14th Match, Birmingham, Aug 1 2021, The Hundred Women's Competition
(100 balls, target 146)134/9
Rockets won by 11 runs
Player Of The Match
44* (21), 1/15 & 2 catches
after 100 balls9 runs • 1 wicket
BP-W: 134/9
Abtaha Maqsood1 (1)
Kirstie Gordon5 (3)
Sammy-Jo Johnson 3/28 (20)

1.44 pm: Right, that brings us to the end of the coverage for the first game of today's double double-header day. The Phoenix vs Rockets men's clash will start soon if you want to hop on over to it. Meanwhile, there's also London Spirit vs Southern Brave in the women's section.

Heather Grahams: Just one of those days, today was my day. I'm glad we got the win. I think at the start of the tournament we though chasing was the right way to go, but the way our batting line-up is (batting first works). We bowled pretty well as well. I'm just doing the basics and if you can do that, more often than not, you'll come off. (The crowds) are really nice. Probably a bit more than we see in the WBBL.

1.40pm: Phoenix were never in the chase apart from the initial few balls when the openers began fast, albeit not always in control. The top order was dismantled quickly after the start, and from then on, it was realistically only a question of what the margin of victory would be. Johnson took 3 for 28, Brunt had 2 for 19. Earlier, Heather Graham's 44* off 21 powered the Rockets innings. Graham got a wicket and two catches too.

Johnson to Maqsood, 1 run

swings a slower ball to deep midwicket, gets a single. And that's that. Rockets win by 11 runs.

Johnson to Arlott, 1 run, OUT

this time she's run out going for the second. Full ball on leg, flicked off her toes to deep midwicket. Charging back for the second but this time the throw is pin point and Priest flicks off the bails before Arlott has made her crease

Emily Arlott run out (Sciver/†Priest) 8 (21m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 114.28
Johnson to Arlott, 2 runs

down the track, driven to long-off. They are running back for the second. Not a clean collection by Priest I think, though the batter might have made it anyway

Johnson to Gordon, 1 run

length ball wide outside off, slapped to cover

Johnson to Gordon, FOUR runs

slower ball, loopy full toss, and she swipes it hard. Deep midwicket and deep square leg converge on the ball, but can't stop it.

Last five balls. 21 needed.

after 95 balls9 runs • 1 wicket
BP-W: 125/8Need 21 from 5 balls
Kirstie Gordon0 (1)
Emily Arlott5 (5)
Katherine Brunt 2/19 (15)
Brunt to Gordon, no run

slower ball, she is way too early into the pull and the ball goes under bat and to the keeper

Brunt to Gordon, 1 wide

too far down leg, and she'll have to rebowl that.

Brunt to Wong, OUT

Brunt's run to midwicket to grab a caught and bowled. Wong has another almighty swipe at it, gets it off the toe-end and the ball swirls up. Brunt hares after it and takes a very good running catch.

Issy Wong c & b Brunt 27 (11m 11b 2x4 2x6) SR: 245.45
Brunt to Wong, 2 byes

Wong might be run out trying to keep strike, but Priest has also hurt her finger. Okay Wong's safe because the stumps were broken with hand just before with ball. This was a ball dug in short, and Wong couldn't connect with the pull. The ball kicked up and Priest got a nasty blow to the end of her finger trying to stop it. Ball went to square leg and Wong charged back for the second while Priest was down.

Brunt to Wong, FOUR runs

That one goes through the batter and the keeper. Was stepping away to swing, she follows her, and the ball sneaks through under the bat. Priest can't gather behind the stumps and the ball runs to the boundary. Brunt's not looking happy

Brunt to Wong, 2 runs

back of a length, she rocks back and pulls forcefully. Not timed well, bounces to deep midwicket, and they get two

Wong has brought the crowd alive, but the equation is still an almost impossible 30 off 10.

after 90 balls16 runs
BP-W: 116/7Need 30 from 10 balls
Issy Wong21 (7)
Emily Arlott5 (5)
Nat Sciver 1/19 (15)
Sciver to Wong, 1 run

slower ball, this time she's a bit early into the pull, and the ball goes aerial but bounces down to deep square leg

Sciver to Wong, SIX runs

Wong's having fun now. Slugs this across the line and gets a meaty hit to clear long-on this time. Two sixes in a row

Sciver to Wong, SIX runs

that one's out of the screws. Full ball on the stumps, clears her front leg and golf swings this high and handsome over deep midwicket. Super hit

Sciver to Wong, 1 wide

goes wide outside off and it's just outside the tram line. Or was it? Looked just inside but it's been called wide

Sciver to Arlott, 1 run

giving herself room again, another one to long-on

Sciver to Wong, 1 run

back of a length, opens her stance, clears her front leg and swats it hard. But straight to long-on

after 85 balls8 runs • 1 wicket
BP-W: 100/7Need 46 from 15 balls
Emily Arlott4 (4)
Issy Wong7 (3)
Sammy-Jo Johnson 3/19 (15)
Johnson to Arlott, 1 run

lashed through cover

Johnson to Wong, 1 run

another big swipe, this one goes straight up in the air and lands safely behind the bowler

Johnson to Wong, FOUR runs

slower ball, gets hold of it nicely and pulls it to deep midwicket. Sloppy work by Brunt, who can't stop it cleanly and lets it go over the ropes

Johnson to Wong, 2 runs

full outside off, clatters it over mid-off, but not with enough power or timing to go to the boundary. They sprint for two, close call at the bowler's end but she's home

Johnson to Elwiss, OUT

full ball, goes for a big swipe, gets it lower on the bat than ideal, gets good elevation but it's staight down the throat of long-on

Georgia Elwiss c Graham b Johnson 16 (23m 15b 0x4 0x6) SR: 106.66