2nd ODI (D/N), Birmingham, June 24, 2016, Sri Lanka tour of England and Ireland
(34.1/50 ov, T:255) 256/0

England won by 10 wickets (with 95 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
112* (95)
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8.45pm: Well, England may not sleep much easier tonight, as everyone scratches their heads and tries to work out what is going on, but the cricketers have done their bit. In fact, they put on a show of superiority that was almost as bewildering as the last 24 hours or so... Anyway, we'll put the politics and the cricket to bed, for now. George Dobell's report will give you the long and short of it and we'll back again for more on Sunday. From Miller and myself, it's goodnight and good luck. Ciao, bellas

8.35pm: Presentations, then... Phew. Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews: "I thought 256 was below average on that wicket, unfortunately we kept losing wickets and the bowlers were not good enough to get them out, it was a brilliant partnership. Thought Chandimal batted well and Tharanga finished off but it wasn't enough, it's a quick turnaround so we have to forget about this. Thought the batters in Ireland batted brilliantly, these are wickets where you can play your shots so we have to give our bowlers a chance. The spinners didn't get anything out of it but Alex and Jason batted brilliantly. [Tharanga up the order?] We don't want to fiddle too much with the order but we'll go through our strategies and come up with a plan. My theory is to bat first and try and put the opposition under pressure. [Injuries] I got over it okay, not 100%, Dinesh is also struggling a bit but hopefully he pulls through for the next ODI."

England captain Eoin Morgan: "Certainly closer to our best in the field, with the ball we found ways to take wickets and apply pressure, I thought SL put in a good effort to get to 250 but Hales and Roy were sensational, they put on a show and it was an absolute pleasure to watch. There wasn't a lot on offer [for the bowlers], it held up a little bit but full credit to the bowlers, we were miserly and that brought errors. [Rashid] He's very versatile, he bowled earlier at Trent Bridge, we tried Moeen Ali first here and they bowl really well in tandem. Nothing needed to be said, we came off knowing the score was well within our reach, we didn't go about things well at Trent Bridge but this is how we want to bat. We spoke about it [top-order failure], didn't look into it to much and the guys have done their work individually. Hopefully the weather is set fair at Bristol and we'll strive for as good a performance."

Jason Roy is named Man of the Match for his hundred and two run-outs: "It was a bit of fun, we kept them to a good total and Hales and I just wanted to get out there and get us across the line. They bowled well in the first ten and we thought we had to make an effort to chase them down and it went well in the end. I'm enjoying my cricket, there's a lot of love in the dressing room and I'm stoked with the win. Take each day as it comes, game by game, but to get a hundred is huge contribution for myself. I was telling him to chill out a bit after those three sixes in a row but I'm happy for him too. He works hard, he's had an incredible summer and I'm happy to be up there with him. Looking forward to Sunday."

8.30pm: That was an utter shellacking, England strolling to victory with more than 15 overs remaining, both openers pocketing unbeaten hundreds (and individual high scores, too) during a record opening stand. By my maths, it also means England have won the Super Series, having opened up a 13-3 lead with four matches (three ODIs, one T20) to play. We wondered if Sri Lanka were light at halfway and it turns out they had barely produced a wafer-thin mint in setting a target of 255. This time, England managed not to make a meal of it.

Prasanna to Roy, FOUR runs

floated up outside off and drilled through the covers for four, sealed with a boundary! That is that, Sri Lanka knocked into a cocked hat as England win by ten wickets with a record ODI chase

So, three to win, England's cricketers about to salvage the day and cheer a nation... Perhaps

Here's Naresh Gupta U: "That's Roy's highest score in ODI cricket!" The records keep falling

end of over 346 runs
ENG: 252/0CRR: 7.41 RRR: 0.18
Alex Hales133 (110b 10x4 6x6)
Jason Roy108 (94b 6x4 4x6)
Suraj Randiv 8-0-62-0
Seekkuge Prasanna 8-0-74-0
Randiv to Hales, no run

full on the stumps, defended back to the bowler. Plenty of time left

Randiv to Hales, 2 runs

tossed up on middle and leg, closes the face and works square, they'll trot back for two

Randiv to Roy, 1 run

full on the stumps, tapped through midwicket - that's the 250, another milestone ticked off

Randiv to Roy, 2 runs

sliding down the leg side, Roy gets something on it and the ball runs away fine

So, can they complete the job and set a new record for a ten-wicket win?

Randiv to Hales, 1 run

Hales moves across and nudges one more to leg

Randiv to Hales, no run

tossed up on the stumps and flicked to leg

"Rather than 'sixy' cricket, on this day, should it be Brexy cricket? By Jingo!" Bleurgh, David. You've almost succeeded in souring the mood

end of over 3311 runs
ENG: 246/0CRR: 7.45 RRR: 0.52
Jason Roy105 (92b 6x4 4x6)
Alex Hales130 (106b 10x4 6x6)
Seekkuge Prasanna 8-0-74-0
Suraj Randiv 7-0-56-0
Prasanna to Roy, SIX runs

full on middle and leg, Roy skips out and clobbers it hard back through mid-on, fine of the fielder, all the way to the fence in fact - lets out a roar of jubilation for his second ODI ton, a superb knock

Prasanna to Roy, 2 leg byes

speared in flat on the stumps, Prasanna is interested in the lbw, Bruce Oxenford isn't... the ball squirts away through slip, England take the leg byes, and Sri Lanka review. This looks on the speculative side and, sure enough, Hawk-Eye has it missing leg

Prasanna to Roy, 1 wide

pushed down the leg side, nearly a stumping chance but I think he had a foot back

Prasanna to Roy, no run

tossed up outside off, driven back and the bowler fields

The field comes in, with Roy on 99

Prasanna to Hales, 1 run

drops back and slaps a single through point

Prasanna to Hales, no run

tossed up, pushed into the off side

Prasanna to Roy, 1 run

on the stumps and flubbed through the covers for one more - fancy a flake with that, Jason?

Seekkuge Prasanna returns and the leg-side boundary takes cover...

end of over 327 runs
ENG: 235/0CRR: 7.34 RRR: 1.11
Jason Roy98 (88b 6x4 3x6)
Alex Hales129 (104b 10x4 6x6)
Suraj Randiv 7-0-56-0
Farveez Maharoof 7-1-47-0

Tiggsy: "Nice to see some healthy competition between the men and women's teams. A bit of 'anything you can do...' is always entertaining!" Some proper sixy batting, phwoar

Randiv to Roy, 1 run

pushed through outside off and stabbed through point, Roy goes on to 98

Randiv to Hales, 1 run

shuffles into line and nurdles down the ground

Randiv to Roy, 3 runs

looped up and swatted on the full over cover, off the toe of the bat again but it just clears the man leaping backwards! These two aren't leaving until the job is done

Randiv to Hales, 1 run

slower, on the stumps, clipped down the ground for one more

Randiv to Hales, no run

flighted, half a step and a punch back down the ground, Randiv stops it

Randiv to Roy, 1 run

tossed up and driven through mid-off