Sri Lanka Innings
England Innings
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Sri Lanka  (50 ovs maximum)
Kusal Perera c †Buttler b Plunkett925370036.00
Danushka Gunathilaka  b Willey1250050.00
Kusal Mendis c Hales b Plunkett5366835180.30
Dinesh Chandimal c Jordan b Woakes62771105080.51
Angelo Mathews (c)c †Buttler b Jordan5667933183.58
Seekkuge Prasanna c Bairstow b Plunkett2560040.00
Upul Tharanga  b Woakes40336221121.21
Dasun Shanaka run out (Root/†Buttler)2890025.00
Farveez Maharoof c Bairstow b Woakes911230081.81
Suranga Lakmal not out 3460075.00
Nuwan Pradeep not out 22500100.00
Extras(lb 4, w 5)9
TOTAL50 Ov (RR: 4.96)248/9
Fall of wickets: 1-3 (Danushka Gunathilaka, 0.5 ov), 2-32 (Kusal Perera, 8.2 ov), 3-88 (Kusal Mendis, 21.2 ov), 4-168 (Dinesh Chandimal, 35.5 ov), 5-171 (Seekkuge Prasanna, 36.5 ov), 6-209 (Angelo Mathews, 43.1 ov), 7-215 (Dasun Shanaka, 44.6 ov), 8-242 (Farveez Maharoof, 48.5 ov), 9-242 (Upul Tharanga, 48.6 ov)
David Willey1005515.50233110
0.5 to MD Gunathilaka, attempted leave, fat inside-edge, back goes off stump! Very cagey from Danushka, half forward, tentatively combatting the swing but so much indecision in the space of 22 yards!. 3/1
Chris Woakes1013433.40371010
35.5 to LD Chandimal, very full, too straight to work to leg with a cross-batted wipe. Chris Jordan steadies himself at third man and that was never going to be dropped! Understandable ambition from Chandimal but he picked the wrong shot for the wrong ball. 168/4
48.5 to MF Maharoof, short but not that short, pulled ambitiously through the leg-side, Root and Bairstow circle beneath it, Bairstow makes the call, guzzles the chance, and Sri Lanka's faltering charge falters once more. 242/8
48.6 to WU Tharanga, bowled him! Line and length, nipping off the deck, trimming the bails on the top of middle stump and Thranga has a wipe across the line and connects with thin air!. 242/9
Liam Plunkett1004634.60353110
8.2 to MDKJ Perera, full and fast, a foolishly pre-ordained swipe across the line, as if expecting something shorter, but Plunkett's extra zip is onto him before he can get his shot in order. The ball spirals into the sky, plops into Jos Buttler's gloves behind the stumps, and that is a handy breakthrough!. 32/2
21.2 to BKG Mendis, short ball, Mendis takes it on... and sends it sailing straight into the grateful hands of deep square leg! He deserved the praise for a composed fifty but that was a little bit daft from Mendis, trying to shift the scoring rate on but holing out rather tamely in doing so. 88/3
36.5 to S Prasanna, flipped off the pads, high and hideous to Jonny Bairstow at deep midwicket. The intent was fine, but he got right underneath the shot and Plunkett has another key breakthrough. He's made a big impact today in his three spells.. 171/5
Chris Jordan1004914.90272120
43.1 to AD Mathews, smashed across the line as Jordan drops back of a length, a steepling top-edge, and Buttler makes good ground on the leg side to snaffle a vital chance!. 209/6
Adil Rashid1006006.00236000
England  (T: 249 runs from 50 ovs)
Jason Roy not out 57180071.42
Alex Hales c †Chandimal b Lakmal014000.00
Joe Root not out 1116151068.75
TOTAL4 Ov (RR: 4.00)16/1
Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Alex Hales, 0.3 ov)
Suranga Lakmal20814.0081000
0.3 to AD Hales, back of a length, Hales plays away from his body - and nicks to the keeper! Big, thick deflection, the ball skidding on, Hales trying to force off the back foot. From an unbeaten hundred to a golden duck in the space of two days! SL have the early breakthrough they needed. 1/1
Angelo Mathews20804.0060000
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County Ground, Bristol
TossEngland, elected to field first
Series resultEngland led the 5-match series 1-0
Match numberODI no. 3755
Hours of play (local time)10.30 start, First Session 10.30-14.00, Interval 14.00-14.45, Second Session 14.45-18.15
Match days26 June 2016 - day (50-over match)
Paul Reiffel
Tim Robinson
TV Umpire
Bruce Oxenford
Reserve Umpire
Rob Bailey
Match Referee
David Boon
PointsSri Lanka 1, England 1
  • Sri Lanka innings
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 0.1 - 10.0 (Mandatory - 34 runs, 2 wickets)
  • Powerplay 2: Overs 10.1 - 40.0 (Mandatory - 152 runs, 3 wickets)
  • Sri Lanka: 50 runs in 14.4 overs (88 balls), Extras 2
  • Drinks: Sri Lanka - 65/2 in 17.0 overs (BKG Mendis 39, LD Chandimal 14)
  • BKG Mendis: 50 off 61 balls (5 x 4, 1 x 6)
  • 3rd Wicket: 50 runs in 69 balls (BKG Mendis 30, LD Chandimal 19, Ex 1)
  • Sri Lanka: 100 runs in 24.2 overs (146 balls), Extras 3
  • 4th Wicket: 50 runs in 49 balls (LD Chandimal 23, AD Mathews 29, Ex 1)
  • Sri Lanka: 150 runs in 32.1 overs (193 balls), Extras 4
  • LD Chandimal: 50 off 65 balls (4 x 4)
  • Drinks: Sri Lanka - 165/3 in 35.0 overs (LD Chandimal 61, AD Mathews 37)
  • Powerplay 3: Overs 40.1 - 50.0 (Mandatory - 62 runs, 4 wickets)
  • AD Mathews: 50 off 61 balls (3 x 4, 1 x 6)
  • Sri Lanka: 200 runs in 41.4 overs (250 balls), Extras 6
  • Over 47.3: Review by England (Bowling), Umpire - RT Robinson, Batsman - MF Maharoof (Struck down)
  • Innings Break: Sri Lanka - 248/9 in 50.0 overs (RAS Lakmal 3, N Pradeep 2)
  • England innings
  • Rain: England - 0/0
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 0.1 - 10.0 (Mandatory)
  • Rain: England - 16/1 in 4.0 overs (JJ Roy 5, JE Root 11)