3rd ODI (D/N), Hobart, Nov 11 2018, South Africa tour of Australia
(50 ov, target 321)280/9
South Africa won by 40 runs
Player Of The Match
139 (108)
Player Of The Series
192 runs
end of over 502 runs • 2 wickets
AUS: 280/9CRR: 5.60 
Josh Hazlewood0 (1)
Pat Cummins7 (12)
Kagiso Rabada 10-3-40-3
Dale Steyn 10-0-45-3

South Africa win by 40 runs and take the series 2-1. A very fine performance today, highlighted by that huge stand between Faf du Plessis and David Miller then some outstanding death bowling. Dale Steyn to the fore again. Australia threatened for a while through Shaun Marsh's hundred and some strong hitting by Marcus Stoinis, but their poor start had left them a lot to do.

Kagiso Rabada: "It's never easy coming to Australia. We wanted to keep the momentum we had after Sri Lanka. Everyone played very well so we're very happy. Faf and David kept going and inflicted proper damage at the end there. They won us the game today. As soon as the batters got in, they look rather comfortable. The difference was that Faf and Davey went right through to the end. Our bowling attack spoke about needing to be ruthless. I think we did that today."

Shaun Marsh: "Disappointing not to be there at the end. I probably should have tried to go a bit deeper. They put us under pressure and we couldn't get there in the end. Full credit to South Africa. They outplayed us throughout the series."

We'll bring you the presentation shortly...

Man of the Match goes to David Miller "It's always a great feeling to contribute, and when you win it's sweeter. We were in a little bit of trouble so nice to bat some time. Wanted to extend the partnership as much as we could. Nice to make it a big one. They put a bit of a scare into us, but credit to our bowlers who have been fantastic the whole series."

Aaron Finch "Every time you get a couple of set batters at the end of the innings it's hard to contain. They bowled exceptionally well a the end, credit to them in the last 10 overs. After 35 overs we were in a great position but they took it away at the end. With the short boundary, once you get in you can really cash in. They batted extremely well. That partnership between Marcus and Shaun was outstanding to give us a chance to launch. If we'd been at that point two down we'd have been a chance, but not to be."

Faf du Plessis "It's good, I thought we played our best game of cricket. We challenged ourselves to put in a performance. A high pressure game. From a batting point of view we were, but from a death-bowling point of view we were excellent. Really good that we could get tested against two set batsmen and the way we responded was great to see. Myself and Dave had to somehow get a score together, we talked about trying to get to 240 but with Dave's power we were able to get going. We'll remember this place fondly."

So the series win to South Africa and they deserved it. A few things for Australia to take with them in their rebuilding, but they have a distance to go in one-day cricket. They won't play 50 overs again until January against India as they switch back to T20 mode before the Tests. There is a one-off T20 between these two sides on Saturday and we'll be back to bring you the action. For now, though, it's goodbye from Gnasher and Alex and thanks for joining us.

Rabada to Hazlewood, no run

and quite aptly it's a yorker to finish, dug out to the covers

Rabada to Hazlewood, 1 wide

a short ball outside leg stump, goes over his back and it's called wide...a few smiles around

Rabada to Cummins, 1 run

low full toss which he whips to midwicket

Dave: "Dale Steyn is in as good rhythm as I have ever seen, he is going to be big challenge in the world cup."

Rabada to Zampa, OUT

another one for Rabada, a short ball angled in at Zampa who can only shovel it towards midwicket where the captain takes it tracking backwards

Adam Zampa c du Plessis b Rabada 0 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Rabada to Zampa, no run

full, straight, can only jab it back to the bowler

Rabada to Zampa, no run

backs away to leg, short of a length, and has a swing and a miss

Duncan Birks: "they got 43 in an over in nz the other day, not over yet"

Rabada to Starc, OUT

well, that's pretty soft...round the wicket, back of a length, and Starc just chips it straight up in the air

Mitchell Starc c & b Rabada 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Rahul: "Death bowling made the difference. awesome slog over bowling for anyone to learn"

end of over 492 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 278/7CRR: 5.67 RRR: 43.00
Pat Cummins6 (11)
Mitchell Starc0 (0)
Dale Steyn 10-0-45-3
Lungi Ngidi 10-0-56-1

Fantastic display from Steyn. If this is his swansong on Australia it's been the performance of a champion bowler

Steyn to Cummins, no run

another dot ball, 141kph, short of a length and he's through the shot too early (despite the pace)

Steyn to Cummins, no run

another short one outside off, Cummins can't connect. Lot of effort in this innings without much reward

Steyn to Cummins, no run

beats him a short ball as Cummins pulls

Steyn to Maxwell, OUT

finds deep cover and that's that, a sliced lofted cover drive. Pretty comfortable catch for Hendricks. Another for Steyn who has been outstanding

Glenn Maxwell c Hendricks b Steyn 35 (27b 3x4 0x6) SR: 129.62

Umair: "Can Maxwell do a Braithwate here?" Brathwaite++ needed

Steyn to Maxwell, no run

backs to leg and has a swing and a miss to a short delivery

Steyn to Maxwell, 2 runs

a cross-seamer from Steyn, full outside off, carved over mid-off without timing it cleanly

Can Maxwell pull off a miracle. Steyn to bowl

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