3rd T20I, Southampton, June 26, 2021, Sri Lanka tour of England
(18.5/20 ov, T:181) 91

England won by 89 runs

Player Of The Match
76 (48) & 2 catches
Player Of The Series
25 runs • 5 wkts
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Eoin Morgan lifts the trophy and that is the end of that! 3-0 to England, and it was even more one-sided than that scoreline can relate. From myself and Ranjith, and Matt at the Ageas, good night, and see you next week for the ODIs!

Time for some presentations. First up, it's the Player of the Match ... 76 from 48 balls, it's Dawid Malan.

"Always nice to score runs, keep going and get to a winning score is a nice feeling. Slower than we have been up front but a 100-run partnership set us up beautifully. All credit to myself and Jonny ..."

"Just to break into this team is tough enough, happy to fill in... I like proving a point so I like to show people who seem to have their opinions. I'd like to play all three formats but that's above my pay-cheque ..."

Player of the Series is Sam Curran. "Pleased with how the series went, a good series win. Like to contribute with the bat and the ball, nothing specific just try to improve. It swung consistently throughout which was strange but us bowlers weren't complaining."

Kusal Perera: "We knew it was going to be tough, but batting throughout the series not up to the mark. We aren't used to the pace and bounce, not executed well. The batsmen have to take responsibility and play to their strength."

Eoin Morgan: "I think the most impressive thing has been our bowling, adapting to conditions, two on the same pitch at Cardiff and here, an outstanding effort from our seamers. We can't fault anything in this series, but looking towards the World Cup, we are looking at the Powerplay and death bowling. We've made some great strides in this series, and extremely proud. No let-up, any opportunity, the group of players give us different options, and into the Hundred as well."

"We know the capabilities of the guys, today a great example with Jonny and Dawid, didn't get away early but 100 for none is a hugely commendable opening partnership."

5.54pm Sri Lanka all out for 91, England win by 89. England win by their opening stand, and by most of Dawid Malan's critic-answering display. Outstanding from all four of England's seamers, though the pick of the day was actually Dushmantha Chameera, whose brilliant 4 for 17 deserved some support. Oshada Fernando top-scored was second top-scorer in reply with 19, but it would have been kinder to dismiss him for a duck.

NB: "England played 7 bowlers. And Woakes, Willey and Rashid, their 9-10-11 are all handy batsmen. And then there is Stokes. What the heck!!!"

Vishal Pawar: "With this approach SL do not stand any chance even against India's second string Team! " It might not be pretty. India's depth is incredible at the moment

Sampath has the exciting news: "England did something that's never happened in Men's T20Is. Their fifth bowler (Rashid/Ali/Livingstone) was introduced in the 17th over, the latest any team brought in their fifth bowler. Closest instance is Pakistan bowling 15.3 overs during the 2016 Asia Cup game vs India with four pacers only.

And Sampath has got more you know, he cannot get enough of this match: "Sri Lanka's batting strike rate of 85.02 in this series is the lowest for any full-member team in any T20I series/tournament. Previous lowest was also by Sri Lanka who struck at 89.02 during the 3-match series in 2016 against India."

Siripala Ayya: "Andrew, credit where its due, Binura Fernando top-scored not Oshada :)" So he did

Moeen Ali to Chameera, OUT

nailed on the back foot, and that could be that! Umpire Saggers sticks up the finger, but Sri Lanka might as well review. He's very deep in his crease and the ball turned into the pads... no bat ... the suspense... is killing me... tick tock ... it's halftime in the football btw... and that is umpire's call on the top of middle stump!

Dushmantha Chameera lbw b Ali 1 (4b 0x4 0x6 7m) SR: 25
Moeen Ali to Sandakan, 1 run

back and across, whipped through square leg. Decent batting to be fair

Moeen Ali to Sandakan, no run

on the back foot again, worked to the on-side

Moeen Ali to Chameera, 1 run

back of a length, tapped to mid-on from deep in the crease

Moeen Ali to Sandakan, 1 run

turning into the legs, nudged to the on side

Moeen to get a go now. All the fun of a beer match

end of over 188 runs • 1 wicket
SL: 88/9CRR: 4.88 RRR: 46.50
Dushmantha Chameera0 (2b)
Lakshan Sandakan1 (8b)
Liam Livingstone 1-0-8-1
Adil Rashid 1-0-9-0
Livingstone to Chameera, no run

firmly forward, no way through

Livingstone to Chameera, no run

lovely legbreak, can't get close to that one

Dushmantha Chameera deserves better today. Maybe he can finish with some fun

James : "Dawid Malan has officially lost to Sri Lanka. " The dream has died

Livingstone to Fernando, OUT

bowled him! "Yeah boi!" is the cry on the stump mic, a cunning little top-spinner, skidding through an ungraceful wipe across the line, thuds into the leg bail to bring Sri Lanka ever closer to 3-0

Binura Fernando b Livingstone 20 (14b 1x4 1x6 18m) SR: 142.85
Livingstone to Fernando, SIX runs

panned over long-on! Tossed up, and boshed through the line. That'll do

Livingstone to Sandakan, 1 run

on the back foot, tucked to the on-side

Livingstone to Fernando, 1 run

poked out to point

Livingstone to bowl at the death. We said he was versatile!

end of over 179 runs
SL: 80/8CRR: 4.70 RRR: 33.66
Binura Fernando13 (11b 1x4)
Lakshan Sandakan0 (7b)
Adil Rashid 1-0-9-0
Chris Jordan 4-1-13-1

Nothing left to see here... what's happening in the football? And the F1 qualifying, for that matter...

Rashid to Fernando, 1 run

wafted down the ground to long-on, swept up in the deep.

Rashid to Fernando, 2 runs

back of a length, back to the legbreak, fenced to the off side

Rashid to Fernando, FOUR runs

another googly, a half-tracker and pulled away dismissively! Rashid is mixing it up a touch here

Rashid to Fernando, 2 runs

back to loopy legspin, tossed up and dipping and cracked to cover

Rashid to Fernando, no run

quicker delivery, almost a bouncer! 73mph is brisk!

Rashid to Fernando, no run

topspinning googly, sliding into the pads as Fernando gives himself room and gets chased

end of over 164 runs
SL: 71/8CRR: 4.43 RRR: 27.50
Lakshan Sandakan0 (7b)
Binura Fernando4 (5b)
Chris Jordan 4-1-13-1
David Willey 4-0-27-3

Oh look, it's Adil Rashid... a handy chap to have up your sleeve at this stage...

Jordan to Sandakan, no run

on the back foot, hurried by some extra lift. Jordan is the fourth of the seamers to bowl out. Now there's a decision. Where does Morgan go next!

James : "SL playing for the draw " Yep. If they can reach 20 overs eight or nine-down, that's a win

Jordan to Sandakan, no run

pushed to point

Jordan to Sandakan, no run

full length, attacking the stumps, firm bat through the line to block

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