgie Boyce c de Klerk b Yekile3975835052.00
Emma Lamb c Kirsten b Yekile525290020.00
Sophia Dunkley c de Klerk b Yekile1729373058.62
Charlie Dean  b Yekile022000.00
Izzy Cloke run out (Goodall/Yekile)0211000.00
Tara Norris c †Jafta b de Klerk722291031.81
Sarah Glenn lbw b de Klerk825240032.00
Eleanor Threlkeld  b de Klerk3343495076.74
Alice Dyson  b Kirsten11413007.14
Helen Fenby not out 219280010.52
Extras(w 11)11
TOTAL48 Ov (RR: 2.87, 173 Mts)138
Did not bat: Lauren Bell 
Fall of wickets: 1-37 (Hollie Armitage, 11.5 ov), 2-58 (Emma Lamb, 19.5 ov), 3-68 (Georgie Boyce, 23.3 ov), 4-69 (Charlie Dean, 23.5 ov), 5-75 (Izzy Cloke, 25.3 ov), 6-89 (Sophia Dunkley, 29.3 ov), 7-100 (Tara Norris, 34.4 ov), 8-103 (Sarah Glenn, 36.1 ov), 9-108 (Alice Dyson, 40.3 ov), 10-138 (Eleanor Threlkeld, 47.6 ov)
Odine Kirsten922612.88433050
40.3 to AE Dyson, playing across the line and the ball clips the off stump. 108/9
Raisibe Ntozakhe1012412.40431000
11.5 to HJ Armitage, drives off the front foot in the air and straight back to the bowler who takes a good catch at head height. 37/1
Tumi Sekhukhune1003703.70425030
Evodia Yekile1002642.60442020
19.5 to EL Lamb, friendly full toss is hit straight down the throat of Kirsten at deep mid wicket who takes the regulation catch. 58/2
23.3 to GEB Boyce, comes down the track trying to hit inside out and spoons a simple catch to de Klerk at backward point. 68/3
23.5 to CE Dean, looks to be shaping down leg but just holds it's line and it clips the leg stump. 69/4
Nadine de Klerk922532.77444010
34.4 to TG Norris, playing off the back foot and edges through to the keeper who completes the catch. 100/7
36.1 to S Glenn, stuck on the crease, hit below the roll on the pad and appeal for lbw given. 103/8
47.6 to E Threlkeld, trying to scoop the ball again but this time misses the delivery and is bowled. 138/10
South Africa Emerging Players Women  (T: 139 runs from 50 ovs)
Lara Goodall c & b Lamb3050572060.00
Tazmin Brits (c)lbw b Lamb685973100115.25
G Jaftha not out 1228380042.85
Nadine de Klerk lbw b Lamb11411007.14
Nonkhululeko Thabethe not out 881110100.00
Extras(lb 4, w 18)22
TOTAL26.3 Ov (RR: 5.32, 125 Mts)141/3
Fall of wickets: 1-94 (Lara Goodall, 15.5 ov), 2-120 (Tazmin Brits, 19.5 ov), 3-126 (Nadine de Klerk, 23.3 ov)
Lauren Bell402205.50152020
Helen Fenby502204.40181030
Tara Norris302107.0082010
Emma Lamb813133.87282010
15.5 to L Goodall, drives off the front foot and good low return catch taken by the bowler. 94/1
19.5 to T Brits, playing off the back foot, trapped on the crease and given out lbw. 120/2
23.3 to N de Klerk, trying to play it fine on the side, does not get bat on it and is given out lbw. 126/3
Izzy Cloke201608.0053000
Alice Dyson1011011.0022010
Sarah Glenn3.301404.00161020
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Hammanskraal Mandela Oval
TossSouth Africa Emerging Players Women, elected to field first
Players per sideEngland Academy Women 12 (11 batting, 11 fielding); South Africa Emerging Players Women 12 (11 batting, 11 fielding)
Player Of The Match
SA Emerg Wm
Evodia Yekile
Match days22 April 2018 - day (50-over match)
South Africa
Rudi Birkenstock
South Africa
Siphelele Gasa
PointsSouth Africa Emerging Players Women 5, England Academy Women 0
  • The Innings of England Emerging Women:
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 1 - 10.0 (Mandatory - 23 runs, 0 wickets)
  • England Emerging Women: 50 runs in 16.3 overs (107 balls, 58 mins, 5x4, 0x6)
  • England Emerging Women: 100 runs in 34.2 overs (217 balls, 122 mins, 10x4, 0x6)
  • Powerplay 2: Overs 10.1 - 35.0 (Mandatory 77 runs, 7 wickets)
  • The Innings of South Africa Emerging Women:
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 1 - 10.0 (Mandatory - 48 runs, 0 wickets)
  • 1st wicket: 52 runs off 67 balls 37 mins ( L Goodall 14 , T Brits 26, Ex 12)
  • South Africa Emerging Women: 50 runs in 10.1 overs (67 balls,37 mins, 4x4, 0x6)
  • T Brits: 50 off 45 balls in 56 mins (7x4, 0x6)
  • South Africa Emerging Women: 100 runs in 16.3 overs (106 balls, 61 mins, 10x4, 0x6)
  • Match points: SA Emerging Women: 5 points England Emerging Women: 0 points
  • Player of the Match: E Yekile (SA Emerging Women)
SA Emerg Wm Innings
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South Africa Emerging Women Tri-Series