1st T20I, Dhaka, Jul 5 2015, South Africa tour of Bangladesh
(18.5/20 ov, target 149)96
South Africa won by 52 runs
player of the match
Faf du Plessis
South Africa

4.30pm And that is that. Comfortable win for South Africa, who go 1-0 up in the two-match T20 series. It was fun bringing the game to you. We hope you'll be back for the rest of the series too. Until then, bye!

Faf du Plessis: "Wicket was tough, specially with the new ball, spinners were bowling well, ball wasn't bouncing much. Took time to get used to the conditions, but once we got in we started playing well. Old man [Duminy] bowled well today, the wicket was conducive to the spinners, and he put them under real pressure. It's good when you have someone like JP who can chip in with the ball as well. It's nice to be batting again. We've been off for two months or so, so it's nice to play competitive cricket again. It's a knock that you'd like to play as a batter. Not the easiest wicket, not a flat T20 wicket, had to graft a lot. Ball was spinning and staying low, we just needed a partnership, and Rilee played really well. That was the match-winning partnership." Faf is the Man of the Match too.

Mashrafe Mortaza: "Bowlers bowled petty well. We would have done well to restrict them to 130, but we couldn't build partnerships as a batting order. The wicket looked a bit slow, it was a plan [to start with the spinners] and all the bowlers bowled well, I think. I think batters played too many shots, but we can fix it, it's not too much of a worry, the way they are batting. We'll be back in the next match."

4.15pm Easy win for South Africa, whose spinners possibly derived even more help from this pitch than their Bangladesh counterparts. No partnerships for Bangladesh apart from the one between Shakib and Mushfiqur, and that means they've slipped to their lowest ever T20 total at home.

Parnell to Mustafizur, OUT

makes room to carve through the off side and Parnell finishes the game with a yorker, smacks into off stump after squeezing under Mustafizur's bat

Mustafizur Rahman b Parnell 1 (5m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 16.66
Parnell to Mustafizur, no run

back of a length on off stump, defended off the back foot into the off side

Parnell to Mustafizur, no run

very short, and it rises very high. Mustafizur has to reach a long way over his shoulder to try and connect as he backs away. Not called wide.

Parnell to Mustafizur, no run

makes room again and he follows him with a short ball on middle stump. Chops it down towards point

Parnell to Mustafizur, no run

slower short ball outside off, backs away to steer it to third man and can't put bat to ball

end of over 183 runs • 2 wickets
BDESH: 96/9CRR: 5.33 RRR: 26.50 • Need 53 runs from 12b
Arafat Sunny1 (2)
Mustafizur Rahman1 (1)
David Wiese3-0-12-2
Wayne Parnell2-0-12-0
Wiese to Arafat Sunny, no run

back of a length outside off, dabbed away to backward point

Wiese to Mustafizur, 1 run

on the pads again, clipped away to the right of short fine leg

Wiese to Arafat Sunny, 1 run

slower ball on the pads, tucked away through square leg

Mustafizur in at No. 11. It's Arafat on strike, since they crossed over

Wiese to Liton Das, OUT

slower length ball outside off and he moves across again to sweep, ends up top-edging and AB - he's been everywhere today - takes it well, moving backwards from square leg

Liton Das c de Villiers b Wiese 22 (33m 26b 0x4 1x6) SR: 84.61
Wiese to Liton Das, 1 wide

slower ball wide outside off, too wide, and Litton leaves it alone

Wiese to Liton Das, no run

moves a long way across to whip the ball from wide outside off. Was looking to go over short fine leg but he can't get the elevation, rolls down to the fielder

Arafat Sunny is the No. 10.

Wiese to Liton Das, OUT

full slower ball outside off and Litton shuffles across to whip it towards square leg. Gazi scurries out of his crease even though the ball went straight to the fielder, and Litton sent him back. Doesn't beat the throw in from AB and Wiese completes the run-out comfortably

Sohag Gazi run out (de Villiers/Wiese) 3 (10m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
end of over 174 runs
BDESH: 93/7CRR: 5.47 RRR: 18.67 • Need 56 runs from 18b
Liton Das22 (23)
Sohag Gazi3 (6)
Wayne Parnell2-0-12-0
Jean-Paul Duminy4-0-11-2
Parnell to Liton Das, 1 run

slower bouncer, and Litton has to wait for it to come on to help it to short fine leg

Parnell to Liton Das, no run

bouncer, dug in very short, and Litton can't connect with the hook

Parnell to Sohag Gazi, 1 run

down the track comes Gazi. Parnell follows with a full ball angloed into his feet and he drives it in the air towards long-on

around the wicket now

Parnell to Liton Das, 1 run

back of a length outside off, dabbed away fine but can't beat short third man, Phangiso, who dives to his left to make the stop

Parnell to Sohag Gazi, 1 run

another short ball, controls the pull well down to deep square leg

Parnell to Sohag Gazi, no run

dug in short, rises sharply towards the left shoulder, jumps in the air to defend into the on side

Parnell. Bangladesh need 60 from four overs.