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Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka, 2nd ODI at Dhaka, BDESH v SL, May 25 2021 - Match Result

2nd ODI (D/N), Mirpur, May 25, 2021, Sri Lanka tour of Bangladesh
(40/40 ov, T:245) 141/9

Bangladesh won by 103 runs (D/L method)

Player Of The Match
125 (127)
Match centre 
Scores: @Thilak_Rama | Comms: Himanshu Agrawal
Scorecard summary
Bangladesh 246/10(48.1 overs)
Sri Lanka 141/9(40 overs)
end of over 4013 runs
SL: 141/9CRR: 3.52 
Isuru Udana18 (17b 2x6)
Dushmantha Chameera4 (12b)
Shoriful Islam 6-0-30-1
Mosaddek Hossain 1-0-2-0

And that's all we have from this rain-affected game which Bangladesh jumped on to win the series. The dead rubber is on Friday, 28th May. Tune in then as well before Sri Lanka head home. Have a good night, stay safe you all, wear masks, maintain social distancing, and get vaccinated if you're eligible in your region. It's goodbye from Vishal, Sreshth, Himanshu, Thilak and Raghav. Ciao!

Kusal Perera: It's very disappointing. Lack of experience cost us a lot, middle-order collapses cost us in both games. Our players have to back their strengths and believe in themselves, and play fearless cricket.

Mushfiqur is the Player of the Match: A win is always special and when you contribute it feels great. I was very disappointed that I couldn't finish the game because 11 balls were left. We lost a couple of early wickets but it happens against the new ball. Riyad batted really well with them and a couple of other guys chipped in. Our bowling was special tonight. There's always area to improve and you have to be selective with shots on these tracks, it's not easy to play here. Our batsmen will take a few notes from this innings and come better in the next match.

Tamim: Luckily we won two games and we're happy we won the series. We haven't played the perfect game yet, hoping we can in the third game. We lost a lot of wickets and 200 was looking difficult at one point, Mushy's innings was really good, riyad chipped in as well. It was an okok total we posted, the wicket played well. The way Shoriful bowled and Taskin came in as a concussion sub, it's not easy to bowl suddenly, he showed character. Spinners Miraz and Shakib were brilliant, our fielding is getting better now. We still haven't nailed it yet. Before the series I told the team we have to step up our fielding. You take some catches and drop some, but it's the ones you drop that can turn and win matches. It was required today but it's crucial to take such catches.

Vivaan : "@Saki, Bangladesh won the under 19 world cup in 2020, I think we should expect some prospects for the future generation for cricket in BD"

Azweer: "Bangladesh tops the World cup super league table, with that win."

9.56pm: First time that Bangladesh have beaten Sri Lanka in a bilateral series across formats. Our statsman Sampath reminds us that since the 2015 World Cup, Bangladesh have won 10 out of 11 bilateral ODI series they have played at home and only lost to England in 2016. Those 10 series victories include their maiden series win in any format against Pakistan, India, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

The wins have not been clinical but they have been impressive from this Bangladesh side. Their main concern will be the wobble that the seniors, especially Mushfiqur, has had to pull them out of. A much better bowling show overall from them. Sri Lanka, with a new-look squad and captain, and without much experience will take a lot back from these two losses and would want to end with at least a win in three days from now. The presentation is coming soon.

Saki: "Big four (Tamim, Shakib, Mushfiq, Mahmudullah) might retire after next ODI word cup, don't see any promising raising star to take such responsibility. This Srilankan team is a perfect reflection of the future Bangladesh team."

Shoriful Islam to Udana, 1 run

full on middle and off. Driven uppishly to long-off to end the innings as Sri Lanka concede defeat.

Last ball of the day

Shoriful Islam to Udana, SIX runs

good length on middle leg, and another six. This time over deep midwicket, and again after making room. He cleared his front leg and smashed that away with all the power he had.

Shoriful Islam to Udana, no run

short ball again on middle and leg. Puts in that extra effort, as Mushfiqur collects it high above his head with a jump

Shoriful Islam to Udana, no run

goes for the yoker, but it turns out to be a full-toss on middle and leg. Udana drives to mid-off.

Shoriful Islam to Udana, no run

slower ball just outside off. He goes for a wild swing, but misses completely.

Shoriful Islam to Udana, SIX runs

short of a length on middle and leg, he backs out and pulls powerfully over long-on for the maximum. Some fight from Udana, with Sri Lanka having nothing to lose.

Shoriful will finish off the innings. Over the wicket

end of over 392 runs
SL: 128/9CRR: 3.28 RRR: 117.00
Dushmantha Chameera4 (12b)
Isuru Udana5 (11b)
Mosaddek Hossain 1-0-2-0
Shakib Al Hasan 9-0-38-2
Mosaddek to Chameera, no run

slow and full outside off. Goes to defend, but the ball goes past his outside edge.

Mosaddek to Udana, 1 run

short midiwicket runs back and drops a difficult chance. That was short as well, as he went for an expansive heave

Mosaddek to Chameera, 1 run

opens the face of the bat to this wide ball outside off and gets two to deep point

Mosaddek to Chameera, no run

short of a length again, and defended

Mosaddek to Chameera, no run

fended off the back foot to short midwicket

Mosaddek to Chameera, no run

short of a length on off, bunted back of the back foot

Mosaddek Hossain to bowl

end of over 384 runs
SL: 126/9CRR: 3.31 RRR: 59.50
Isuru Udana4 (10b)
Dushmantha Chameera3 (7b)
Shakib Al Hasan 9-0-38-2
Mustafizur Rahman 6-1-16-3

9.37pm And play is all set to restart at 9.50pm local time, just above ten minutes from now. Match reduced to 40 overs, and Sri Lanka's target will be 245 - not that it matters though.

Nitol: "I feel like I am watching an action replay from Asia Cup 2018, Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka match" --- Yup, that was really one-sided as well.

Anil: "What are we waiting for here?" --- For the ground to completely dry up for any play to take place.

9.33pm The good news is that the covers are off now.

9.15pm Covers still on.

Showkat Khan: "As Bangladeshi fan, we seem to have sorted out our ODI team but we lack big strong hitters for T20's when the going gets tough."

Ashik Elahi: "I can't see Bangladesh winning any of the games against Australia. But it would be the best preparation for WC"

Summer Joe: "I'd say 4-1 to Australia. T20s I believe is arguably Bangladesh's weakest format unlike ODIs where they can compete and win against anyone at home. They don't really have any power hitters in their lineup which is a big drawback and which most other teams seem to have plus their batsmen seem to struggle against high quality pace bowlers which Australia have in abundance. I could be wrong here but I dont see any chance of Bangladesh making the semis in the T20 worldcup "

Anton: "Direct qualification looks a dream right now. A bigger worry is 13th position and relegation from the top division. SL don't have any games versus Ire or Netherlands in the league. "

Arman Mir: "Sri Lankan team is grossly mismanaged. SLC have shown grave incompetence in recent years and it is showing. And this is coming from a Bangladeshi. The talent is always there for them. Hope they fix it soon. It would be unthinkable to have a WC without them. "

Rubaiat : "I think for the Australia series, it'll be great to see how Bangladesh come up with their game plan as Australia genuinely is a good T20 team but apart from T20 wcup, the series will be a poised one as Shakib and Fizz will be making it hard for the australians to score runs in these conditions. "

Latest news for Bangladesh fans: Australia will be visiting your country for five T20Is in August. All details here. The tour is meant to give Bangladesh adequate preparation ahead of the T20 World Cup. It will also give Australia some sort of prep too for Asian conditions. What are your early predictions for that series?

Muhammad Ali: "I think Srilanka should include Mathews, Chandimal and Karunaratne in the squad and should play atleast two of them in every match for next four or five series. The inclusion of the seniors not only groom the young guys but also boost their confidence. " -- I can see where you're coming from but that will go against what the management is trying to do. These guys were specifically "dropped" from the squad for the Bangladesh series.

9.04pm Uh oh, it is raining! The covers are quickly on, and Bangladesh's wait for a series win is now delayed. Discussing the DLS par (it's 234 by the way) seems quite futile for Sri Lanka currently. They are way out of the contest. Still a while to go till the game gets called off. But as I type, the rain is getting harder.

Vivaan : "Just declare the match, rain interval will do nothing good"

John: "Hell, let Taskin get the last scalp. He's been reaping with no reward."

Shuvayan: "Tough we should have won the 2nd match in NZ series but that was NZ in their home. Now only SA series is the one where we can accept losing few points"

Shakib to Udana, no run

bowled him? No, just misses! Shakib will have to wait for his 270th ODI wicket. Length ball angling in, but it stays awfully low after pitching outside off. Batter had no idea where that ball was going, and Mushfiqur has one hand on his head in disbelief

Shakib to Udana, no run

full, outside off stump. Pushed to cover's left

Shakib to Chameera, 3 runs

sliced behind short third man! Wild swing as he drops this full just outside off

Mushfiqur says, "haathe ashbe" (will come to your hands) to his fielders. Leg slip and first slip in place

Rakib: "Lowest total by Sri Lanka against Bangladesh is 124. Can they break this record?"

Shakib to Chameera, no run

full on off. Defended, and the ball takes an inside edge. Rolls away to short fine leg

Shakib to Chameera, no run

full ball on off. Carefully defended

Shakib to Udana, 1 run

full on off. Defended towards mid off

hamza: "I know BD have never won a series against SL, but they've won a lot of the matches head-to-head in the past 6 years than they did prior to 2015."

end of over 37Wicket maiden
SL: 122/9CRR: 3.29 RRR: 9.61
Dushmantha Chameera0 (4b)
Isuru Udana3 (7b)
Mustafizur Rahman 6-1-16-3
Shakib Al Hasan 8-0-34-2

Vivaan : "@Shuvo Islam, we Indians don't hate him, but some love to still troll him due to his premature celebration at the T20 WC, but when he plays well we do admire him"

Mustafizur to Chameera, no run

full, from around the stumps. Lands on off. Defended. Wicket maiden

News from elsewhere: there's a new window for the rest of IPL 2021 to be completed. All details here.

Mustafizur to Chameera, no run

fullish, on middle. Bit of movement away. Stretches out and defends to cover

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
Mushfiqur Rahim
125 runs (127)
10 fours0 six
Productive shot
27 runs
1 four0 six
41 runs (58)
1 four2 sixes
Productive shot
cover drive
9 runs
0 four0 six
Best performances - bowlers
Mustafizur Rahman
Mehidy Hasan Miraz
Match details
Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur
TossBangladesh, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Series resultBangladesh led the 3-match series 2-0
Match numberODI no. 4291
Hours of play (local time)13.00 start, First Session 13.00-16.30, Interval 16.30-17.15, Second Session 17.15-20.45
Match days25 May 2021 - daynight (50-over match)
BAN Player Replacement
Substitute in out (2nd innings, 0.1 ov)
ODI debut
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsBangladesh 10, Sri Lanka 0
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