2nd Match, Southampton, August 12, 2022, The Hundred Women's Competition
(94/100 balls, T:156) 159/4

Brave won by 6 wickets (with 6 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
65 (34)
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It's a busy day at the Hundred, the purist's format, as the match between Southern Brave and London Spirit's men's teams is about to get underway. Head over there. Signing off here is me Ekanth, on behalf of my co-commentator Matt Roller, and our scorers, Ranjith P and Binoy George.

Anya Shrubsole, Southern Brave Captain: Good to get a win, it was an unbelievable batting pitch. Mooney was exceptional. Makes captains go out of ideas. But it was nice to see Wyatt stand up. (On the score) We thought it was par, I thought keeping them to 140-150 was good. But the track was so good for batting. Mooney manipulated the fields really well. But we our batters did great too. We don't have Tahlia, she'll be back and will hopefully express herself. (On Kemp's sixes) We were laughing, knowing that she'll set up for the slower ones and whack them. She's a special talent, she'll have more opportunities with the bat and show it in the future as well. (On team stability) The top-4 or 5 is set, but we will be flexible based on match-ups and situations which is a luxury for us. (On playing after international retirement) I didn't feel that grateful when Mooney was bashing it. But I'm happy to be bowling, this tournament has had a great start. The tracks should be great for batting. It was outstanding last year, this year promises to be better. (On Georgia Adams) Her bowling was effective, no frills. She won't do loads of things but is effective. She adds an extra spinning option, she's keen on doing well low down the order and not be piegon-holed as an opener. We'll be heading to London and face Oval on Sunday, quick turnover and it's hot but it's exciting.

Danni Wyatt (65 off 34): Nice wicket, happy to contribute to the win. My job at the top is to go out and be brave, put it away it's in my zone and it's nice to have done it today. I'm trying to get stronger in the gym. You need to pick your bowlers. One of Smriti and I needed to make it count after getting in, glad I did it today. Mooney was exceptional, thought one of us needed to do it to come close.

5:36 pm: Two days, two record chases. Charlotte Edwards is chuffed as Southern Brave, on the back of Danni Wyatt and Sophia Dunkley, chased down 155 with 6 balls to spare. They were under the cosh with the ball, but started with optimism. Wyatt and Mandhana added 62, Dunkley supported Wyatt until she was gone. It was followed by a hiccup after Bouchier was done by an Amelia Kerr googly. But Dunkley carried on, and cleared the chase with the support of Adams at first, and Freya Kemp who came in and hit sixes for fun. Spirits need not be too disheartened as they created multiple chances, many of which were chop-ons past the stumps. But Mooney's keeping was rusty, she missed a chance. There were misfields and dropped chances in the field which they'll have to iron out.

Dean to Kemp, SIX runs

Kemp nails another six, this one over long-on to end proceedings. This was a low full toss, just outside off. Kemp swiped across, got it straight and cleared the fence. Handshakes all around

Dean to Kemp, no run

Full ball, drives from the bottom of the bat towards cover.

Lots of fielding chances

Dean to Dunkley, 1 run

Full ball turned to square leg for one.

Dean to Dunkley, FOUR runs

Doesn't start well, that should effectively be over. This one's full and slow on leg, Dunkley took one step down, sat and swept it behind square. Aerial and in the gap for four.

Dean takes up the responsibility of bowling the penultimate set,

after 90 balls4 runs
SB-W: 148/4Need 8 from 10 balls
Sophia Dunkley29 (22b 4x4)
Freya Kemp8 (4b 1x6)
Megan Schutt 0/22 (20)
Schutt to Dunkley, 1 run

Full at the stumps, driven to long-off.

Schutt to Kemp, 1 run

Low full toss on leg, reaches down and flicks it to deep midwicket. Almost a misfield but she manages to hold on.

Kumar: "This match gives vibes of recent CWG gold medal match. Women's cricket is getting way too exciting - i can tell you that much." JOYDEEPSINGHGIL is with you but I disagree. Brave should win this easy.

Schutt to Dunkley, 1 run

Length around off, drags it aerially with a pull. Goes after pitching to deep midwicket.

Schutt to Kemp, 1 run

Length outside off, chops it to the off side and they scamper through.

Schutt to Kemp, no run

Full on the stumps, inside edge off the flick onto pad. Rebounds to the off side, Mooney runs across to deny the one.

Required run per ball rate is below one

after 85 balls12 runs • 1 wicket
SB-W: 144/4Need 12 from 15 balls
Freya Kemp6 (1b 1x6)
Sophia Dunkley27 (20b 4x4)
Danielle Gibson 2/27 (20)
Gibson to Kemp, SIX runs

Full on off, gets on a knee and nonchalantly smokes it over deep midwicket! It was a slower one, she went for a grammatically correct slog, it looked almost like a sweep, and got it 64 metres away.

Freya Kemp in, Mooney stays up

Gibson to Adams, OUT

Goes across, Gibson aims at the stumps. Gets it full and Adams is beaten on the flick. Right in front of the stumps. Impact and hitting are on middle, easy one for the ump to give out.

Georgia Adams lbw b Gibson 18 (15b 1x4 1x6 18m) SR: 120
Gibson to Dunkley, 1 run

Full outside off, driven to cover. But she's far back enough for the single to be taken

Gibson to Adams, 1 run

Missed stumping chance, it was a length ball outside off. Adams came down and went for the cut. Got beaten, Mooney could not collect it, it went off her pads and parried behind.

Gibson to Adams, FOUR runs

Full outside off, gets across and swings across. No one at midwicket, so long-on runs to her right. Can't make it, perfect start for Brave.

Gibson to start her last set

after 80 balls11 runs
SB-W: 132/3Need 24 from 20 balls
Georgia Adams13 (12b 1x6)
Sophia Dunkley26 (19b 4x4)
Freya Davies 0/32 (15)

MikeB: "If the field has to stay the same for a free hit, but the free hit is because they had too many players outside the circle, does that mean they have to leave the erroneous player out? " No

Davies to Adams, 1 run

Across, gets a low full toss just outside off. Flicks to deep midwicket.

Davies to Dunkley, 1 run

Length around off, swipes it along the ground to deep square leg.

Davies to Adams, 1 run

Low full toss outside off, drags it to deep midwicket with a broom across the line.

Davies to Dunkley, 1 run

Works it do deep midwicket.

Davies to Dunkley, FOUR runs

The free hit misses the line, it's full but on leg. Dunkley gets down to sweep the slower one. Gets it fine off the glove, short fine cannot stop it. Four.

Davies to Adams, (no ball) 1 leg bye

Length on the pads, tries to flick it. Misses, it goes off the pad to the off side. They take one. There were five fielders outside the ring, so this will be a no ball.

Keeper up

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